TEMPEST – Smart Solar Powered Weather Station Perfect For Your Backyard

  • TEMPEST is personalized weather station.
  • TEMPEST works with Robust weather condition.
  • TEMPEST supports AI based Analytic platform to give you great prediction of weather.


EMPEST is the weather buddy you need. From planning that family outing in the sun to the backyard barbeque, the weather forecast is more wrong than correct. Well, not anymore. TEMPEST comes loaded with powerful technology providing the much-needed ahead information on weather so that you can plan your next event with ease. It is the AI powered weather forecast which includes a weather station coupled with an application which notifies you of the weather changes in real time. Simply, by installing TEMPEST you can turn your home into a Smart home genius. You can even set related actions into your smart home system according to the weather changes that the TEMPEST reports.


This meticulously designed weather system serves as the personal weatherman you need. It delivers unmatched accuracy which helps you plan ahead for all your events and plans. Unlike other weather apps which inform about the weather in the region taking their inputs from the internet, TEMPEST system is designed as such that every personal weather station is linked with the Tempest Network and the WeatherFlow team perform real time data analysis and provides you with the weather information you need.


The Weather Station

A simple yet elegant design weather tower is an easy install and is one of the major reasons for the success of the TEMPEST weather app. Easy to install and zero maintenance weather stations just makes your lives easier. It consists of a  group of sensors –

  1. Light Sensor: for reading of UV index, ambient light and radiations etc.
  2. Haptic Rain Sensor: for predicting rain onset, duration and intensity of the rain. It measures the force of each falling drop so you will know precisely the rain start time, its intensity, duration and accumulation.
  3. Wind Sensor: It makes use of Ultrasonic sound which helps to measure the wind direction and speed with real time updates every 3 seconds.

Other sensors include Temperature/ Humidity sensors, Lightning sensor and Pressure sensor.

The weather inputs picked up by the weather station are sent instantly to the WeatherFlow data centre for a real time analysis and helps to enhance and provide a better forecast for your exact location. It takes into account the device data from your TEMPEST, other devices into the network and other meteorological data available for analysis and only sends the useful real- time data to your device through the TEMPEST app.

 The TEMPEST is fully solar powered and has integrated solar panels to recharge the battery which lifetime rechargeable. It charges in sun for a full day and works for 2 weeks on a single charge i.e. without any sun, it will work for 2 weeks. The TEMPEST weather station is completely wireless and contains Wi-Fi hub that stays inside the house and has a signal range up to 1000ft (300 m).

The weather also has a group of add-ons like a battery backup device which provides for 7-day battery backup, a cellular pro hub for ensuring the data collection and analysis even in the case of internet outage and power outage like in the case of major storms and cyclones.


The Weather App:

  1. The compatible App which is available on both, the Apple App Store and Google Play provides for the real time data with updates every 3 seconds, Zoom able graphs on the current and future weather conditions and also has an option to share the information with your family and friends.
  2. It also keeps accounts of the weather history in your location on a daily, weekly and Monthly level and you can access the complete history at no extra cost. The app is AI powered for delivering the relevant information according to your location.
  3. Also, in addition to the app, API of the same is also available which can be easily incorporated into various other software systems like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.
  4. Moreover, the TEMPEST system can easily be paired with the smart home system available in the market like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri for operating smart operations according to the weather like turning off the sprinklers in the case of rains, adjust the heating/cooling levels according to the weather, adjust indoor lighting to name a few.

The product ships with a warranty of 2-years and a 10-year extended service warranty wherein it will be replaced with the latest device at reduced cost. The company also awards the customers a data dividend currently at $15 per year for keep their TEMPEST data flowing.

Tempest 3


The system which was first conceptualized in September 2018 and production samples launched in August 2019, it will be available for sale in retail from April 2020. Though the product will be first available to the Kickstarter backers from February 2020. It is currently been backed by 4620 backers. The TEMPEST complete system is available at INR 16,935 while there are various iterations of the product with add-ons which are priced at a higher amount.




  • Air Temperature : -35°F to 140°F
  • Relative Humidity : 0 to 100%
  • Atmospheric Pressure : # 1 mbar; station and sea-level
  • Lightning activity : 0 to 40 km (25 miles)
  • Wireless : 300m (1000ft++)
  • Wind Speed : 0 to 100 mph
  • Wind Direction : 0-359°
  • Ambient Light : 1 to 128 KLUX
  • UV Index : 0 to 11+ index
  • Solar Irradiance : 0 to 1900 W/m2
  • Rain Onset : first rain drops
  • Rain Intensity : Light to Torrential
  • Rain Duration : daily total
  • Rain Accumulation : 1 min
  • Mount : Adjustable pole mount
  • Power : Solar Powered


WeatherFlow, the house which brings you the TEMPEST, was found in 2000 and is based in Santa Cruz, USA. It has been associated with the US Navy, the Coast Guard and the American Meteorological society on various successful projects. The company CTO and co-founder Phil Atkinson has led the company to produce reliable weather systems helping the masses. Their mission statement is “WeatherFlow, with the Tempest System, is addressing this (weather forecasting) need like no other weather company in the world.”


The TEMPEST is the AI powered reliable and accurate weather forecasting system which has been in demand since long. It aims to build a network of the TEMPEST weather stations and collect data reliably and as per the exact location and deliver the weather updates to the user on which they can rely on. The concept is powerful and can prove to be a tool in case of forest fires and other natural calamities in areas where there are no or some weather towers available to monitor the weather conditions. The system being completely wireless and solar powered makes it an easy sell as it requires low maintenance and provides the important weather information reliably and accurately.


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