SlimQ F100 Insane 100W GaNFast Charger

World’s smallest 100W GaN charger with PFC.


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  • SlimQ F100 is the world’s smallest fast charger that can delivers 100W power output which is compatible to all devices like laptops, tablets, smartphone, and earbuds. SlimQ is sleek, elegant unique design with compact size which is smaller than double mint.
  • SlimQ F100 has intelligent power distribution over four ports which can charger four devices simultaneously with two Type-C power deliver ports and two USB-A Qualcomm quick charge supported ports.
  • SlimQ F100 comes with new GaNFast technology which quickly charge your devices and keep them cool with complete PFC circuit and travel friendly with international converters.


There are many fast chargers available in the market which can quickly charger your devices but when it comes to portability laptop chargers are hard to carry and mobile fast chargers will slow down when they are heated and degrades the mobile battery and cannot charge multiple devices at once.

SlimQ F100 is the world’s smallest 100W GaN charger with PFC you can charge four devices simultaneously with one charger with more ports which are more powerful. SlimQ F100 is smaller than pack of double mint.

SlimQ F100 is sleek and elegant design which is easy to use and carry and that works globally with the charging plug converter and gives you worry free journey. SlimQ F100 works on all Type-C devices and compatible with almost all laptops that can fast charge all your devices.

SlimQ F100 can charger you iPhone in 30 minutes to 50% and many other Android devices more than 60% and stay cool all the time when you are charging with the new GaNfast technology which is 94% efficient.

SlimQ F100 is included with complete PFC circuit which helps in improving the power quality from 0.45 to 0.95 with the premium design and maximum utility and they also designed an extension cable.

Problem solving by this product


SlimQ F100 is the smallest fast charger that can deliver a power output of 100W which can all devices from earbuds to MacBook laptops. SlimQ F100 has four ports allows the charger to charge four devices simultaneously which replaces the mess of cables which are tangled on your tables.

SlimQ F100 comes with sleek, elegant unique design which is compact is size and smaller than double mint which makes the charger to fit perfectly in pockets and travel friendly across the world with international converters.

SlimQ F100 is compatible will all devices that uses the Type-C power port or even you don’t have a laptop with Type-C port you can use their specially designed 20 converters which works fine with all branded laptops.

SlimQ F100 can quickly charge your smartphone with the new improved GaNFast technology 50% in under 30 minutes for iPhone and more than 60% in Android phones which support Qualcomm’s quick charge.

SlimQ F100 has the intelligent power distribution which share the power to charge all the devices quickly and comes with all safety protections like over voltage, short-circuit and many more. Unlike other chargers SlimQ F100 doesn’t get heated after a while of charging the charger stays cool all the time with complete PFC circuit and 94% more efficient.

There is also extension cable support in the SlimQ F100 when you are unable to reach the socket.

Detailed specification


SlimQ F100 is the world’s smallest 100W fast charging device which using the next generation GaNFast charging technology with high power output to charger all of your devices from earbuds to MacBook laptops including phones.

SlimQ F100 is compatible with all fast charging devices as the charger supports fast charging protocols used in modern phones and laptops. SlimQ F100 has fours charging slots which helps in replacing multiple charges that create mess and tangles on your table or workspace.

SlimQ F100 is sleek and elegant unique design which is lightweight and convenient to be carried with you on the go and smaller than size of double mint which has a complete PFC circuit.

SlimQ F100 has two USB A ports and two USB-C ports which are PD ports that can deliver the power required even to fill the laptops like MacBook and works fine with all devices which uses Type-C power port even you don’t have laptop that has Type-C port they have developed 20 types of converting cables which are USB-C to your laptop port for fast charging.

SlimQ F100 can quickly charge your devices like iPhone can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes whereas Android phones will be filled up to 60% in the same time and even delivers the power required for the laptops up to 100W with intelligent power distribution that share the power across the USB-C and A ports with 100W and 30W respectively.

When you use SlimQ F100 sing USB-C port for laptops which can draw 100W and when you use both USB-C ports they will distribute like 65W and 30W. When you charge three devices you will get 45W, 30W and 24W respectively similarly when you plug in all the devices the power will be 45W, 30W and 15W from both USB-A ports.

SlimQ F100 is powered with the new GaNfast technology which is 94% more efficient in fast charging your devices safely and the charger comes with all safety features like over voltage protection, over temperature, overload, short-circuit and all form of leakage protection.

SlimQ F100 100W charger comes with complete PFC circuit which has a greater PF value of 0.95 to improve the power quality and can be used in anywhere in the world as the charger comes with the international plug converters and foldable prongs and the charger is also compatible with extension cords when you cannot reach the socket.

Power 100W
Circuits GaN chip
AC Input 100V ~ 240V ~ 2A / 50-60Hz
Charging protocols PD 3.0 / QC 3.0 / QC 2.0 / Apple 5V=2.4A
DC output USB-A1 : 5V = 2A / 9V = 2A / 12V = 1.5A
USB-A2 : 5V = 2A / 9V = 2A / 12V = 1.5A
Type-C1 : 5V = 3A / 9V = 3A / 12V = 3A / 15V = 3A / 20V = 5A
Type-C2 : 5V = 3A / 9V = 3A / 12V = 3A / 15V = 3A / 20V = 5A
Dimensions 70 x 68.5 x 29 mm
Weight 205 grams
Operating temperature 320F – 1040F / 00 – 400C

SlimQ F100 100W fast charger is priced at $49 for early bird sale and $59 for IGG special.

Plan for launch


This SlimQ F100 smallest fast charger is made available to the market in the year 2020 April after the changes in the prototyping and design, the product will be shipped in later quarters of the year to their customer after manufacturing.

Company details

This SlimQ F100 world’s smallest 100W fast charger is developed by the company called Navitas which is a semiconductor company founded in the year 2014. Their mission is to achieve high speed in power electronics through power systems.

They made this possible with the invention of GaN chargers which increases the speed of charging to 100x and also helps in energy saving up to 40%. The company is founded by management team which has extraordinary track record in innovation products with the industry level achievements for 200 patents as the leading power semiconductor technologies.

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