SideTrak Monitors – Add a New USB Screen Portable Monitor Anywhere

Convert your single screen laptop to a dual screen device.

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  • The SideTrak Monitor is portable, useful and easy to install second screen which you can use with your laptop anywhere.
  • The SideTrak attaches to the back of the laptop through metal plates and magnets and connects to it through a USB-C or USB-A type cables with ease.
  • The SideTrak can rotate around its axis for your convenience and can also be used in portrait mode, depending on the requirements of the user.

The SideTrak Portable dual screen monitor allows you to conveniently convert your single screen laptop to a dual screen device and increase your productivity to almost double. The SideTrak Portable Monitor connects easily to your laptop and takes output through the USB-A or USB-C port conveniently so that you no longer need to have an extra HDMI or VGA cable with you for the purpose of having a video output. The portable dual monitor fits conveniently over any laptop size using magnets to connect to the back and the spectacular design lets the monitor slide out of the hinges and easily provide you with a second screen which you can use very easily.

Problem Solving By The Product

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Many people often have the need for 2 screens at a computer, especially if they work under editing, coding or various other types of jobs. Although they might easily get a setup for 2 monitors at their home but that is never much portable. If they are not at their home, they feel disconnected to their work. The SideTrak Portable Dual Monitor brings you just the device you’ll need. The SideTrak allows the people to easily add a convenient second screen. Although some laptops already provide a second screen, they are hard to manage and the second screen is very small with respect to the first one. The SideTrak on the other hand will give you almost the same experience with a second screen as you’ll expect with a dual monitor setup. All you have to do is attach the screen easily on the back of your laptop, any size, and slide out the screen to have the multi-screen experience at your disposal.

Detailed Specifications

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The main focus of the device, is its ability to be used conveniently as a second screen by any user without him putting too much effort or care in it. The SideTrak second screen can be easily attached at the back of your laptop with the help of metallic plates and magnets. Each of the four metallic plates is a 0.75 inch square and connects to the four corners of the back of your laptop allowing the screen to magnetically attach easily to it. This connection is very stable and durable. The device is powered with the help of a simple USB port on your laptop. The ports on the device are of USB-C to provide seamless and uninterrupted power transfer. The SideTrak consumes 4.5 Watt power. The device uses the Display Link Chipset DL – 4120.

When attached, the SideTrak can be turned on and is ready to operate. You just have to simply slide the screen out of the sliding hinge and you will get a new screen adjacent to your laptop. The screen on the SideTrak dual monitor display can be rotated across 270 degrees for your convenience. You can customize your work view accordingly to your needs. The second screen can also be turned to turn it into a portrait mode and use it conveniently for coding and other purposes easily.

Source – verge

The SideTrak dual screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 176 pixels per inch. The Aspect Ratio being 16:9. The response time for the operations performed on the SideTrak is 30 ms. The Brightness or Luminescence is 300 cd/m and the Contrast Ration is 800. The SideTrak second screen also provides a beautiful RGB 6-bit + Hi – FRC colour depth for the best colour and display experiences you may get.

The dimensions of the screen of SideTrak are 12.5 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches. The device weighs only 1.65 pounds making it very light as compared to a separate monitor. Being only 0.7 inches in diameter and 1.65 pounds in weight, the SideTrak second screen is very portable and can be taken anywhere you need very easily. When the hinges are completely slid out, the frame has a total length of 29.5 inches. This makes it suitable even for laptops with a 17 inch widescreen. The minimum size of the laptop that can easily support the SideTrak portable is 11 inch x 8.25 inch. This simply means, the SideTrak can manage work-ability on any regular laptop from 13 inches to 17 inches.

Plan For Launch


The SideTrak Company has been a group of focused and talented engineers and inventors who aim on making devices which would help a lot of people achieve their level of customization and freedom with any work they do without a lot of effort. On March 1, 2019 the company introduced the SideTrak Dual Screen Monitor Display which became very famous around the globe. The Company launched the product through many platforms including Shopify, Amazon, etc. The current batch of products from the Company at Amazon had been added on May 7, 2019. The Company also told a selected few people on social media about the launch of the product a week before the actual launch date just to gather the reactions from the public and the response simply blew them away.

Company Details

The SideTrak Company was started back in 2017 by the Stand Steady group. The Company when founded had their first idea as this innovative second monitor display for your laptop which provides you with increased work-ability and also maintains portability as well. The people at the company quickly started adding to the idea making this product possible. The company used concepts from several other devices such as jewellery boxes and others and combined them to create this innovative and new design for the SideTrak portable dual screen monitor. The parent company for the SideTrak, Stand Steady have been in the business for designing and developing various display integrals and ergonomic office products. It had received a lot of appreciation and awards from many designated sources including Amazon, The Washington Post, etc.