StepTwin Bike – Bionic Folding Bike

Bikes that helps you stay fit in a good way.

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  • The StepTwin Bike is a foldable bike which can be folded easily and compactly and can be carried around easily due to its light weight material.
  • The StepTwin Bike uses a drive system which allows the pedals to move up and down to mimic the movement of walking and running to maintain the fitness of the users.
  • The StepTwin Bike has a 5 gear system which allows the users to enjoy their riding experience and be more comfortable in any terrain.

In today’s world when people are moving more and more towards electronic and fuel based modes of transportation, it has become very difficult for them to maintain their personal fitness. The StepTwin combines the comforts of riding a bike and walking or running to provide its users with the perfect bike that increases the mobility of the users and keeps them healthy at the same time. The bike provides a fluid 5 gear mechanism. The pedals on the bike are designed to move up and down rather than moving in a circle to provide the users with a better sense of walking or running.

The bike is stiff and durable enough to carry you around but at the same time it is also portable and light for you to be able to carry it around by simply using the outstanding folding mechanism of the bike. The bike fits inside a small carry bag provided and is light enough to be carried anywhere you like.

Problem Solving By The Product


The best part of the bike is the mobility it provides to its users. Many people avoid using bikes because the get tired and just prefer to run if as it helps them stay fit better than a regular bike. But, the StepTwin bike provides its users with a pedal system going up and down to mimic the movements of running and walking. So, while helping you getting to a location easily, this bike also helps you stay fit in a good way. Also, the normal bike need you to give in a lot of effort in them if you have to move. But, the StepTwin provides a best in class folding feature in it which helps you to fold it easily. The folding becomes very useful when combined with the light weight material of the bike, making it very much portable to be carried around easily. All you have to do is fold the bike in and take it wherever you need it.

Detailed Specifications

The StepTwin bike dials up your riding experience to another level. The Dual Bionic String Drive technology used in the bike helps you enjoy a comfortable ride. The pedals each while moving up and down, both have a separate built-in drive system. The users have an option to use and operate both the pedals differently or together as they like. The pedals are designed to go up automatically and pushing them down allows the bike to move forward. This also helps establish a walking motion with the pedals that gives the users a new variety of fitness management.


The StepTwin bike has a 5 gear drive system. The first gear providing the maximum power and the fifth providing the maximum speed and smoothness to the user. The Unique String and Chain Drive system allows the users to have a smooth and silent experience of biking without the need for a circular pedal motion. The independent pedal control prevents the users from muscle strains obtained by the motion of the pedals controlled by the speed of the bike. Both the legs can move comfortably and individually so that you can rest each of them at any point you want. The bike provides the users to exercise and stay fit, especially targeting the muscles in hips, legs, thighs, etc.

The special mechanisms of the bike ensure that all your power goes into directing the pedal down and none of that is wasted. The complete force you put into the pedals go into moving the bike further. The smooth functioning of the chain drives do not let any of the power go to waste. The size of the bike is also adjustable to various heights of people. The bike can provide you with various heights so that you can adjust your biking style accordingly to your needs. You can choose to put as much effort as you need to maintain the sense of comfort and fitness to your biking experience.


The size of the handle of the bike can be in the range of 37 to 52 inches and the seat can go from 37 – 45 inches accordingly to the comfort of the rider. One of the best features of the bike is its portability. The bike can fold in to a size of 21.6 x 23.0 x 12.2 inches. The bike does not need any external tools to be folded or unfolded. The user can fold or unfold the bike in just 20 seconds with their hands. The bike is also made up of durable Hi-Tensile Aluminium and Titanium frame. Weighing only 7 kgs or 15.4 lbs, the bike is completely portable along with being durable.

Plans for Launch


The idea for the StepTwin bionic folding bike was generated back in 2017 by the team. The team worked on the idea continuously with the research and development and came up with more than 10 prototypes before finalizing one. They started testing the finalized frame for quality control and other aspects. The company launched their product through Indiegogo in late 2019. The Company was very successful with the crowdfunding and have begun tools and mass production for the bike in the starting winter of 2020. The company is looking forward to ship the bike by early part of spring 2020 to its customers.

Company Details

The StepTwin bionic folding Bike is developed and distributed by the StepTwin Company. The company aims at providing the users with products that combine their fitness needs with the ease of comfort they deserve. The idea of the StepTwin was generated by the capable team behind the Company to achieve a device which would combine the mobility and comforts of a good bike to the fitness provided by a good walk or a run. The Company recognized the importance and innovation behind the idea and began working on it instantly. They came up with the bike after 10 trials. This proves the hard work and efforts the company is prepared to put in to provide its users with the best quality machines.