The Keyboardio Atreus

The Keyboardio Atreus
  • The keys of the Keyboardio Atreus are of high quality and the price at which they are being offered is pretty cheap as compared to other keyboards.
  • The keyboard is powered with ATmega 32U4 MCU microchip which has customization options with the graphical configuration tool that comes along with it.
  • There are three layers on the keyboard. The default layer, function layer and the upper layer with each layer giving different types of key functions.

Computers are everything to us, aren’t they? Ask someone what are the top ten things they would pick up if they are in an emergency, and for sure their computer or laptop will make it to the list. These are more than just our daily drivers, they represent us. They store each bit of data we want and, in some way, they are our identity. PCs are not only used for work; they are used for several purposes. A highly customizable accessory can be molded to anything. And what makes it more exciting is that PCs have no limitations at all; be it design, hardware or software, every year someone comes up with something new and exciting.

Another aspect of exciting is uniqueness, or we can say weirdness. On the Global Stage for Innovation, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), firms go all in for taking people by surprise. Each year, many unique and monster hardware appear that are breathtaking. Many computer peripherals are known for their unusual design. Ergonomic keyboards, FPS Guns for First Person Shooting games, real-life gaming helmets for the full gaming experience all fall under this category. You might have heard about a mouse but have you about a ‘Cue Cat’, a device that is solely used for scanning bar codes? This is just a scratch, but innovation brings a lot to the table for us to choose from.

One such innovative product with a unique design is the Keyboardio Atreus. This peripheral, as the name suggests is a keyboard. Unlike the usual design of keyboards, the Keyboardio Atreus has a significantly smaller number of keys with extra functionality. Whilst other ergonomic keyboards may not be portable but this one is. The keyboard whose 2014 summer launch made people fell in love with the design is back again with a new approach to using a keyboard. This time, its customizable too and its customization don’t need a professional but you. A compact size, portability, essential keys, and a minimalistic look makes this keyboard a peripheral to add to your workstation.

Detailed specifications 


There is so much to talk about the Keyboardio Atreus because it’s a pack of wholesome features that never end. We’ll start with the basics of every keyboard and that is keys. There is a total of 44 keys which include the 26 English letter keys and other important keys such as the comma, escape, enter space, etc. Don’t get fooled by the number of keys as the keyboard is embedded with layers.


There are three layers on the keyboard. The first one is the default layer that includes the QWERTY keyboard. By pressing the function key (FUN on keyboard), one will get the ‘Function Layer’. The layer contains arrow keys, number pad, and special symbols. In the function layer, by pressing the ‘Upper’ key on the bottom left, one will be presented with the ‘Upper Layer’ containing media keys, function keys, etc.

The keys of the Keyboardio Atreus are of high quality and the price at which they are being offered is pretty cheap as compared to other keyboards. The keys are mechanical with full travel key switches. The key switches are easily replaceable in case of any damage. There are three kinds of switches being offered in the keyboard namely: Box White, Speed Copper and Box Red. Box White provides the user with the classical clicky sound that comes from a mechanical keyboard. Speed Copper gives a soft tactile feel with a smooth functioning whereas the Box Red is opposite of both the switches, offering none but a quiet operation. The keys of the keyboard rest on a fully anodized Aluminium plate and they have the usual 19mm key spacing.

The keyboard is powered with ATmega32U4 MCU microchip which was present on the previous model too and has customization options with the graphical configuration tool that comes along with it. As said earlier, the keyboard is very compact. The Keyboardio Atreus doesn’t even fit in a 30 cm scale and the tilt on the keyboard is 10 degrees. To demonstrate, the keyboard can easily fit on an A4 sheet.


The customization of the keys is very easy. The point and click configuration tool assist you in this task. No coding is required and the software runs on mac OS, Windows 10 and Linux. Just make sure where your fingers want the keys to be, change the configuration and then switch the keys you changed. Another kind of customization that Keyboardio Atreus offers is via Kaleidoscope, which is an open-source firmware. The easy to use firmware, even for the newbies can open a door to endless possibilities.

Some accessories that come with the Keyboardio Atreus are the travel case and the milled Walnut Palm rest. The former, supporting the claim of portability of the keyboard, gives safety to the keyboard and the latter minimally gives a palm rest.

Plan for launch 


Keyboardio Atreus is currently on the campaign on Kickstarter having completed its initial goal of $25000. With approximately 1900 backers, Keyboardio Atreus has acquired a massive amount of $280,000 (approximately). The shipping for the backers is said to happen in August 2020 but the date might be subjected to change due to current pandemic conditions. Nonetheless, one can still back up the unique keyboard.

No matter what amount of money you back, if you pledge more than $99, you’ll receive a Keyboardio Atreus alongside accessories such as shielded 1.5m USB-A to USB-C cable, a laminated cardboard layout, four extra keys, and one-year standard warranty. The campaign will run till 18th April 2020.

Company details 

Keyboardio Atreus is the result of a collaboration between Keyboardio and Atreus. Keyboardio is a firm that manufactures ergonomic keyboards that are easy to use. The company believes that the hardware should be open so that any product can be made better. On the other side, Atreus is a keyboard that is based on the shape of the human hand. The built is looked upon so that the users find it easy to use. The firmware of Keyboardio and the design of Atreus together made a product that can change the way we type!

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