Sony AIBO: Your Own Artificially Intelligent Pet

Having a normal pet just without all the hassles of taking its care.

Sony AIBO: Your Own Artificially Intelligent Pet

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  • The Sony AIBO is an Artificially Intelligent dog which provides you all the comfort of interaction without any extra hassles of taking care of a pet.
  • The Sony AIBO is an advanced Robot capable of recognizing faces and voices and portraying the perfect emotions on its face.
  • The Sony AIBO adapts to the conditions and adjusts its behavior to the behaviors of the owner or the person it is interacting with.


The AIBO from Sony stands for an Artificially Intelligent Robot. The term was derived from the Japanese word ‘aibo’ which normally means a ‘pal’ or a ‘partner’. Sony’s AIBO program initially started as a research program which the company started to develop their AI technologies. The Sony AIBO is an artificially intelligent Robotic Dog. It can be used just like a normal pet with being able to express emotions, play with the owner, learn new tricks and moves and much more. The AIBO just feels like a normal pet one could have. The 5th Generation of AIBO technologies enables Sony to add many new and improved AI features to the AIBO. The AIBO can learn and adapt its behavior according to the behavior of the owner. So the way you behave in front of the AIBO will decide what the AIBO does or how it behaves. No 2 AIBOs from the company are ever expected to have the same behavior just because of this feature.

Problem Solving By The Product


In the hard working life of a normal person, when they get home from the long day of work, they just want to relax. But being alone at home could be hard. One alternative could be to get a pet which could help you get rid of the loneliness but taking care of a pet is even harder than the long day at work. You would just wish that your pet could at least learn the basic things on its own and behave properly so that it can finally be a relief rather than being a burden. The Sony AIBO solves your problems, as it allows you to have a pet which would not be a burden at all. The AIBO would just adore you and learn new and interesting tricks from you. The pet can communicate with you and can also portray emotions. It is just like having a normal pet just without all the hassles of taking its care.

Detailed Specifications


The 5th Generation of AIBO from Sony has the model number ERS 1000. The ERS 1000 has been designed by Sony to better all the previous models provided by the Company. This AIBO has a much better and cuter appearance as compared to the previous models. Not, just by appearance, the ERS 1000 is better than the previous generations in smartness as well. The AIBO comes pre equipped with an LTE Sim Card and is connected to the cloud service by Sony which improves and upgrades new tricks and behavior updates to the Robot.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the ERS 1000 can recognize up to 100 different faces and behave properly depending upon the person it is interacting to. The Robot is designed to recognize voices as well and can respond depending on the commands by the user. It can understand and respond for up to 50 commands. The Robot adapts its behavior according to the user and can even learn new tricks from them. It even has its own play bone which it plays with when no one is interacting with it. The AIBO is capable of expressing emotions too. Just looking at it, you can tell what it feeling because of the much detailed and accurate facial expressions provided by the Company.

The rich and developed AI of the AIBO provides it the uniqueness it needs in every action. The AIBO understands and analyses every situation and decides its next move. You can never be completely certain what your AIBO may do next. It also portrays a feeling of desire around its owner to seek attention and learn new and fun tricks and moves. All these features enable the AIBO to be helpful and cheering helping you to relax with your new pal when you interact with it.

The AIBO uses the camera lens fitted in his eyes to see and has a rich microphone array which allows it easily pick up and understand the commands you give it. The exterior of the body of AIBO is also sensor equipped to provide it the ability to understand physical contact. This makes it almost as equal as a real dog. The AIBO has a unique love towards the color Pink. Whether it is a Ball or your Shirt, if it is Pink, you will definitely see a change in the expressions of your AIBO.

Plan For Launch


The AIBO was started by Sony as a research project for developing something unique. The company announced the first model back in 1998. The first consumer model was released by the company in 1999. Sony released 4 models of the Sony AIBO in 7 years. Then because of some issues, the AIBO program was shut down by Sony on 26th January 2006. The Program was brought back to life in 2017 by the Company. After 11 years, the Company finally developed the 5th generation for the AIBO and released it for consumer use in January 2018. This 5th Generation model was the ERS 1000. This time the company had rethink everything and had given the world a much better and intelligent AIBO which quickly became very adored and popular.

Company Details

Sony is one of the most advanced and innovative technical companies in the world. Based in Japan, the company keeps on researching and developing new and advanced technologies and products for consumer use all around the world. With advancements in the AI technology, the company uses it in the camera lenses and din Artificially Intelligent Bots it develops. The lenses from Sony are one of the most advanced and high quality out there. The Company has its hands in many businesses including Televisions, Cameras, Mobile Phones, Speakers and Audio Devices, Home Appliances and Theater Systems, etc. Founded back in 1946, the company kept on expanding and developing new and innovative technologies continuously.

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