Tempy Perfect Temperature and Humidity Sensing System

Senses the live data directly to your smartphone, tablet and computer.


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  • Tempy monitors the temperature and humidity wirelessly and give you reports and alerts directly to your phone, tablet and Computer with the Tempy Web App wherever you are in the world.
  • Tempy Sensing system is easy to install and the gateway can connect to 1000 sensors with each sensor has a connectivity range of 1200 meters.
  • Tempy Sensors are made weatherproof to be used in indoor and outdoor conditions and has 10 years of battery with sensing the real-time data after every 2 minutes.


Product overview

Tempy is a wireless temperature and humidity sensing system that senses the live data directly to your smartphone, tablet and computer while alerting you of any climate changes that occurs outside.

With the Tempy Temperature and humidity sensing system you can have peace of mind knowing that the inhabitants and contents of your home and free from discomfort and stay safe from the unexpected fluctuation from temperature and humidity that could result from extreme weather, power outages, mechanical failures and more.

Tempy Temperature and Humidity sensing system is easy to setup in three steps and takes less time to install simply plugging in the Temp gateway to the power source and Ethernet connection and sign in the dashboard of the Tempy and register the Tempy sensors and set up the alerts and place the Tempy sensor wherever you might think the temperature and humidity monitoring is required whether it’s wet, dry, hot or cold.

Tempy Temperature and Humidity sensing system is designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can start monitor and receive temperature and humidity alerts from anywhere in the world giving you instant access to real-time weather reporting and temperature related emergency avoidance and the temperature reading in the hard to reach places along with the climate monitoring with temperature sensitive equipment’s and proactive knowledge of humidity related damages and loses.

Problem solving by this product


Tempy sensing system monitors the temperature and humidity in your surroundings by wirelessly connecting to the gateway provide you the real time information wherever you are in the world.

Tempy Sensor are made weatherproof with the IP rating to be placed in any environmental conditions in indoor or outdoor with 10 years of battery life for each sensor and connectivity range of 1200 meters from the gateway.

Tempy sensing system is simple to install with three step procedure to monitor your home, office in the areas where they are temperature dependent and some areas are humidity dependent and you can avoid the frozen pipes, mold damages in the cabins and furniture heating and malfunctioning.

You can even place these sensors in the refrigerators to manage the spoiling of food and at data sever centers to make sure the servers are working correctly and at barns where your hold the stock and many more places.

With the Tempy Web App you can receive the alerts and notification messages and you can have access to live as well as historical data in the cloud which is safely protected.

Detailed specification


Tempy is wireless low power sensing system which sends temperature, humidity and Air-Pressure alerts by wirelessly monitoring the surrounding conditions and send reports & alerts to your smartphone, tablet and computer.
The Tempy collects the real-time data of the weather conditions, temperature and humidity and send that data to cloud while you can access the data using the Tempy Web App to receive the alerts and monitor the conditions directly from your phone wherever you in the world.

Tempy Sensors has the 10 years of battery life which are really impressive so you don’t need to look after them once they are installed, these Tempy Sensors take the reading every 2 minutes to keep you updated which are designed to be used in any environment conditions whether it might be hot, cold, wet or dry they are made to be fully weatherproof sensors.

With the Tempy you can protect your home, storage, gardens and get alerted when there is an unexpected fluctuations in the temperature and humidity to prevent damages that causes losses.
Tempy Sensory will stay connected to the gateway 10 times more than the usual Wireless connected devices and 25 times more than the Bluetooth devices which makes the Tempy reliable in gathering the information in real time.

With the Tempy Temperature and Humidity sensing system you can have peace of mind by monitoring the temperature in the home whether the pets are comfortable and the things are good with the humidity, food spoilage and check whether the fridge is malfunctioning, climate in the server rooms and warehouses, offices and pipes, radiators and especially for tobacco and wine cellars.

Tempy has sensors and gateways that combine’s to form all-in-one wireless sensing device that collects the temperature and humidity and sends to the gateway and the gateway will send the data to the cloud and the Tempy Sensors have a range of 1200 meters.

The installation of the Tempy is very simple once plug in the Tempy Gateway and connect that to Ethernet connection and register the Tempy Sensors after login in the dashboard then place the Tempy sensors and you are done. There are two types of Tempy Sensors the normal Tempy which senses only temperature and Tempy + which senses temperature, humidity and Air-Pressure.

The Tempy2 Temperature and Humidity Sensing System is priced at 140$.

Plan for launch


The Electronic Design and review of the Tempy temperature and Humidity sensing system is started in the year 2017 September with the IP65 Rated enclosure and the primary prototypes are made and tested in November while the back-end software is developed in December. The refinements of the Tempy is done in February with the finalization of the software is done in April and the production of the Tempy sensors & gateways are done in May with the shipping begins in June, the Tempy will reach the customers in later quarters of the year 2018.

Company details

This Temperature and Humidity Sensing system is developed by the company called Tempy companies team group those who are having the industry level experience and specialists in hardware, firmware and software as well in the manufacturing process.
The team committed to the successful launch of Tempy with the improvements and the growth for the product in the market in several countries with the out sourcing production of the 3rd party vendors and done by eliminating all the house hold risks

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