SMOVE: Smartphone Stabilizers & PowerBank to Capture Stable Video

  • Smove is all in one smartphone gimble and powerbank together.
  • Smove can capture stable video with your smartphone.
  • Smove also has good power bank.

Have you ever had trouble recording videos on your mobile phone because your hand keeps shaking too much, it is hard to climb or descend the stairs while recording, or any other reason because of which the final video seems too jerky even though you tried too much to keep your hand stable? Yes one option to make the videos stable could be a nice stabilizer. There are a lot of stabilizers available in the market. Many of them are just too bulky or large.

Smove presents the new era stabilizers which not only provides with a stable video recording but a ton of features. All these features can help you to record videos on your mobile device like professionals even if you are just one of the rookies in the field.

Problem Solving by the Product

This is no surprise that recording a video using a mobile phone drains too much of the battery. Thus the new era of stabilizers by Smove brings the ease of charging your mobile phone while recording along with stabilization.

This comes too handy when you are in a park and want to capture the moments but your phone’s battery is low or the terrain does not allow you to record the video with much ease.

Even if you are alone and want to record a video of yourself while doing some activity, it is very hard to do it with the front camera. Smove helps with that too. With its inbuilt Facial recognition feature, the device would follow you in whichever direction you move to always keep you inside the frame without any external guidance by anyone. All you have to do is set it up at a place and hit record. It’ll take care of the rest.

Along with the above mentioned features, the device is yet very portable and not bulky at all. Moreover it is too small that it can fit right into your pocket. All those features and such small and compact size is what makes Smove the stabilizer of the next gen.

Detailed Specifications

The Smove mobile comes in itself with endless features packed in it. Let’s start with the perfect and well-designed axes and smooth video recording experience. The roll axis is a smooth 360 degree rotatable in either direction to help you out.

The axis is extensible and can be set up at a location with the help of the mini tripod attached in the bottom. The mobile phone holder is capable of holding a wide variety of mobile phones and is very much adjustable according to your ease.

It can hold mobile devices from 3.6 inches up to 6.0 inches which is the range which covers almost all there is about mobile phones.

Source SHutterbug

The Smove comes with the Pro Axis 3 stabilizers which help improve the Gimble performance to a professional level. Moreover the hand grip is well crafted to perfectly match the shape of your wrist and provide you with a comfortable experience all over with the device.

The smart motion sensors come equipped with a Gyro sensor and also allows you to reprogram the Motion Lapse of the videos you are recording.

The button controls help you control everything at your fingertips and the pan wheel can help you to move the mobile phone smoothly to any desired direction or zoom in or out.

The Smove device is helped by the multipurpose mobile application which helps with many of the operations of the Smove device. It has a camera control application which in itself consists of smart 3D sensing which allows it to follow a face or an object around and record its actions keeping it in the frame and maintaining the smoothness of the video at the same time.

It can also shoot pictures at a 180 degree to a 360 degree panorama and they too are just perfect. All you have to do is click and the wireless connectivity between your mobile device and the Smove device through Bluetooth does the rest.

Now comes the most important part. The part which differentiates the Smove with other devices of its kind. The inbuilt powerbank. The 5200 mAh capacity powerbank can keep your device on for hours at a full charge which may be enough for you to capture everything you need.

The adjustable width and lengths of the handle help you connect the phone to the powerbank perfectly. The USB connectivity helps with connectivity of almost every mobile phone. This feature helps you a lot.

At a working current of 0.3 to 3.0 Amps and a voltage of 3.2 to 5.0 Volts is adaptable to any kind of mobile device. So no matter what device you are using, there is always a helpful buddy Smove to help you record videos perfectly and it fits in your pocket too.

Plan for Launch

The Smove has originally been available through Indiegogo at a reasonable price in September of 2016. The product once ordered will be shipped out in December 2016 and then into the hands of the customers.

Thereafter you can also order it now from the official website of Smove which has the product demands fulfilled by the company itself. There have been several variations in the Smove device but all the versions are just one better than the other and all helpful too.

Company Details

The Smove Company has provided the world with a next generation of smartphone gimbals. Not only acting as a video stabilizer but also as a powerbank which can keep charging your mobile phone while recording videos was indeed a simple yet innovative design which will prove helpful to many novice recorders capture their shots perfectly and with ease.

Surely this innovative design will incite many other companies to keep thinking and come up with more and more innovations to keep up with the ever-changing present and prepare for the future. The Smove’s ease of use, portability and well defined controls help a lot when the difficulties of today are considered.