SINEX – World’s First 3 in 1 Laptop case

Laptop Stand, bag and Hand rest in a single beautiful piece.

Sinex _ case
  • SINEX case is water proof and light weight to carry along with you without any discomfort.
  • SINEX case is water and splash proof, you could not bother about the any accidental spill over the case.
  • SINEX case is only 20mm thick and weighs about 420 grams not hard to hold and carry.

The SINEX 3-1 laptop product is also known as the Laptop problem resolver. Renowned for solving the general problems with the laptop. With its features, the name suggests that the 3 features as a Laptop case, Laptop Stand, Wrist Rest because these are the focused problems with the laptop users making their workspace complex with all these features provided by the product’s separately. This product offers you these features as a single unit rather than 3(as per cost and as per portability, space etc.) reduces your gadgets setup time and space in the sense of comfort.

This product was developed by SINEX which stands for supreme quality and brings new product to change the human’s life.

Key Usages

Laptop Case

We very well know that laptop cases are very necessary for us, to protect our laptop and carry them along with us and it’s also a primary necessity for the laptop users to protect their laptop from the accidental damages. The case bags (Carriers) might not be the water proof. The laptop cases don’t account for any additional features rather than protection.

This SINEX case is water proof and light weight to carry along with you without any discomfort. This case made up of the high-quality leather and offer you a great durability and litchi grain imprinted to have a good grip for the users.

Sinex - laptop Stand

To hold it, it is only 20mm thick and weighs about 420 grams not hard to hold and carry. It doesn’t use the zip or strap model for the opening of the bag because they might easily damage, they had gone for Strong Magnet which is long lasting on compared with those two. Which strongly holds the opening of the bag even in the heavy moment (shaking) of the bag.

The leather bag is water and splash proof, you could not bother about the any accidental spill over the case. The leather case doesn’t allow the water to go in which might damage the laptop.

Laptop Stands

It has the two different angles of elevation which offers you comfort according to the different occasions you use. The elevation indirectly proportional to the health. If there is no elevation it’s hard to use the keyboard and lean in posture to work and Pain in the wrist.

Laptop stands also serve’s for cooling purpose reduce the laptop temperature by elevating the laptop up to certain degrees. They are also known as cool pads in the market.


350-degree elevation for the, general work purpose and also cools the laptop by allowing the wind flow in the bottom gap from the laptop.

150-degree elevation angle prevents the neck cramps (pain in the neck) by looking towards the laptop screen without elevation.

Some laptop stands covers the entire bottom of the laptop to hold them at certain height or in a certain angle but they don’t let the heat to flow out of the laptop which reduce the performance of the laptop and which also effects the lifetime of the product due to overheating.

There is built in laptop stand with elevations on the front side of the case with identifiable mark-ups you can easily unfold them and place them in 350 or 150 degrees.

No Abrasion & Great Heat Dissipation. Some laptop stand holds the bottom front of the laptop with a small clink which effects the edges of the laptop. But this don’t affect the edges while stuck in it since it is made up off the leather which is soft.

The space between the laptop and the case when elevated will help the laptop to dissipate the heat quickly and keep it cool all the time.

Wrist Rest

This is very useful features for the people who loves typing. They feel pain in the hand and also in the wrist and hand by the posture they are using the keyboard and mouse and make them feel pain. This gadget offers you the opening pad as the wrist rest to place your hand you can continue your work smoothly. Indeed, you need not to buy an extra wrist rest pad.



SINEX – Models

This product is available in various colors as you like to go with your own choices.

  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Beige

This product can accommodate multiple sized laptops such as up to 13”, 13.3”, 15”, 16” Laptops need not to worry that this product is specified to only particular laptops it can serve any model of laptops. The thickness remains same in every variant but the length and width vary according to the size you pick.

Price And Availability

The product is prices at the point $30. However, there are offers for the first limited products you can get 13/13.3” one for $29 and 15/16” for $32, which is very low when compared to the features that this product offers you. When you buy the products that serves the same features separately, it costs more than 60$ easily. Rather their setup is very hard occupying more space and difficulty in portability.

SINEX- Build Materials

They used PVC, Rubber and Fiberglass in building the product.

sinex -materials

SINEX – Cons

  • Till you have seen the advantages but everything has cons, this product should be carried with your hands only cannot be carried    like backpack.
  • If the magnets that holds the case loses its magnetic power then it might be a problem.
  • There is one component in some LCD screen where electron movement matter and might be affected by the magnets in the case provided.