The Babymaker Bike– Stealth Road E-Bike With Belt Drive

The Babymaker Bike– Stealth Road E-Bike With Belt Drive
  • The Babymaker Bike has an LED Display which allows you to look through the vitals of the bike easily while riding.
  • The motor and battery have been fitted perfectly to maintain balance of the users as well as give the Babymaker a fresh sleek and smooth look.
  • The Babymaker provides you with a wide variety of colour options like Kiwi, Tangerine, Berry, Blue Raspberry, Sterling and Matte Black all of which define a statement to the modern society.

The Babymaker E-Bike is probably the sleekest and the smoothest electric Bike in the market currently. It had simply been described by Indiegogo as a feast for the eyes. The innovative design of the bike successfully hides away all the hassles of an E-Bike such as the heavy cables, the large batteries, giant motors, etc. It hides them all away in plain sight very well so that all you see is a sleek and smooth bike which you will enjoy riding very much.


The company had been successful with its previous designs as well and has successfully managed to maintain its level with the new Babymaker Stealth E-Bike, be it design as well as comfort. The Bike allows you a lot of customization options as it comes in 6 different colour designs. Pick the bike which suits you the best and enjoy the comforts of riding with the new Babymaker E-Bike.

Problem Solving by the Product


It is no new fact to the people all over the globe that with the rapidly decreasing fuels in the world, the next step in the automobile industry is the electric vehicles. The electric vehicles provide with an increased comfort and better design and have recently even upgraded these to match the powers provided by the fuel engines with the powerful motors and batteries. But with the increase in power comes the increase in size of these motors and batteries. They start to make the Bikes look bulky and asymmetric. The Babymaker solves this problem as it conceals its battery inside its body frame and the motor barely catches the eye providing you with an easy and sleek design along with all the benefits of an electric vehicle.

Detailed Specifications

With the Babymaker, the Company mainly focuses on the design of the Bike. With the motor and battery fitted perfectly to maintain balance of the users as well as give the bike a fresh sleek and smooth look, the company has worked very hard on the design area of the Bike. The sleek and bold design of the bike allow its users to match up with the modern world they live in by being able to choose from any of the six cool and definitive colour variants of the bike. These colour options for the bike are Kiwi, Tangerine, Berry, Blue Raspberry, Sterling and Matte Black. Each of the colours make the design of the bike even better and add up to its beauty.


Along with the outstanding design component of the bike, the Babymaker also has a rich setup of technical specifications which allow it to easily compete with the competition in the market and provide its users with a comfortable and convenient experience when they are riding it. The Babymaker Bike has an LED Display which allows you to look through the vitals of the bike easily while riding.

The Bike has a hub motor provided with a paddle assist which is powered mainly by the 36 Watt 7 Ampere-Hour battery. The battery is charged through the fast 4 AH charger which barely takes 2 hours to completely charge the battery. On a full battery charge condition, the bike can easily cover up to 50 miles along with the pedal assist. The powerful motor goes up to the speed of 25 miles per hour which makes you feel powerful as an electric vehicle. Even in the worst case scenario, if the battery runs out, the lightweight design of the bike easily allows you to paddle your weight through just like any normal bike. You would never feel any difference because of the amazing design of this bike.


The Bike provides two ranges of braking and drive system depending on the versions of the bike. The standard versions of the bike provide the C brakes with Chain drives and the Pro version have Magura Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Carbon Gates Belt Drive system. The tires are 700x28C and 1.125 inches wide. The bike along with the battery included, weighs only 32 lbs. Depending on the height of the rider, the company also provides 2 size variants of the bike, being Small/Medium or Medium/Large. The Frame Size for both the variants is 19 inches and 23 inches respectively. Both the sizes are meant to fit for the user perfectly and allow them a comfortable experience all around.

Along with the Bike itself, the company also provides with various accessories with the Bike. These are a Cargo Rack, Front and Rear Fenders, USB Charging Front and Rear Lights, Bottle Holder, Smartphone Mount and an extra pair of Battery and Charger. All these help you to enjoy the bike even more.

Plans for Launch


The Babymaker was first introduced to the globe in March 2020. With the launch of its Indiegogo campaign, the bike rapidly caught a lot of popularity among its audience. It completed its initial target in a very little amount of time. The company took this opportunity quickly by expanding the goal doubling it but because of such a great product design, it crossed 2 million too in the starting third of April 2020. Currently the company is in target extension and has started working on first prototype of the bike. The company targets the mass production and shipping of the final product by August 2020. This gives the company enough time to build and test the bike with quality check-ups and delivering the customers with the best product.

Company Details

The Company which brings the world this sleek and latest Babymaker E-Bike is the FLX. Founded recently in 2016, the company has managed to gain a lot of eyes and quality over this span. The founders Rob Rast and Pete Leaviss have been the best in the electric vehicle industry. The company launched through Indiegogo in 2016 and quickly gained many supporters and backers for its bikes.

With a number of successful designs like the Roadster, Trail and Blade in the past and many more patented for the future, the company has showed the world that they are able to deliver the best quality at the best affordable prices. They have successfully delivered thousands of bikes to people all over the world and are looking forward to the Babymaker E-Bike with increased enthusiasm.