Tennibot AI Ball collecting Companion Clears Easily Practice Tennis Court

  • Tennibot world’s first autonomous and intelligent robot
  • Tennibot perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Tennibot sport of all time and favorite game to all

Tennis became the sport of all time and favorite game to all, The feeling that one get when they hit the perfect shot or kick serve down the line is indescribable, making perfect shot takes countless hours of practice and with that comes the chore of picking up hundreds of tennis ball scattered all over the court. Players and couches everywhere know the frustration and tediousness that goes into collecting balls during the practice session.

This is why Tennibot comes into picture it is the first robotic ball collector, it perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect tennis balls on the court and collect them for players, you can also make it work autonomously using the station that attaches on the court pole or you can use Tennibot app to customize it.

Tennibot Ball Collector

Detailed Specifications

1. Tennibot is the world’s first Autonomous and intelligent robot that serves players by picking up their ball in the court which eliminates the tedious task of collecting balls.

2. This bot will help you to enjoy the game more than wasting time in the court by collecting the balls. This will clear the court while you setup for the game.

3. They designed Tennibot to make things easier and efficient for the tennis player or couch in the court, from the time you step into court to the time you leave it.

4. Tennibot maximizes the practice time while you hit the balls in the court instead of wasting time, this will give the chance to do other things like you can re hydrate yourself or take tips or catch your partner.

5. When you are about to leave the court, Tennibot will let you to carry it like a suitcase, the design of Tennibot made this practical use, you can even manually control it using the app.

6. It’s quite simple to use the Tennibot just bring it to the court and put the Tennibot station on the net post and use the app to control it.

7. Clearing the court of balls now become easy at your fingertips with almost no work at all, using the advanced object detection and tracking with visual localization and path planning it will do very quickly.

8. If you want to customize the area to be cleaned by the bot just open the app and select the zone on the court and let the Tennibot do its job.

9. Ability to customize the location in the court is very great features to the player to let them decide it and make their move.


10. The station of the Tennibot is an advanced camera system that tracks the Tennibot location on the court. It allows to know the precise location of Tennibot and enables the autonomous mode.

11. The stations compact design allows it to sit easy on the net post holder, for even more control over the bot location you can manually drive it using the app.

12. You need not to hassle this works with the iOS, Android and even with the Apple Watch to make quick activation and the app also keep track of how many balls are collected during a session it will help to know about your practice.

13. Tennibot is designed with convenience in mind, the removable bucket holds up to 80 balls that will easily continue your hitting session after Tennibot clears the court.

14. The battery takes only 90 minutes to charge and runs for four to five hours, its portable design lets you pick up Tennibot and wheel it on and off the court just like suitcase, its compact size makes it easy to fit in the car.

15. The app is very easy to setup and designed with friendly interface allowing you to control the Tennibot and navigate it to pick up the ball, it also keeps track of number of balls you hit, so that you can share your achievements.




  • Dimensions  : 36x16x11 inches
  • Weight :  25Lb( 11.3Kg)
  • Battery charging time :  90 minutes
  • Battery Usage  : 4-5 hours
  • Speed  : 1.4 MPH
  • Bucket capacity :  80 balls
  • Autonomous :  Yes
  • Technology : Computer vision with Artificial intelligence
  • Camera :  Wide angle camera on front

Out of Box


Out of the Box you will get the Tennibot and the bucket to place it on along with the quick start guide to how to use it.

Editor’s Pick

There are no major cons about this Tennibot except the conditions of the device to be used. There are no official details about the size of the battery and the camera even it can work in late night, whether this one got the night vision capability or not. Some others like resistance certificates and the surface it can be used on as per mentioned it works on both clay and hard surfaces. Seems like price also hike for the normal players but this one is designed to save a lot more money and time for the players who spent most of the time playing tennis.


The price of the device is $650 (Rs 48,100) for the extreme early bird sales for those who are really interested to buy it a bit earlier. Then for the Super early bird sale the price will become $675(Rs 49,900 ) and then for $700(Rs 51,800) as early bird sale. There are still combo offers to purchase like two or three.

Plan for Launch


The design inception is carried on July 2015, Research and development is done for the product on November 2015 and the first generation prototype was built in the year 2016 January with the ball tracking system done in July and they come up with several prototypes to make it working and later in CES 2018 they introduced the product and they started the Kickstarter campaign on April with test batch on first production on September 2018.

About Company

This device is developed with the help of partnership with Silicon Valley robotics, mass robotics and har-tru, Tennibot was born form the frustration when Haitham is practicing with a ball machine in the court, then he realized that he spent most time picking up tennis ball than actually hitting them. After many test and prototypes with advanced algorithm to make tennis more convenient game for players at all levels, the dedicated team taken the Tennibot from a concept to the most high-technology and perfect partner for tennis.