SuperCalla Easy – Coil Charging Cables

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  • SuperCalla is the most unique and well organized in our own style travel friendly adapter that is compatible with most of the chargers and phones.
  • With the didymium magnets in the SuperCalla cable you can coil them up or uncoil them for clean and organized professional use with long lasting material that is stretchable when need.
  • SuperCalla coil cable not only chargers your phone, also transfers the data with higher speed when connected with 5 connection type options along with different lengths.

Everyone faces the problem of making mess while carrying their charging cables get tangled in their pocket and irritated while some of the short cables, need to remove our phone before using. SuperCalla easy coil charging cable is the charging cable redesigned most unique organized minimalistic travel friendly cable that is ever created. SuperCalla is not like other charging cables it is easily organized and extendable when needed to keep your desk and drawers neat and tightly. Their standard three port cables are prefect for every day usage and traveling and 6 feet cable is perfect for extra-long reaches with the new didymium magnets specifically manufactured for data cables are diametrically magnetized and free floating along the cable which allows the magnets north-south pole to connect each other for creating unique pattern bending design.

SuperCalla cables are precisely spaced between magnets with the ultra-durable silicon sleeves allows the magnets to always line up each other while providing protection.

Problem Solving By This Product


No more able tangles, with the SuperCalla magnetic organized coil cable, you can coil them up when they are not in use and extend them up to the length required to use.

SuperCalla is almost compatible with all charging docks and phones with fast charging and higher data transfer rate.

The magnets in the SuperCalla make the cable super twisty like in the structure what you want and perfect for the surrounding places which becomes the travel friendly cable.

Comes in two different lengths of 0.9 meters and 1.8 meters and five connection types to pick you what you need, no more disconnection to use your connected devices you can simply uncoil the cable to use them.

SuperCalla coil cables are tough and durable enough and will be a fun toy at your table to be coil and uncoil, the magnets snapping sound is addictive with well design and supports fast charging up to 100W with Type-C to Type-C.

Detailed Specification


SuperCalla easy coil charging cable is the world’s first charging and data transfer cable with higher speed that tends to be simpler with the magnetic technology with neat and tidy in shape with fully functional and extendable needs.

SuperCalla charging cable comes with the patented design that is strong, fast charging and becomes the organized traveling cable in your palms that is easy to coil and organize.


SuperCalla comes with different cable lengths according to the need of short one for 3 feet long and for those who need long cable of 6 feet long.

SuperCalla cables are neatly coiled up when you want to place your phone near the charger and you can extend them for use in distant places and great for traveling with quick and easy storage without any tangles, folding and connecting now becomes simpler with the SuperCalla to be changed in any shape that you put them.


SuperCalla comes with five connection type options from iPhone to USB-A, Type-C and micro USB to USB-A and combinations like Type C to USB A or Type-C with two different colors like black and white along with two different length options.

No more dangling from chargers and irritation, you can put the cable coiled up to the charger which makes a clean look and easily coil them up for neat and tidy charge in data transfer session, by just unwinding the length up to the required length and the clinking sound from the magnets make you stress free.

SuperCalla cables doesn’t require to unplug your phone to use, unlike the short cables you can simply extend the cable, SuperCalla makes the wireless chargers better, you can use the SuperCalla cable as a toy on your table by coil and uncoil them repeatedly, the snapping of the magnets makes you extremely addictive like fun.


SuperCalla easy coil charging cables are best known for the fast charging and data transfer compatible with all wireless and fast charging technologies. Reinforced with the silicon tubes with premium grade materials to make them last longer.


The SuperCalla easy coil charging cable is priced at $19 for one cable and for two they are $29 and for three $37, finally for SuperCalla family pack which consist of pack of six cables priced at $69. The office pack of nine cables is priced at $97.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone to A 2.4A USB 2.0 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)
  • iPhone to C 3A USB 2.0 (USB PD) 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)
  • Micro to A 2.4A USB 2.0 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)
  • Type C to USB A 3A USB 2.0 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)
  • Type C to Type C 3A 60W USB 2.0 (USB PD) 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)
  • Type C to Type C 5A 100W USB 3,1 gen 2 (USB PD) 3ft/6ft (1m / 2m)

Plan For Launch

The SuperCalla coil charging cables are launched in kickstarter for campaign in March 2020 and they plan to start manufacturing immediately after funding with the production in April 2020. The manufacturing for the SuperCalla coil charges started in May 2020 and will be completed with any changes in design and feedback accordingly in June 2020 with shipments to the backers in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This coil charging cables are developed by the company called SuperCalla, where the SuperCalla family is started with father son and father daughter with a combined experience of more than 100 years in industry of business.

Their experience in development, supply chain management and digital market with a dream team of family relations, Charles Harris will take the lead in the team with 7 years of experience in the crowdfunding with a net worth more than $2 million dollars USD backers worldwide with the simple ideas that changes the quality of the life in customers.