STRAFFR Ultimate Smart Resistance Workout Band

Workout anywhere anytime.


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  • STRAFFR resistance band gives you real-time feedback and results during workout sessions and made compact with the silicon durable material makes your workout simple, effective and efficient.
  • STRAFFR band will be your personal and gym trainer with the expandable sensors with more than 50 exercises designed by personal trainer, STRAFFR band keeps you fit & healthy anywhere anytime.
  • STRAFFR band uses the Bluetooth connectivity and offers one month of battery backup with single charge and the app provide guidance for workouts.


Many of the adults are not engaging in the physical activities now a days which leads to weak muscles, bad posture and pain because of their work with the business meets on the road or managing the kids down for nap or increasingly busy up the life hard to squeeze anything to working out.

STRAFFR is your gym and personal trainer to go which is a smart resistance band like no other, their patent pending technology featured with the unique expandable sensors that makes working out very simple, effective and personalized.

STRAFFR Compact design mean you to exercise anywhere and anytime, the resistance band automatically links to the STRAFFR app which offers a variety of personalized workouts. The App records the power, velocity and repetition of the session providing you with real-time feedback and post-training analytics the active corrective feedback acts as personal trainer for perfect execution.

STRAFFR Smart resistance band can train you more effectively and efficiently anywhere anytime to help you achieve your fitness goal with over 50 exercises designed by personal trainers and physiotherapists such as stretching and strength training their training plans adapts to the fitness levels so that you can have a truly personalized experience and the smart technology follows your lead more intensity to improve your posture, get stronger and feel better.

Problem solving by this product


STRAFFR resistance band is quite different from the normal traditional bands with the whole band as a sensor which doesn’t need any weight lifting and more space to workouts, with the STRAFFR resistance band you can workout anywhere anytime.

STRAFFR resistance band is great for hundreds of exercises for full body workouts and the band will be your personal and gym trainer no need to spend huge money for the gym and workout materials.

STRAFFR band has the cutting edge design made with silicone which is durable and long lasting with the grip marks on the band provide guidance for perfect hand placements, STRAFFR helps you to achieve your personal fitness goals and the personalized workouts to fit your professional career along with the fitness analysis in real-time.

Their STRAFFR app provides you more than 50 exercises which are designed by the personal trainers with the workout bubble showing the speed of your exercise with indications and the load you are performing along with the repetitive sessions with live audio feedback.

STRAFFR band will long last for one month workouts with single charge and comes with two different strengths to meet the preference of all people.

Detailed specification


STRAFFR resistance band will be your personal and gym trainer that perfectly suits your schedule in life which makes the workouts very simple and personalized anywhere and anytime, the whole band is a expandable and stretchable sensor.

With STRAFFR resistance band there will be no more reasons to skip the physical workout which keeps you healthy all the time, the resistance band just need a little floor space and you can have your full body workout.

STRAFFR resistance band is great for hundreds of exercises for all muscles to train your whole body without lifting weight machines. The STRAFFR resistance band is well designed in compact manner and made with medical grade silicone with the cutting edge integrated smart material with the patent pending technology which features the unique sensors makes your workout safer, smarter and simple.

STRAFFR resistance band has the live action feedback and provide guidance for workouts for starters through the app and make sure every workout counts to achieve your fitness goal with 50 exercises which are personally designed by the trainers, the STRAFFR app records the progress along with the velocity and power of your session.

STRAFFR App offers personalized workouts to follow you’re the fitness analysis configured with the best training plans for the fitness levels so that you can truly experience the smart technology following the lead and comes with the adaptive training plans as your fitness and ability improves you can increase the resistance level by changing the grip.

The live feedback screen of the STRAFFR App will show you the guidance exercise video along with the live audio feedback with the working progress with load and session repeater and the target fitness with the indications when the exercise is executed too fast or too slow.

The STRAFFR resistant band comes in two different strengths one is medium and the other is strong in order to provide the workout experience for all the users with the enhanced battery backup system which will last longer for whole month when charged once.

This STRAFFR resistance workout band is priced at $100 for the early bird sale and the pro package is priced at $191 for the early bird sale.

Plan for launch

The Idea of the STRAFFR resistance band started in 2018 June with the design & development in September. The resistance band is selected for the government fund in December for prototyping. The Hype acceleration for the resistance band started in 2019 March and the product refinements are done in May.

The STRAFFR Application for the iOS is started with BETA testing in 2019 June and fulfilled with complete features in 2020 May. The Preseries production will begin in May with the initial production in June and App release in July and the product will be shipped to the customers in the later quarter of the year.

Company details

This smart resistance band is developed by the company called STRAFFR which is founded in the year 2017. The company headquarters is located in Kassel, Germany. Stefan Weiss and Hanno Storz are the Co-Founders of the company. They all have passion of sport but they realized how difficult in the busy world which clears the path towards the idea of the STRAFFR resistance band.

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