Tipen Pen – Tiny, Multiuse, Toughest Pen Can Lasts For Lifetime

tipen pen
  • TIPEN Pen tiny is a multi-use EDC pen is the writing instrument that will last for lifetime.
  • TIPEN Pen offers so many ways to carry it so you will never be thought of carrying a pen.
  • TIPEN Pen its 50 mm long and weighs only 4.3 grams, the pen stays true to its name.

Everyone those who are fascinated about the pens and their models and of different ones they always need them for the multi-use, when the concept of the pen came with the multipurpose of doing things, like multi-colour of all inks and of other purpose like the gravity pen which is also capable of writing in space likewise every pen has its unique nature of thing. But this TIPEN Pen which you can select in aluminium or titanium is durable enough to last a long life. It seems very easy to lose but with this you can easily keys also works as a keychain, it is very light in weight and very small of 50mm long, the major pens are not refillable but this one does.


Detailed Features


1. Pen is the one of the things to be carried along with you, also recognized as the must have thing in everyday life for everyone.
2. The TIPEN Pen tiny is a multi-use EDC pen is the writing instrument that will last for lifetime.
3. The pen is making a splash in everyday carry (EDC) community for its practical and portable design it is the world’s smallest and the lightest pen that you can carry everywhere very easy and do a lot of work with it.
4. This is absolutely teensy writing instrument is perfectly on a keychain or a zipper, that fits perfectly in your pocket to be carried along with you.
5. Despite of the world’s smallest pen it and yet toughest pens out there, you can take less and do more, the people with in the EDC community have as fascination with tiny things, There something incredibly pleasing about carrying and using a tool that’s small lightweight and can still get the job done.

6. EDC community wanted a pen is much more than a just an ultra-portable mini writing instrument. It is a super tough, must have in your EDC and backcountry kit.
7. The pen that changes the rules completely, it is tough not fragile cannot be broken easily its waterproof and fireproof and the tungsten carbide tip can even be used to slice and puncture.
8. The pen is designed with minimal appearance and to give the maximum functionality the most striking quality of the TIPEN Pen, its 50mm long and weighs only 4.3 grams, the pen stays true to its name. Combined with its lanyard-compatible keyring attachment point the TIPEN offers so many ways to carry it so you will never be thought of carrying a pen.

9. The most obvious way to go is on your keys, but you can also wear it on a necklace, use it as a zipper pull for a jacket or bag or even carry it loose in your pocket or travel wallet.
10. This one is virtually indestructible for lifetime even when you forget it with the dress and put it on washing machine or when you threw it in fire or what it might be.
11. The pen is designed for the multi-function to write anytime and anywhere, the tungsten tips the super strong tungsten carbide tip make it surprisingly effective in opening packages, ripping through the adhesive tape that is preventing you from accessing whatever is inside the box.
12. The ball of the pen is very tough to break no unlike the other pens which are broken easily, tungsten the strongest natural metal on earth which is used to make bullets.
13. Apart from writing and using it as a pen and making notes the carbide ball point tip also works for opening packages in a pinch and even doubles as an emergency impact tool should the dire need ever arise.



  • Available Colors :  Silver/Black
  • Material : Grade 5 Titanium/Aerospace Aluminium
  • Weight : 5 grams/4 Grams
  • Reusable & Refillable : Yes
  • List of Parts : TIPEN anatomy Contains 5 parts Cap,Grip,Barrel,Refill and Spring
  • Length : 50mm

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the pen and the quick starter guide to how to use it and how to change the refill in it.


There are no cons to be speak about this one since it got all the features, we have to think about the ink to be refilled since it is very small, we have to change the refill frequently and since it is very small the chances of losing it also high. The titanium one cost higher than the aluminium.


The EDC pen is priced at 12£ sterling (1100 Rs approx.) for aluminium but for the titanium one is 22£ (2,000 RS), and there are early bird offers for those who booked it earlier they will get it for 26£ which contains of 1 aluminium pen and 1 titanium pen and 2 refills and later it will become 27£, which is great for this device since it is not destroyable and used for lifetime.

Plan for Launch

The campaign started in the Kickstarter July and the survey begin in august and the production starts in September and the shipping began in October. Now they have InDemand Campaign in Indiegogo also.

About Company

This pen was developed by the YSMART LONDON Company, they are small design workshop based in London, hoping could be fortunate enough to raise the money they need to run and grow our business through Kickstarter campaign and they welcome every Kickstarter backers to be their unofficial investors because they believer crowdfunding gives the best customers in the world and focus on doing what they love most designing a really good stuff.