Syfer – Your Bodyguard for your Digital World


oday Internet is everywhere around us. We cannot say that we are secure while using the internet, while we are surfing and browsing all other stuff. We leave a trace of IP and cookies which will be an additional advantage over to hacker who will always look after the security breach and Collect the user data. Even the companies also uses our personal information which we have provided to them. They will sell those information for money sake, some people don’t know about it. To protect against these security threats and hacks the syfer was introduced which will secure our personal info and transaction details and business info and all other stuff that we fed in the internet. This will take a 15sec to setup the device and even without any technical background you can easily use it.




Protection against cyber threat.

Cyber threats are the malicious acts that theft the data, corrupt data or even might damage the data. This syfer is powered with the machine learning with AI that will keep on updating the signatures of the cyber threat to keep track on them in real time and protects you valuable information. The definitions and signatures will update in real time to block the threats that steals your data with the AI. In addition to it can detect the hacking attacks like phishing, ransomware and online frauds that makes the business and personal environment feel safer. Feel safer with real time privacy and protection.

Maintain Fast Internet speed.

In today world everyone feels that the VPN will help them to surfe through the websites which are blocked and accessing them with virtual IP address, but the speed when compared with the VPN and normal varies a vast. When you are using the VPN the internet speed is reduced to 10% percent of the original speed which is inconvenient to use while streaming the content. This VPN technology uses the no speed reduction while you streaming the content you will have the same speed of your internet package. This is the only device that supports the VPN without slowing of internet.

 Protecting your kids.

Parental control is very important in today world. Because the parents always have a nightmare over the contents that their children’s are watching in the internet. To overcome this problem this device is offered with the parental control which restrict the inappropriate content to be seen by the kids by blocking them with the AI. Some kids are smart enough to bypass the system. But they cannot bypass this, so the parents can feel safer for their children to use the internet.

Blocking Ads.

The main problem that the people will face is the ads in the web pages that will continuously interrupts your work and redirecting the pages and consumes the internet, this syfer device will offer you feature by blocking ads that track your history and details that most of the third party companies use.

Always up to date.

Their cloud infrastructure will update the syfer software and keep it up to date in all the time with latest security and privacy.

Your Privacy Guarantee.

They believe that all the end users who uses the device and what they do in the internet is their personal business and they do not log the information and even track the activity , Their anonymizing servers will make sure that even your ISP(internet service provider) will be track your history that what you are doing in the internet.

The syfer Global Cloud.

The syfer maintain its own Global Anonymizing Network with zero logging and low latency, well developed Geo based routing and their VPN are growing daily.


This syfer is compatible with all of your devices that you want to protect against the threats while using as a mode in the communication.


  • Look and Feel – Like Router or Modem.
  • Design – Rectangular Type.
  • Height – 1.9 inch.
  • Length – 5.61 inches.
  • Breadth – 3.5 inches.
  • Processor – Quad Core ARM Processor.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Internal storage – 8GB.
  • Network Interface – Gigabit Network Interface.


When to provide protection for many devices, it might get problem due to limited amount of ram that is available and     the process that used in the motherboard is not mentioned rather than the Quad-core to compute the information provided to them which makes the device slower than the usual when the workload is heavy.


This product is prices at Rs.51,750 which is very high but in today’s world this type of technology is new to existence and it take more time to be developed to cut down the prices and make some more features to back and when all the users needed this type of privacy and the packs varies according to the user need whether they are using for the business purpose or what home etc.


The device was invented by the ARAZ FEYZI who is the founder and CEO of the company syfer when he faced the real-time threats in the business environment as well as in the personal life. Made a way better life’s for the people who want privacy in this world while in the internet.