SPACE 3D – Easy To Use, Most Affordable 10.1in SLA 3D Printer

  • SPACE 3D print volume has a maximum print size unit of 215 x 135 x 200mm which is larger than the general 3D Printers.
  • The SPACE 3D is one of the most affordable SLA 3D Printers currently available in the market.
  • SPACE 3D comes already with 5 Material options available for the convenience of printing.

The normally used 3D printers compatible for homes and basic offices are of the Fused-Filament Fabrication (FFF) type. This is because of its easy to use, convenient, quick and efficient printing and produces strong parts. Although the FFF printers are convenient the industrial and the financial markets prefer the Stereo-lithographic SLA 3D Printers. This is mainly because of its ability to print Finer Details and different types of materials.

Moreover, the LCD based SLA Printers provide with an interface which allows you to control the materials and the details more easily during printing. The SPACE 3D is one of the most affordable SLA 3D Printers currently available in the market. This is specifically because of its wide variety of the materials and the finer control over the details.

Problem Solving by the Product

The SLA 3D printer leaves the other general printers of the normal as well as its own kind with the creative and efficient large and affordable design. It solves all the problems that you could possibly have with the basic 3D Printers used in the homes and also is very cost effective. It can print the 3D models with the details that no printer in its price range can offer. It offers a customizable print material to produce parts that are soft as well as hard just as the need specifies. The SPACE 3D SLA printer can efficiently produce various units with tremendous details larger than the general types. You don’t even have to worry about the print going wrong as the printer allows you to control your print with its 10.1” LCD Display.

Detailed Specifications


The SPACE 3D print volume has a maximum print size unit of 215 x 135 x 200mm which is larger than the general 3D Printers. Along with the large size print unit, the LCD Screen also allows you to have full view and control of your print with the resolutions of 2560 x 1600 pixels inside the 10.1” display. The display resolution yields an XY resolution of 85 micrometers and Z resolution as 10 micrometers with the layer thickness being 25-100 micrometers. The printer uses an inbuilt Ultra-Violent LED to cure the resin being used in the printing.

The printer’s outer body is mostly made up of plastic which gives it an attractive view and the inner parts and printing mechanism mostly include either Aluminum or Stainless Steel. The SPACE 3D SLA Printer has a printing speed faster than the general 3D printers of 40mm/h. This is almost double than the general speed of printing used in the modern printers. Every detail can be monitored and controlled with the 3.1” Touchscreen control display.


The materials for printing can also be customized as per the needs. The SPACE 3D comes already with 5 Material options available for the convenience of printing. These initial 5 Materials include Tough, Washable, Elastic, Toughness and Castable material to print as per the convenience. The company also allows you the convenience to use other third party materials in the SPACE 3D printer which are convenient with it. This vast customizable setup allows you to print almost anything you want to print, whatever and whenever you need.


The SPACE 3D SLA Printer is unique in its class because of its portable design which is lighter as compared to other SLA 3D Printers, weighing only 10 kilograms. It provides the user with a preview of the print before the actual printing. You can provide the model you have to print with a USB drive easily.

The Packaging with the printer also includes a lot of useful accessories. These include a Power Adaptor, a stainless steel shovel, a plastic shovel, a USB Flash drive, a funnel, Latex Protective gloves and a Hex Wrench. All these accessories together make your printing experience even easier and convenient.

The printer has an overall dimensioning of 356 x 420 x 500mm which in itself houses all the needed entities. The 2K industrial level LCD is mounted above the build volume of 215 x 135 x 200mm. The resin vat lies below the Printing space which can easily be swapped between the materials and adding new materials is also easy with the provided funnel. The printer in itself houses a Multi fan cooling system to cool the prototype being printed so that you don’t get any harm from it. The 3.5” Touch Screen control enables you to control the functioning of the printer which runs basically on the CHITUBOX software.


With all these provided facilities provided, printing any model becomes much easier. All you have t do is prepare the soft file in the CHITUBOX software on any computer. Transfer it through a USB in the printer and chose the file and look at the preview. Pour in the resin and start printing. And just with these easy steps you will be provided with the print you need in your hands.

Plans for Launch

The initial idea for the SPACE 3D SLA printer started way back in June 2018 with the motive being building an affordable, convenient and small size easy to print SLA 3D Printer which can be accessed by almost everyone. The Research and Development team worked on it for more than a year after coming forward with the first prototype in June 2019.

The Pilot Production of the product started in October 2019 with the launch finally happening in December 2019. The product was launched through various platforms including Kickstarter and Indiegogo and received a lot of positive backing. The funding period was very successful and lasted for 45 days from December 4 to January 18. The company has plans to start shipping the product in February of 2020.

Company Details

The SPACE 3D SLA Printer has been brought to life and developed by the 123Dimension Team. The 123Dimension is an electronics company which aims at building better electronic equipment which can be brought to use of the normal people. The founder of the Team, Lion Chen has been the project leader on the SPACE 3D along with Chen Liang Peng as the Head of Engineering.

The Marketing manager being Hu Gang and the Mechanical and Circuit Design Engineer being Zhong Yun Teng and Hu Liang. All of these people have worked very hard in building and developing the SPACE 3D along with the Assistant Engineer Zeng Qing Yi. All of them have handled their responsibilities very well and provided the world with the invention that could help many.