Skill Board – Master The Art Of Balance For Your Next Game

Skillboard balance to master the art of balance

kill board is a sports equipment brand that makes balance boards for coordination and core-stability action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, scootering, skysurfing, street luge, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, running and cycling. These boards follow these games in that it is challenging, with unlimited opportunities to maintain balance and improve core strength. Skill Board founded in the West Valley City, Utah, United States of America. Adam Klosowiak and Ian Klosowiak are founders of an emerging sports brand, Skill Board. They made this board to mitigate balancing problems that occur in athletes and other sportspersons.

The Skill Board is a balance board for competitors who want to develop their performance and move their sports activity to the next stage. It is always extremely challenging, unlike many of the balance boards out there that become too simple after just a couple of days. The Skill Board will assist a person with coordination, strength, core, and fitness in other sports activities, but it is also incredibly challenging and rewarding on its own. It comes with two different versions according to the physical design and these are skill board – smooth, and skill board – grip.

Skillboard to practise the balance

Problem Solving By this Product

Whether we’re sitting in a chair, running on a treadmill, holding groceries, or even standing still, equilibrium is the key to everything we do. Everything returns to our ability to remain upright and focused, but balance does not always come easily.

A Skill Board is a board used for balance. It typically has a flat, hard surface on top with a soft and round ball at the bottom. It is mainly made up of wood. It is used not only in exercise settings but also in physical therapy and rehabilitation. People stand on the flat surface to establish or preserve equilibrium. In the end, users will look like a surfer on dry land when they stand on the balance board and stretch out their arms to remain balanced. Balance board exercises are considered low-impact, weight-bearing activities that may improve bone mass, which is essential to the prevention of osteoporosis. And these exercises can improve speed, bending, reaching, and turning ability that serves throughout each day.

Generally, there are major problems with other balance boards such as

  1. They are very easy to master.
  2. They have limited in the side-by-side area.
  3. Not a fair representation of sports.
  4. People sometimes get bored when using other balance boards.

The skill board provides solution to all these problems through:

  1. The 360 degree movement that makes Skill Board far challenging.
  2. People always get improvement in their balancing technique.
  3. It provides realistic motion to users.
  4. Everybody will enjoy it all the time.
  5. The quality of materials is also very reliable.
  6. Skill Board has the approval of the Olympian.

Walking on something above the street surface level or footpath will help children improve stability and coordination. Balance beams and other daunting structures encourage kids to work on their core strength and practice how to stable their bodies in response to changes in heights and directions. But at the same time, it can be more dangerous and children can also get hurt. The skill board is an option to develop balance and coordination for a playground with safety. It will help kids improve physical abilities such as coordination while developing their social skills as well. It is best to start with low levels so that children can gain the confidence and techniques needed to move on to balanced board.

Detail Specification with benefits

When riding a skill board, the whole body is engaged, from legs and ankles to heart and shoulders. It will help people to develop their body core – strength and also help to build balance. Users will feel an improvement in their reflexes, stamina, and skills.

Skill Board is a highly durable and reliable design board. It has an attractive logo engraved on the balance board. On both sides, it has a High-end skateboard grip tape that helps to avoid slipping. All edges are embossed for a smooth perfection view. It comes with the extra-reinforced nylon wound balls that are designed to not wrap from riding. These balls come with two different sizes and these are:

  1. Small ball, which is easier for learning. It has a diameter of 6.75 inches with a thickness of 0.5 inch and the weight is 0.31 kg. It helps to keep users closer to the ground, and a high-pressure wound rubber. It can easier for learning.
  2. Large ball, which is a standard size. It has a diameter of 8.5 inches with a thickness of 0.5 inch and the weight is 0.44 kg. It also has a higher intensity movement, and a high-pressure wound rubber. It can train balance faster.

The shape is designed and tested especially for the best ride. The skill board package includes a hand pump with an accurate pressure gauge that can be used to modify the difficulty level.

The size of the balance board is 36.5 x 19.5 x 0.5 inches and that weight is 3.1 kg. The board consists of 8 plies of superior maple wood compressed with high pressure, which is stronger and harder to break.

Balance with SKillFull

The skill board has two variant of boards according to the grip and these are:

  1. Smooth, it is intended for a barefoot athlete such as surfing. This is a standard skill board with a smooth wood finish.
  2. Grip, it is used with shoes such as skateboard grip and tape is added to the board for extra stability.

The ball compose of a reinforced durable rubber means an extra nylon winding that allows ball to keep its shape, no matter how much user ride. High-quality outer rubber creates a non-squeak quiet ride and lasts longer.

User can adjust the riding according to their confidence such as:

  1. For the learning, the ball must be soft and also doesn’t have to move, therefore pressure in the ball should be in the range of 2-3 PSI.
  2. The medium level that means practicing and staying on, here the ball must be soft and also rolls slowly, therefore pressure in the ball should be in the range of 4-5 PSI.
  3. The hard level that means moving back and forth, here the ball should be medium inflated and it will roll faster, therefore pressure in the ball should be in the range of 6-7 PSI.
  4. The Expert level that means showing off and very hard, here the ball should be fully inflated and it will give an immediate response, therefore pressure in the ball should be in the range of 8-9 PSI.

Editor’s Note

It is designed according to the purpose of athletes after several iteration and years of architecture. Maple plywood board has 8 laminated layers similar to a professional skateboard. The grain of the wood goes in straight directions to ensure that the board is strong in every direction.