Swivel Pocket Sized Minimalistic Projector

Projector which can fit in palm and designed to be carried along with you.


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  • Swivel Projector is a compact and cleverly designed master piece to enjoy movies and share memories on the go with small dimension to be fit in pockets & unidentifiable when not in use.
  • Swivel Projector lens and port are protected with the outer band when the projector is not in use and offers you to watch the content in big screen with cinematic experience.
  • Swivel Projector has the micro-USB port on the back along with heat dissipation chamber which allows you to watch the content for longer time.


Product overview

Projectors are becoming the essential gadget to be used by consumers but they size and weight make them hard to carry along with you wherever you go and need heavy wiring setup to start using the projector.

Swivel Projector is the revolutionary Projector which is very tiny as much as you can carry in the pocket while the band around the projector protect the projector from the surroundings allowing you to safely carry the projector along with you wherever go and use it on the go or in situations.

Swivel Projector concept will take the projection to next level with small dimension and enjoying in big screen with all possible features of smart projector and the lens along with power input are concealed with the outer section.

Swivel Projector lens will be revealed when the outer band is rotated but need to be positioned at correct angle in order to the image displayed correctly.
Swivel Pocket Sized Projector has the Micro-USB port on the back side to connect to devices for projection and also has the heat dissipation ventilation as well on the back side.

Problem solving by this product


Swivel Projector is the smallest Projector which can fit in palm and designed to be carried along with you in the pockets or in luggage bag on the go to share your memories to your friends & foes or enjoy watching movies.

Swivel Projector is covered with the outer band which makes the projector unnoticeable when not in use and even unidentifiable, while the outer ring protect the lens from dust and all other while you carry the projector.

Swivel Projector gives you the cinematic experience right at your hands so that you don’t need to get down from your couch while you watching and the lightweight design make this projector easily portable.

Swivel Pocket sized Projector is cleverly designed with operation methods that the outer band is to be rotated when you want to turn the projector on and positioned at the correct angle for better viewing angle experience.

There is a Micro-USB port on the back side of the Swivel Projector which allows you to connect to device to project the content and the heat dissipation chamber allows the hot air to flow out to make the lens life turn longer than other traditional Projectors.

Detailed specification


Swivel Projector is a compact pocket size projector with which you can easily watch movies and share your memories on the go, Swivel Projector has unique and elegant design which make the projector to be stand out of the traditional projector line.

Swivel small compact size make this possible to look the content in a big screen from any location and gives you truly theatre experience at your home without efforts of getting out of the couch.

Swivel Projector is in size of your palm and easy to carry with you in the bags or in pockets and the cutting edge design ensure that the lens and the port will be safe when the projector is not in use.

Swivel Projector has the lens on the front and micro-USB port on the back side in between the heat dissipation chambers, while the entire setup is surrounded by the outer band which protects the lens and port.

Swivel Projector is designed by Seokmoon Woo with clever tiny dimensions and need to be rotated to reveal the lens and to be positioned at correct angle for the perfect picture on the walls.

This Swivel Pocket Sized projector is available in five different colors they are Orange, White, Blue (Dark, light), grey.

Plan for launch

Swivel Pocket Sized projector is made available to the market in the year 2019 after many changes in the prototype and design crafted to me small and fit in pockets, the product is launched in CES 2019 and will be shipped to the customers in the later quarter of the year 2019.

Company details

This Swivel Pocket Sized Projector is developed by the team of engineers, designed by Seokmoon Woo and other who are passionate about the projectors and after the first version which got response and then then improved version is introduced and powered by many ones like YANKO DESIGN which is online magazine company dedicated to cover the international product design started in the year 2002 and grown as the international company.

Takashi Yamada is the founder of the company while Jason Hui is the executive advisor, Nancy Wang working as Strategy officer, Sarang Sheth is chief editor in the company along with many other team members.

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