SLIMQ – Smallest 65W GAN Multiport Charger Can Charge 1000 Times Faster

Smallest and most affordable 65W adapter made of GaN Technology.

SLIMQ Charger
Source from Indiegogo Campaign.
  • SLIMQ is GaN Technology Powered Charger.
  • SLIMQ can charge many of laptop models easily.
  • SLIMQ is available in Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo.


he power adapters are almost same from last decades. They are still bulky and heavy weight. While all other semiconductor devices has been growing slimmer. With the latest innovation with GaN technology we can reduce the size of the semiconductor. While this technology is helping the other devices like LED etc to reduce their sizes. But now this can be working same way for the Power devices also.


The Gallium Nitrate is very growing material in designing power electronics and LEDs. This can be also used in the RF components. GaN has really good potential as replacement technology of semiconductor materials.  Electrons can flow 1000 times faster through the GaN than the Sillicon. The cost is also lower to manufacture at a lower cost than silicon.


This product SLIMQ is designed by Homing Systems, USA. In the current development they are going to launch with 65W adapter and 45W adapter. SLIMQ works as replacement charger of Laptops which has basic Type-C Charging system. All major brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Microsolft models with the Type C charger support can use the SLIMQ as a charging system.

Source HomeSystems Campaign on Indiegogo

SLIMQ – TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS,w_695/v1566463102/fqh85tlk3z0swy4hqctk.jpg

Size Length 2.56 inch or 65 mm.

Width : 1.30 inch or 33 mm.

Surge Protection Yes
I/O over current Protection Yes
Over voltage Protection Yes
Anti ripple, anti electromagnetic protection Yes



The company Homing Systems started an Indiegogo campaign recently to take pre-orders from the users. They will start shipping products globally from end of September. You can find the below link to access the campaign.

Indiegogo Campaign Link