Tail it+ Global Range GPS Trackers, 8 Weeks Long Battery Life, Just 64gms Weight

Tail it Global Range GPS Trackers - 5
  • The Tail it+ comes with the 8 weeks battery life with a single charge
  • Tail it+ world’s thinnest GPS tracker to be mentioned with the global range tracking
  • The Tail it+ is tiny and lightweight which is only 64 grams to carry

In today’s worlds everyone is afraid about the things that what happening outside, they wanted to be known where the loved ones goings likes dogs or kids, because when they might lost it will be easy for their parents to find them or even the car when someone steal it, The problem with the regular trackers are that they uses the Bluetooth connection with is limited in range maximum of 40 meters ranges when you use the latest version like 5.0.

This problem of positioning is solved by the company Tail it with the global poisonings system you can track in the entire world with ease, they brought this with a single firmware for multiple devices to be used like for dogs, cats and for devices and for bike.

Detailed Specification

  • Tail it have different types of GPS Trackers that serves for different purposes like Tail it +, Tail it, Tail it Pet, Tail it Kids and the last Tail it Bike.
  • We will describe about each and every thing in detail, they all are global GPS tracking positioning enabled devices since they use the Mobil network signals via Sim Cards placed in the devices so the location of the tracker will be more accurate.


  • The Tail it+ comes with the 8 weeks battery life with a single charge, since it is offering long term battery it will be perfect for the long-term tracking, this can be hidden on any belonging things.
  • Tail it+ is the world’s thinnest GPS tracker to be mentioned with the global range tracking without any distance limitation, this will also give you the live location within 5 seconds to produce the accurate location of the tracker in real-time.
  • There is a light and sound functionality which helps you to locate the tracker when it is lost in dark it can give you signal by light and when it is clumsy it can be pointed by sound.
  • The Tail it+ is tiny and lightweight which is only 64 grams to carry.
  • While the Tail it+ is the thinnest one, Tail it is the smallest one in the World which tends to be also GPS tracker, this is small enough to place it anywhere and keep tracking of what you care about.
  • This one offers you the 2 Weeks battery on single charge and same features of other tracker of Tail it offering like light/Sound, Live Tracking and Global Range.
  • This Tail it is very light of about 24 grams which gives you more comfort in hiding and as well as in carrying.
  • When it comes to pet it will be differing since pets cannot convey any message to humans, Tail it pet is also a smallest device to be attached to the collar of the pet either it may be cat or dog.


  • You no need to worry it even fit to the smallest cat, it weighs only 23 grams, taking into consideration that pet need to be carried.
  • This Tail it pet offers you two week battery life on single charge to help you to track your pet without worried.


  • They developed Tail it not only for the belonging also for the kids, while playing they can be out of sight of parent this makes the parents afraid.
  • Tail it Kids is also named as the child’s first mobile phone. It’s a GPS tracking watch which will help you to find the location of your child on the phone when connected.
  • This one also offers you to call to your child without any internet access, the battery for this one will last for 5 to 7 days on single charge.
  • There is SOS button which is very helpful feature in handy that calls the 3 SOS contacts until someone picks up, if you want to call the child using the software only the people in the list can call.


  • This watch is made available in three colors BLUE, PINK and BLACK, the watch is very light in weight about 55 grams.
  • Tail it Bike is specially designed to track bikes, the tracker for this one is flexible and hidden for bikes and it can fit all handlebars.
  • This device offers you 8 weeks battery life on single charge, it is universal and can fit to all bikes.


  • All these devices are Qi charges compatible which can be charged wirelessly using wireless chargers.


  • Tail it +
    • Dimensions 85x54x9mm
    • Weight 64 grams
    • Stand By 8 weeks
  • Tail it
    • Dimensions 35×41.5x10mm
    • Weight 24 grams
    • Stand By 2 weeks
  • Tail it Pet
    • Battery 520 mAh lithium battery
    • Charging time 2.5 hours
    • Standby 2 weeks
    • Dimensions 41x29x12mm
    • Weight 23 grams
  • Tail it Kids
    • Dimensions 42x36x15mm
    • Weight 55 grams
    • Battery life 5-7 days
  • Tail it Bike:-
    • Dimensions 41x29x12mm
    • Weight 22 grams
    • Stand by 8 weeks
  • Common Features
    • Software Android device 5.0 later , Apple iOS 10 or later
    • Resistance Shock : Resistant and waterproof (IPX7) and Splash proof
    • SIM Card Micro sim, GPS, GPRS
    • Communications : 1: GSM, built-in 2:GPS, built-in 3:WIFI,built-in GSM/GPRS 4 Frequency 850 + 1900+900+1800 MHz

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the tracker module of what you opt like Tail it + or others with sim card pre-installed in it. It comes with a Screwdriver and USB charging cable. For Tail it pet you will get a case with silicone to attach it for pet collar. There is also a dummy tracker provided in the box for the Tail it Bike so that it is installed on the other handle no one suspects even thief whether a tracker is installed in it.


Tail it + priced at (Rs 5,800),Tail it priced at (Rs 5,800),Tail it pet priced at (Rs 5,800),Tail it Kids also priced at (Rs 7,240),Tail it bike is priced at (Rs 7,240).All these trackers comes with the 30 days Risk free test, you can return them without any hesitation when you don’t like it.


The major con to speak about this device are the firmware app they are providing along with the trackers to work doesn’t alert you when the trackers are going out of pre-defined zone. The location features result in inconsistent location that need to be improved, In General in every app there is track of history what we do, in this there is no history of movement. Since it is using the SIM CARD this won’t work in the areas where there is no cell tower coverage or the Wi-Fi. Battery capacity of all devices is not mentioned. There is call option

Plan for Launch

In August 201 they became one of largest distributors for GPS watches, the delivery of Tail it prototype is made on June 2017, with the encrypted one they launched in September 2017, Delivery is done in December 2017 and all products are sold by January 2018.

About Company

These trackers are developed by the company called Tail it Technologies, They developed a line of trackers that can be attached to the belongings of people and that can be tracked easily using smartphones. Their company is located in Norway.