Talon Special Phone Mount

Fit into the pockets to be carried along with you wherever you go.


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  • Talon Phone mount is universally compatible with all smartphones and made with PC/ABS plastic material parts which is comfortable to hold and convenient to carry with the elegant unique compact design.
  • Talon Phone mount with the Nitelze GearTie makes you to mount flexibly on anyplace that are never before and the GearTie is 24” as to change in any flexible shape.
  • Talon Phone mount is also packed with the Talon Button which is compatible with highly reputable grip by PopSockets and fits into you pocket.


Product overview

Everyone dreamed of having a phone mount which is compatible with all of the phone and flexible to be adjusted as they desire to use them with their phone and should be compact to carry on the go.

Talon Phone mount is the universal phone mount that works in conjunction with the Nitelze GearTie which enables your phone to be mounted virtually anywhere. The Nitelze GearTie of the Talon phone mount can be used in many different fashions when using the Talon phone mount your phone can me mounted in ways founds only by your imagination.

With the Talon Phone mount you can adjust your device to any position to eliminate the glare of your phone to your eyes and find the perfect viewing angle anywhere you are.The Talon Phone mount works with the provided button that attaches to the back of your device and made with the reusable adhesive and also compatible with the so popular PopSockets.

You can use the Talon phone mount in the car or in your house, outdoors or any other place you desire, Talon Phone mount is the most versatile Phone mount that allows your phone to be using places never before possible which started with the idea of piece of copper wire and evolved as Talon mount.

Problem solving by this product


Talon Phone mount is flexible and the unique & compact design made this phone mount to be fit into the pockets to be carried along with you wherever you go.

Talon Phone mount allows you phone to be mounted on the anyplace you want like in your home or in car, any outdoor places only limited by your imaginations.

The Talon Phone mount has the 24” Nitelze GearTie which makes your phone flexible to be mounted anywhere and to adjust the angle of your phone which reduces the glaring effect from your phone to your eyes and keep them healthy with the perfect viewing angle.

The Talon Phone mount comes with their own Talon button which is highly compatible with the reputable grip from the PopSockets which attaches back to your device to work and Talon Phone mount is recognized as EDC accessory for your smartphone.

The Nitelze GearTie is available in different color option to match your preference of taster over your smartphone look.

Detailed specification


Talon Phone mount is the mount which is universally compatible with all of your smartphones which are integrated with the Nitelze Gear tie allowing that the phone can be mounted on the anywhere you desired.

Talon Phone mount is flexible and compatible to be carried anywhere you go and make your phone mounted on the place which cannot be mounted before allowing you to comfortably watch your phone while you are using.

Talon Phone mount is unique with the modest design and compact allowing that the mount to fit into you pockets with the simplified and elegant engineering and made with the PC and ABS plastic which is completely safe and flexible.

Talon Phone mount can be used at home or in your garage, in the office, in your car or on the plane and outdoors and many more place where you are not imagined off.

Talon Phone mount allows your phone to sit in the flexible position to reduce the glare to your eyes from your phone and offers comfortable viewing angle.

Talon Phone mount is also packed with their own Talon button which is completely compatible with highly reputable grip by PopSockets and knows as the must have accessory as EDC.

This Talon Phone mount is priced at 13$ for the Black Talon Mount, Talon button and Nitelze GearTie which is available in different colors verities.

Plan for launch

The idea of the Talon Smartphone mount is started in November 2018 with building first prototype in march 2019 and the completion of the prototype in December 2019. The tooling and packing of the Talon Phone mount is begin in February 2020 and the completion of the tooling process in April and the delivery of the parts and packaging in May. The product will be shipped in the later quarters of the year after the manufacturing in 2020.

Company details

This Phone mount is developed by the company called TALLON System which brings innovative smartphone mounts to the customers along with the holders and accessories for vehicles, marine, craft and many more platforms.

The growth of the company started from solving the problem for the marine boat to put all the accessories with the universal accessory mount with the few friends joined together in the New Zealand marine market, then the company start growing by solving the all accessory problems to all boats available worldwide and found themselves as the international boat builders.

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