Tiger & Rose: Advanced Technology with a Bold and Durable Design

The new level of combining classic culture with the modern technology.

Tiger & Rose

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  • The Tiger & Rose provides a new and bold design to the earbuds with the Tiger emblem inspired from the African Tribal Culture symbolizing Power, Fearlessness and Ferocity.
  • The Tiger & Rose earbuds provide an ergonomic, comfortable and bold design maintaining durability and quality with Water Resistance Rating of IPX5.
  • The Tiger & Rose earbuds use 10 mm Audio Driver and Graphene enhanced speaker to deliver the best quality audio to the users providing the truly wireless stereo experience.


The Tiger & Rose earbuds are the new level of combining classic culture with the modern technology. The ergonomically designed earbuds give their users a premium feel which they would feel comfortable to use along with a style statement that comes with it. The earbuds are inspired by the tribal symbols from Africa which use Tigers. The White Tiger head design provides a look back to the earlier days of the tribes 2500 years ago when it used to represent the spiritual animal of warriors. This would provide the users the feel and push which they would feel while using these earbuds. The Tiger & Rose earbuds are not just stylish but also provide best quality audio and battery life to allow the users to enjoy seamless and best quality audio experience.
Problem Solving by the Product

Earbuds these days are designed for the convenience of their users. But with many earbuds, the constant usage develops a high amount of neural stress to the users. This generally happens because of the designs of the earbuds. The quality and design are the major factors on which the earbuds are termed comfortable or stressing. The Tiger & Rose on the other hand have an ergonomic design and provide high quality audio output which helps the users enjoy the music to the full extent without having to worry about the stress or pain that it may cause. The earbuds also provide a 10 hour playback time which helps it solving on of the major problems with the fully wireless earbuds, battery. The earbuds are made to last and provide their users with seamless and non-stop high quality audio.

Detailed Specifications


The Tiger & Rose earbuds provide the users with a unique and strong design along with a high quality audio experience. The earbuds provide their users with the tiger emblem on the outside and a comfortable ergonomic design on the inside which allows them to enjoy the music comfortably without any added strain. The earbuds have a very small size which allows them to easily be placed in the ears and be forgotten about. The earbuds provide an IPX5 water resistance and only weigh about 6 grams each along with a 52 gram charging case. When connected, the glow of the lights give a look of a tiger’s eyes staring at the user. This adds up to the bold design of the buds.

The Tiger & Rose earbuds is equipped with the latest and best quality audio tuning software as well as the audio hardware to deliver the best quality sound to the users. The tuning adjusts the Bass and Sound perfectly to help the users get immersed in the sound they are listening to. The earbuds provide a smart button control for your music and other needs as well. You can simply tap on the MFB to play or pause a song or double tap on the L/R MFB for the next or previous song. Pressing and holding the MFB would activate the Virtual Assistant from your phone which can be talked to easily to complete any task. Also when receiving a call, you can single tap to pick up and then to end or long press the MFB to decline the call.

The 10 mm audio driver along with the Graphene Speaker allows the users to experience a rich and smart sound which adjusts the settings according to the sound input. This feature allows the users to experience the music from the earbuds which they would have never had before in a truly wireless earbuds. The earbuds can play non-stop music or calling for 4.5 – 4 hours with a charge of 1 – 1.5 hours with the help of batteries of 40 mAh in the buds and 600 mAh in the case. The charging mainly takes place through USB-C but the buds also support Wireless Charging.

The Tiger & Rose earbuds can be easily connected or paired to the desired device using Bluetooth 5.0. The EDR 2.4 GHz technology along with the BT 5.0 ensures the durability of the connection of the earbuds. Also, the Master Mode of the earbuds allow the buds to be individually configured easily. The users can use both, or either one of the earphones separately and still be able to enjoy the rich and high quality music experience. The earbuds also provide the users with various sized ear tips which ensure the ergonomic feel of the buds ensuring they stay inside the ears of the users even while running, working or exercising. The earbuds come in 2 color variants, Rose Gold and Black.

Plans for Launch


The ideation of the Tiger & Rose goes way back in January 2018 when the Company was impressed with the African Tribal customs and began researching on building the first prototype of the product. The Company prepared the design and first prototype by July 2018 and presented their product in the CES in January 2019. They finally completed the research and finalized a prototype which they had presented in the HKTDC Electronics Fair in April 2019. With a few months of final refining and testing, the company finally launched their Indiegogo Campaign for the product in November 2019. The Company is set to complete the mass production for the product and provide the users with the best quality finished product by January 2020.

Company Details

The Tiger & Rose earbud earbuds are introduced by the Tiger & Rose Company. The Company had basically grabbed the idea for their innovative Tiger & Rose earbuds from the African Tribal customs. The Tiger on the earbuds is a reference to the totem used commonly by the African Tribes as a part of their customs. This totem represents “Power, Fearlessness and Ferocity.” The Tiger & Rose earbuds provide exactly the same to their users. The Company aims at delivering the powerful and ferocious piece of technology which they can easily use. Currently, the main office for the Company lies in Guangdong Province, China. The Company provides an active customer support to their users all around the world and have been featured in various articles including Articles from Apple Insider, Yahoo, etc.

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