TileRec – Voice Activated Recorder Can Capture 24 Hours

  • TileRec is the world’s slimmest, thinnest and small voice recorder that can record the voice around in 3600 continuously for one day with the large battery backup.
  • TileRec voice activated mode will starts recording when TileRec microphone hears sounds around 15 feet range and comes with hard recycled aluminum case that works fine even after a car went over TileRec.
  • TileRec recorder plug & play functionality will allows you to listen directly the recorded sounds without any software and record high quality sounds in MP3 format.

Sound is very important to everyone since, sound signifies information that need to be processed and many people waste their time and paper by making notes when they are in meeting and listening presentations. TileRec is the world’s slimmest, lightest and most unique voice activated recorder, that is only 1/4 inches when it comes to thickness and discreet which can be blended in daily objects.

TileRec fits anywhere and becomes EDC object which is capable of recording 24 hours continuously and quickly recharges in 1.5 hours, the plug & play feature in the TileRec allows you to listen recorded sounds without any software, TileRec records 3600 surrounding sounds actively to capture each and every detail and records sounds also in movement.

TileRec is impact resistant and can withstand heavy loads with the aluminum case protection, TileRec voice recorder is very easy to use by anyone with the ATTO digital trade mark sound system.

Problem Solving By This Product


TileRec voice recorder will help you to remember the sounds what happened all along the day, to help you to be productive and efficient since sound is informative.

TileRec Voice activated mode will start recording only when the sensor in the microphone listen any sounds in the range of 15 feet which will helps in memory wastage in recording.

With the long lasting battery of 240mAh TileRec can record the sounds all the day, and can be recharged fully within 1.5 hours. TileRec comes with 8 Gb of internal storage which is more sufficient for more than 6 months after recording millions of audios.


TileRec finest sensor with the microphone will record the sounds in 3600 with high quality at 128 Kbps rate which will be very helpful in meetings, interviews and in classes as well.

TileRec weighs only 14 grams and 1/4 inches in thickness which is designed to be blend and carried as everyday objects. No software is required to listen the recorded audio TileRec will play the audio when connected to the systems directly.

The TileRec is made with recycled aluminum case to save the atmosphere in the planet by using the waste, no more hand written notes and paper waste with the TileRec only digital audio files.

Detailed Specification


TileRec is thinnest voice recorder which can be activated by the voice, TileRec weight only 14.1 grams and only 1.6 inches in length and 1/4 inches in height which makes TileRec slim and can be fit in anywhere.

TileRec design made them discrete and can be hidden easily with everyday objects as keychain and on backpacks. Keeping in mind about the traditional voice recorders the TileRec is made with the idea of slim and thin voice recorder that can be used as personal assistant to improve the productivity in daily life.

TileRec case is made with recycled aluminum which is impact resistant no matter how many time you drop the recorder, step on TileRec or even run a car over recorder, they just work fine and continue to record.

TileRec is the latest voice recorder designed by the ATTO Digital which is created between form and function and works efficiently, TileRec is a perfect voice recorder for lectures, interviews and meetings.


TileRec is very simple to use and handle and perfect to anyone who wants to work better, efficient and smarter. TileRec will record the voice in High quality audio in MP3 format in 128Kbps rate, having two modes one is continuous mode that records the voice of surrounding entire day or a voice activated mode.

Voice activated mode in the TileRec, the microphone sensor which is ultra-efficient will initiate and starts recording only when the sounds are detected in the range of 15 feet around the recorder.

The built in battery of the TileRec is 240mAh that needs only 1.5 hours to full charge, also capable of recording while charging so you will never miss the information you need.

TileRec will help you to record the audio in meetings to be more efficient, even you miss anything that can be reviewed by listening the recorded voice. TileRec also helps you to record lectures and in the places where sounds place an important role like in foreign language classes or in speech improvement and in the places where you think that TileRec might be needed.


TileRec is the perfect tool in professional usage helps you to record each and every detail sound in 3600 surroundings like in criminal investigation by helping you to take digital notes in the scenes which is valuable.

TileRec doesn’t need any software to work, TileRec simple plug and play functionality allows you to listen the recorded voice directly when they are connected to the system, TileRec is simple to use by just sliding the button to start recording.

TileRec comes with 8GB of internal storage which allows to store millions of voice records and compatible with windows, Android and iOS as well.

The TileRec Voice activated recorder is priced at $35 for the early bird sale and $85 for two, $120 for three and a pack of five for $190.

Plan For Launch

The research for the TileRec recorder has started with the first ATTO Digital recorder with the feedbacks from the clients to understand how the recorder should work with the development in idea 2018. The first prototype of the TileRec recorder started in January 2019, testing the recorder and some additional design development in done in May 2019.

The first version of the TileRec is launched in December 2019, with the campaigns on online platforms in January 2020. The manufacturing along with the assembly of the parts will be done in February and will be shipped to customer homes in March 2020.

Company Details

This TileRec voice activated recorder is developed by the company called ATTO digital with more than 10 year of experience in the designing and production of the recorders with surveillance equipment, their mission is to provide mini voice records.

John is the inventor of the TileRec with Andrei as investor, using the best material for built quality and adopted cutting edge in production process to meet the high standards and expectation of their customers.