SimpliSafe SimpliCam A Perfect Security Camera

Keeps an eye on your home 24/7.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam

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  • SimpliSafe SimpliCam has a stainless steel privacy shutter and status light and capable of capturing HD videos 24/7 with a single tap.
  • SimpliSafe SimpliCam has Night Vision and a Unique heat recognition algorithm that will identify objects and alert you when the cam detects any motion.
  • SimpliSafe SimpliCam has 1200 Field of view, audio & video and you can record live or past events and store them for free.


There are many cameras out there that don’t fully justify the purpose they are doing.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam is an intelligent indoor camera that serves the purpose that directly integrates with the system through the SimpliSafe App.

SimpliSafe Camera boats with 720P HD Resolution along with 1200 field of view and also has night vision, privacy shutter, and 24/7 HD video. That sends a notification when intruder and motion alters.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam keeps an eye on your home and alerts you when in trouble that detects motion so you can always see what’s happening and take action immediately.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam will record anytime at the push of a button and has 30 days of storage and you can download clips, you can see and hear anytime from any device.

Problem Solved By this Product


SimpliSafe SimpliCam keeps an eye on your home and monitors 24/7 with live HD video and audio from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Their app alerts you when the cam detects motion so you can actually see what’s happening there.

SimpliCam has smart motion detection that truly and accurately detects the motion without any wrong alerts, you can also record live and record after or before the detection to share to any police or neighbors.

They offer 30 days free storage and flawless streaming with 1200 and night vision helps to detect even during the nights without any worry, but the SimpliCam requires Wi-Fi.

SimpliCam operates mostly on any weather conditions and uses the secure algorithm which is 256bit bank-level encryption, while the app is available for both Android & iOS.

Detailed specification

This SimpliSafe SimpliCam is engineered to protect the people around them, more than 3 million people. This is our security camera 24/7 HD along with intruder and motion alerts.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam will keep an eye on your home all time and you can watch live HD video and audio anytime from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam alters you when the moment it detects any motion in front of the camera range and you can actually see what’s happening in real-time.

Smart motion detection in the SimpliSafe with intelligent sensors are calibrated to detect the unique heat signature among humans. SimpliCam is the best engineering that transforms the technology into something simpler.

With the SimpliCam you can capture the critical evidence, you can see what happened before, during or even after you camera detects activity. There is also an optional recording plan, share your footage with the police and neighbors.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam allows you to record anytime with a push of a button and offers 30 days storage along with download and share clips options. You can see what happens in the home.

SimpliCam has great field of view of up to 1200 with flawless streaming, you can see everything crystal clearly with HD resolution from any device.

This SimpliCam also has Night Vision so that you can safely rest in home even during night times as well, the cam requires Wi-Fi, you can also use the cam with outdoor kit.

SimpliCam has a weatherized wet suit to keep work in any weather condition from rain, snow and dust, plus a 25ft power cable, the camera keeps running all day and night & between -4 to 1140 F.

SimpliCam only alerts you only when there is a true movement with the problem solved camera-cried wolf problem in the other camera and their detection algorithm are calibrated to detect the unique human signature.

SimpliCam is made with stainless steel privacy shutter to give you complete control over your privacy. This privacy shutter only opens with your permission with 256 bank level encryption and the SimpliSafe app for both iOS and Android.

Dimensions 4.56 x 2.55 x 2.08 inches
Weight .33lbs
HD Video and Audio Yes
24/7 Live Streaming Yes
Free Motion Alerts Yes
Intelligent Motion Detection Algorithm Yes
App iOS & Android
Recording and Storage 30 days
High Power Infrared Led Cut Filter Yes
Millions of Colors Yes
End to End Encryption 256 bit
Frames 30 per sec
Warranty 3 years
Temperature 140 to 1040F

This SimpliSafe SimpliCam is priced at $99.

Plan for launch

This SimpliCam is launched in the year 2019 after completion of beta testing, they addressed the issue in the year 2017, this product will reach the customers home in later quarters of the year after the manufacturing process is completed.

Company details

This SimpliCam is developed by a company called SimpliSafe which changed fundamentally changed the US alarm Industry and pioneering a new way to make home the safest place on earth.

Founded in the year 2006 in Boston, this is the professional-grade monitored home security without any contracts and they protect over 3 million people.

Their teamwork for the goal to make every home secure with their innovative products.

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