steve jobs wisdom

Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple Computers died while being a billionaire. He had a asset worth up to 7 BILLION DOLLARS. With only 56 years of age he was diagnosed with liver cancer. While on death bed this was his last word.

In the eyes of other life is a wonderful successful life… but apart from work.I’m happy, very happy, and finally. wealth is just the truth in life, just the one style I have.

He also mentioned that “Right now. when I sleep in bed, sick and remember all the past life.I realize that the reputation and money that I have doesn’t have any value to me. With When I’m close to the end of this life.”

This can be very important life lessons for everyone of us. This does not matter which background we are, what are we doing to live our life. But everyone of us has a same goal is to live our life with fullest potential. You may hire someone to drive you to sit. You may hire someone to make money for you, but you can’t rent someone to carry a sickness for us. We might find cuddle things… but there’s one thing we can’t find when we lose it. That’s – “life”.


With Steve Jobs life, his level of achievement this is a very important lesson for us that you should take good care of yourself and rejoice with others. When we are getting older, we will be smarter and we will gradually remember this points.

Watch, no matter the price of a $30 each (about 2,000 Rupees) or a $300 each. (about 21,000 Rupees) – both will show you the same time.

Whether we carry a bag for $30 (about 2,000 Rupees) or a $300 each (about 21,000 Rupees) – the amount of money in the wallet is still the same.

No  matter, we will drive a car for $150,000 (about 1Crore) or a car for $ 30,000 (about 21 Lakh) the road and the distance is still the same. We can reach the same destination.

If we have a bottle of wine for $300 (about 21,000 Rupees ) or a bottle for $ 10 (about 700 Rupees) drunk and walk the same posture.

If our house is 300 sqm and size 3,000 sqm, it’s lonely as well if you don’t have friends and family.

Happiness from the inside is not from the things in the world. whether it is flying, first class or save class, if the plane falls, we fall together. So, I hope you understand that when you have a friend or someone to talk to – that’s a true happiness!

5 things we can’t deny

  1. Don’t teach your children just about rich, but teach them to be happy – when they grow up, they will know the value of things… not just a matter of price.
  2. Eat food as medicine… otherwise, you will have to take medicine instead of food.
  3. Whoever loves you really won’t abandon you… even though there are hundreds of thousands of reasons to leave you, but he will find the only reason to stay.
  4. It has a very clear difference between being human and being just a person.
  5. If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, let’s go together. (African proverb)

And at the end of this. All 6 of the best doctors in the world are

  1. Sunlight – sun
  2. Rest – rest
  3. Back – workout
  4. Diet – food control
  5. Self confidence – self-confidence
  6. Friends – friends


Keep these things good in every phase of life and be happy with a healthy healthy life.No matter what life you are in now, when time passes,we have to face the day the curtain of life we have shut down. Cherish the love for the family, love to the spouse ,love for the mass.

Take good care of yourself, rejoice to others.