Tern HSD Mini Electric Folding Bike

Looks compact and still rides like a full-sized bike.

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  • Tern HSD Electric Bikes has the display with the three assistant modes with the Bosch Drivetrain motor with Enviolo Automatic gear shifting and comes with the flat foldable design.
  • Tern HSD Bikes is convenient to every rider with the upright adjustable seat post and handle bar with combo mount rack both on front and back to carry cargo loads.
  • Abus Frame lock in the Tern HSD will protect your bikes while parking and can be parked vertically. Tern HSD can be folded flat and carried along without in compact shape for convenience.

Tern HSD has got all sort of features that works well for many different people, the really exciting thing about the HSD is the that the size of riders that the HSD can accommodate 4 feet 11 to 6 feet 5 with the adjustability which comes from the frame design and the seat post is angled back when you goes up providing you more space with the dual adjustable seat post that pushes the seat up. The handlebar of the Tern HSD is also adjustable, which has the belt drive and internal hub in S8i model and the other model called S+ that also has the belt drive and fully automatic gear system.

The Tern HSD mini is a 20-inch wheel bike which looks compact and still rides like a full-sized bike and the frame has the truss style system which is reinforces for heavy duties but the bike is relatively lightweight. There is a special rack integrated on the back of the HSD which carries up to 132 pounds.

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Tern designed their own saddle for the HSD which is quite comfortable riding around, the stem of the handlebar is also adjustable to adjust the handlebar fore and aft with the Andros stem system which is made specifically by the tern. They used the Schwalbe big apple tires which are puncture resistant and known as balloon tires which runs on lower pressure for suspension effect, the front wheel got the thru-axle fork which needs low maintenance and rigid.

Problem Solving By This Product


The Tern HSD offers you extra comfort with the easy step frame design which has the upright riding position for riders whether they are small or tall and with the adjustable Cockpit you can adjust the handlebars with the Andros Stem system for the adjustable rides.

The custom Suspension fork in the Tern HSD will help you in the daily rides and to handle the heavy load of 170Kg in bumps on the road during the journey. The Atlas H Rack which has the extra-long and strong to handle the weight up to 60 Kgs to carry your kids while riding.

The Atlas Wheels with the Schwalbe tires which are wide and thru-axle hubs which are puncture resistant to not be worried of getting punctured in your journey. The combo mount on the front will offers you to add front rack to carry the cargo or groceries.

The lights of the Tern HSD are connected to the main battery of the HSD, so you no need to worry about the charging your bike lights separately and the reflective tires with the decal will give you additional safety while riding in night times.

The Automatic shifting in the Tern HSD S+ will shift the gear while pedaling the bike automatically with the Bosch generation 3 motor, you can park the Tern Vertically by flipping up the HSD for convenience.

Detailed Specification

Tern HSD Mini Electronic Foldable Bike is compact and easy to handle and offers great comfortable for riding with heavy loads and the compact design of the Tern made this lightweight and fits for everyone.

The Tern HSD Bikes are easy to handle with the adjustable handlebars and seat post for all types of riders even when you are moving around which is shorter than the regular Bicycle. You can also carry your Kiddo along with you with the HSD extra-long Atlas H rack with complete safe seat to enjoy the view while you are riding the Bike.


The back rack of the Tern HSD Mini Bike can withstand 60 Kgs of load which is designed to carry heavy cargo stuff, the flat folding technology of the Tern HSD will fold the within 15 seconds into flat package to fit them in the back-storage compartments in your cars and buses.

The Tern HSD is a mini sized cargo bike with some serious carrying storage capacity of maximum 170Kg with the XL sized Atlas H rack helps you in carrying a week worth of groceries with having a dedicated trailer mount to carry the additional cargo with ease. The major convenient feature of the Tern HSD is the vertical parking which is very convenient so you can take the HSD anywhere and park the Bike inside your home with a little bit of space.

Tern HSD is more stable than with the longer wheelbases which has less center of gravity with each frame made with adjustable stem with the upright riding position for both taller and shorter from the height to 150 to 195 cm.

The new Enviolo AUTOMAtiQ system which automatically shifts the gear when you accelerate and when you slow down and help you to pedal more rather than focusing on gears.


The Tern HSD has the lights on the back and has the reflective tires which will help the riders during night journey, Tern HSD has the hydraulic disc brakes which can resist in all weather conditions with the Atlas wheels integrated with Schwalbe tires which are puncture resistant for the seamless riding.

Tern HSD electric bikes also has the Abus Frame locks offering security to keep your bike safe when you take a break from riding with the Bosch Drivetrain motor for outstanding performance and help you riding the bike with peace of mind without pedaling with the gate belt drive for smooth, silent and durable with low maintenance and equipped in S+ and S8i.

Price and Models

There are three models of the HSD bikes are available, they are HSD S8i, P9 and S+ with the various color options. The HSD S8i is available in red, Limon, matte black and Tundra colors. While the P9 is available in Red, blue, dune and Tarragon colors. The S+ is available in Shake polish color. The Tern HSD S8i is priced at $3,799, P9 is priced at $3,199 while the S+ is priced at $5,199.

Plan For Launch

These Tern HSD Mini Electronic Foldable Bikes are launched in the year 2019 July and made available in the later quarters of the year 2019 with the three different models S8i, P9 and S+ having some difference among them in the design and manufacturing after the CES launch in 2019.

Company Details

These HSD Mini Electric folding bikes are developed by the company called Tern which is always striving to build the highly efficient bicycles which is eye changing to the world to make their people love riding instead of driving. The company name is taken from the lightweight and small bird which as the world records in longer migration, they follows the core concept of sustainability by designing their bikes to be serviceable rather than thrown aside to fill the lands and reduce the usage of non-recycled materials in their design & production with the experts in the field of designing, testing and riding.