The Stilwell -Your High-Quality Compact Every Day Carry Pen

  • The Stilwell High-Quality Compact Pen is an EDC (every day carry)
  • The Stilwell High-Quality Compact Pen is most essential, simple, humble writing device
  • The Stilwell High-Quality Compact Pen is made of robust material assuring longevity

As an EDC (every day carry), the Stilwell high quality compact pen stands its ground on the measures of performance, reliability and security. The pen performs as intended and is elegant and modern in design and makeup. The product is sure to catch eyeballs of customers across the dais. Given the brand name of the James Brand, the pen is sure to gain support and love from people who have been using their products since long.


One of the most essential everyday carry for most people is the simple, humble writing device, a pen. Though given the complexities in the recent technologies, the pens are becoming larger and more complex tools. The James Brand has put forward a unique thought when it comes to pens, the Stilwell High Quality compact pen which while being an easy fit even to your change pocket, is a writing instrument of superlative quality. The product is elegant and modern in design and a reliable EDC (every day carry).

Problem Solving by the Product


The compact pen solves one of the major problems, that of carrying the pen around and that too safely, without damaging it and the surroundings it is kept in. The pen has a large cap that slides down protecting the entire tip and half the body. Moreover, it has a hook for its easy hanging and carry around.

Apart from the compact size, the pen is made of robust material assuring longevity of the pen body.



The Stilwell compact pen is an EDC (every day carry) that promises to be compact and useful in various scenarios. Even being a compact feature, the pen is all business when it comes to it.

  • The pen’s barrel is made up of 6AI – 4V Annealed Titanium for sturdiness and longevity while the finish is that of Brushed Aluminium for that professional touch.
  • Nib Style: Ball Point Pen
  • Ink Colour: Black, D1 style (the cartridge is replaceable)
  • Cartridge Access: Twist Off action
  • Length while open: 5.4 inches / 136.5 milli meters
  • Length while closed: 3.5 inches / 89.5 milli meters
  • Diameter: 0.45 inches / 11.5 milli meters
  • Weight: 0.71 ounces / 21.5 grams



It comes in 5 different colour variants which you can choose to suit your style: Titanium, Black, Silver, Purple + Silver, Steel Blue + Silver

How To Use


The pen has multifarious usage from doodling that idea you had to writing that prose that lurks somewhere in your heart. You can write up the grocery list to those important minutes of meeting using this.


The pen is priced at $ 50.00 and is also available in installments at the official site.

Plan for Launch

The company increasing their prerogative to “own your pocket” seems to be moving ahead in quite a style as the company that essentially made pocket knives is now coming out with this pen which is an EDC.

Company Details

Driven by the motto: “We make products for your everyday”, the James Brand which essentially started as a pocket knife manufacturer, has now come out with this marvel of a product, the Stilwell compact pen.
The company is represented by a stellar line of ambassadors like Conner Coffin, Aaron Draplin to name a few.

The company was setup by a group of designers in Portland, Oregon (USA) in 2012. Their design outlook has always been about being “modern, minimal and EDC”.