Speedvagen GTFO Ready Made Bike For Your Next Mountain Biking

speedvagen gtfo
  • Speedvagen GTFO bike design is modern and elegant
  • Speedvagen GTFO related to sport, training, solitude, fun and being outdoors
  • Speedvagen GTFO has the balance and perfect fit

A product which has been optimized around the idea of 24-hour overnights for those weekend bike camping trips and day long biking events, the Speedvagen GTFO is all you need for your next biking trip. This ready made bike has taken optimization of the bike space and its utility to the next level.

It is the most capable and adaptable platform from the house of Speedvagen which promises to squeeze every inch out of the life. Going through those rough terrains and treacherous trails, the GTFO with its system has got you all covered: now, you can carry all things you need with you with ease.

Speedvagen GTFO

The Speedvagen GTFO is one of a kind ready made bike which can be used in a wide-ranging terrain from rough trails to the professional race tracks. This has been made possible by using some of the most exquisite materials in making of the bike: best quality stainless steel, best in class tire sets and even more robust wheels and handlebars.

The design of the bike is modern and elegant and sure, will be to liking of many. The bike is priced in a slightly higher price category but does not fail to deliver what it promises, hence, making a unique blend of quality and robustness.

Speedvagen GTFO

The GTFO from the house Speedvagen exactly embodies the mission statement of the company: It has the balance and perfect fit. Moreover, the exciting upgrades going with it are sure to turn some eyeballs towards the bike.

Problem solved by the product

Speedvagen brands GTFO as something not only related to sport or training but something to be associated with solitude, fun and being outdoors. The product is an expansion from the Urban racer platform, be it that gravel event in which you can ditch the bags and its ready to race or be it commuting to work with essentials, it has got you all covered.

It has the unique ability to become what a rider makes of it and this becomes possible as it is easily modifiable. It is comfy, easy to carry around, has multi-spaces for you to carry your stuff. Hence, a bike you have been needing and wanting from long.

Detailed description

The Speedvagen GTFO is the new entrant in biking from the house of Speedvagen. The bike is equipped with all new space and utility optimization techniques. It ships ready to be taken for those undiscovered rough trails to those tracking events in your city.

Speedvagen GTFO

The bike embodies the spirit of free and openness in design. The company believes in using high-end and robust materials, details in design and execution making the way for an incredible ride.

1. Built-up and size: Coming in three stock sizes, the GTFO have Easton AX70 wheels and WTB Venture 650b x 47c tires that go along with it. Both of them are made to sustain in all types of conditions ranging from rough to urban. The fork used in the bike is the Rodeo Labs Spork 1.2. The bike (in both, normal and pro version) is of single speed.

  1. The Rodeo Lab Spork is made up of Carbon and has bottle cage mount on the side for carrying your much-needed fluids. This fork is standard on all models of GTFO as it has a large clearance and brake routing.
  2. Speedvagen tubes are 4 to 6 times stronger than industry standard associated with a speed bike. The steel used is also the best in class, with modern alloys strengthening it further. Hence, it has been made lighter weighing up to 13lbs or 6kgs.

2. Design: The GTFO has been designed to suit your purpose while being both modern and elegant. It is available in the iconic Matte Army Green option (though you can get your customized colour for $350). The Saddle is Scoop Ti rails fabric and has ample space for your everyday carry. Even the grips are fabric made and premium in look and feel.

3. One Speed: As they are easy to manage, with gear clamp and EBB switch for the cog make it the go to mode for the GTFO.

4. Bags: Porcelain Rockets and Andrew the Maker have associated with Speedvagen for manufacturing of specific bags like the fork mount bags, frame bag and saddle bags. These are available in an array of colours. This will cost the customer an $ 420 upgrade.

5. Integrated Lightning System: Schmidt SON generator hub is being used to generate the Sinewave Beacon light. It has 2 brightness modes, a 5-minute stand light, can be powered by an external battery and has a USB charging port on the back. The Lighting Package is a $ 2550 upgrade (with Zipp rims).

6. Gear upgrade: You can even customize the gear box in the GTFO with the stock geared package, the Shimano XT 1x gears. This upgrade will cost you $500.

7. In the Package: Ready Made GTFO bike. Weight: up to 6 kg.
8. Pro Version: The pro version of the GTFO bike consists of Zipp 303 650b wheels and certain design upgrades making for more elegant eye view. The headset and Cog have been designed by Chris King.

Plan for launch

Speedvagen launched GTFO, yet another ready-made bike for a base price of $ 4895.00 and while the pro version costs $6895.00
It was launched in the year 2018.
You can read more about it here: https://www.speedvagen.com/ready-made-gtfo

Company details

The company Speedvagen is a steel race bike maker based out of Portland, Oregon in the USA.
They describe themselves as a collaboration of master fabricators, world class mechanics, expert painters, leather and metal workers. The design philosophy followed by them is that of “Balance” i.e. no single detail outweighs another. The company products are built on the foundation of “Fit Matters, Balance, Quality products”.