Tapplock Lite A Smart Way of Accessing Padlock

A Lightweight Fingerprint Lock.

Tapplock lite A Smart Way of Accessing padlock

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  • Tapplock lite has the fingerprint encryption to unlock the padlock and can grant you access within 0.8 Seconds.
  • Tapplock lite is waterproof and will alarm you when unauthorized persons try to unlock the padlock.
  • Tapplock app will allow you to share the access in a customized manner and the battery will last long for 3 years with a single charge.


Rapid advances in the technology industry are shaping the world & when it comes to security touch is quickly becoming the industry standard where your finger acting as the Key.

Tapplock lite uses the cutting edge fingerprint encryption lock that grants access with just a tap in 0.8Sec, while you don’t need to remember anything or to keep keys with you.

Their app allows you to share the access, Tapplock app will be there which is compatible with both Windows, iOS & Android.

You can grant them from anywhere in the world and up to 100 fingerprints can be stored, you can even customize the location, time and duration of access.

Problem Solved By This Product


You don’t need to carry the traditional keys that you carry for the traditional lock, with the fingerprint you can unlock the Tapplock lite within 0.8 seconds.

You can even grant access to your thing for some authorized friends with customizable options like for a particular time, date and duration. With the help of the Tapplock app.

Their app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, you can unlock the padlock with fingerprint or using the mobile, The Tapplock battery will last longer for 3 year with single charge.

When some unwanted guests or unauthorized persons tries to open the Tapplock, it will trigger alarm and helps you protecting your things.

This is designed by keeping travelers in mind so that the lock will be lightweight, secure, and to bear all type of weather condition with waterproof and can store up to 100 fingerprints.

Detailed Specification

Tapplock lite which uses fingerprint technology for the typical lock that you use on your school lockers or gym locker or any other of your use.

There are two versions of the Tapplock, in which Tapplock lite is essentially lightweight version, which has the fingerprint technology and three ways to unlock.

Tapplock lite will keep the thieves & unwanted guest out with the built in alarm that will activate if the lock is cut or if someone without authorization tries to access your things.

This lock has the lithium-ion battery that can last up to three years on one charge and even the Tapplock lite will give you the access to your lock through your phone using Bluetooth 4.1.

Tapplock lite is designed for travelers in mind, which makes the lock small, lightweight & secure and equipped with the replaceable battery.

Tapplock lite is covered by water resistance so that you need to worry whether you lock being damaged by rain or snow, Tapplock lite is the only padlock that is smart enough to access without key or combination of passcode.

Tapplock lite can be used for multi-purposes like for lockers, home, traveling bags or your vehicles etc, with the industry-grade encryption sensor Tapplock will grant you in just 0.8 Sec with the fastest padlock.

You can share & manage the access for your friends or colleges if you want with their Tapplock app which is compatible with both iOS, Android and windows.

With the app you can control the data, time access for particular members and you can store up to 200 fingerprints can be stored, and you get notified from your lock-in in real-time.

If your padlock battery is under 15% please charge the lock and their security alarm with 100% steel frame help avoiding thefts and has a built-in alarm with a solid steel body to protect your valuables.

Dimensions 46.25 x 71 x 7.25 mm
Bluetooth 4.1
Shackle 7.25mm Diameter
Battery 2032 Coin Cell
Estimate Battery life 6 months
Operating Temp 200 to 450 C / -40 F to 1130 F
Water Resistant water repelling Coating Technology
Compatibility IOS, Android and Windows

Tapplock lite is available in two different colors they are Black and White.

This Tapplock lite is priced at $39.

Plan For Launch

This project started in January 2016 ended with the feedback collection in February 2016 and they started reliability testing and final design for manufacturing.

They completed developing the mobile application in April 2016 and mass production, product beta testing & quality assurance with the shipping is done in September 2016.

Company Details

This Fingerprint lock is developed by a company called Tapplock which is an IoT technology company which provides solution in creating smart security for their customers and to access them easily.

The company started in the year 2016 in Canada and named as the top companies in Canada and got the award in iF Design & CES innovation Award in 2018.

They believe that the lock should be functional & provide you as a quick easy access when you needed.

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