Shine Ultra – Portable Book Scanner For Your Office

Powered with 'Curve-flatten' Technology.Impressive fast scanning to scan a book in 10 Minutes



oday is a time where we are driven by technology and we want everything up and running as soon as it hits the ground. That means that there is no space and patience for things that take time to turn in our favor. For instance, no one looks for an incomplete product. Everyone enjoys a complete and fast service. However, technology has made it possible to make things compact, be it anything from our mobile phones to our homes. Alongside with compactness comes a ton of features which eventually reduce our work and facilitate our living. One such office appliance that has been around for a long time now, too has been minimized and in such a way that it can be carried anywhere. The device is the scanner and its compact, portable form is Shine Ultra.


Shine Ultra is a super-portable and multi-tasking scanner. A sequel to Aura scanner, this product brings a lot to the market. Not only it can scan pages without any effort, but it can also record videos and take pictures too. It serves the purpose of a lamp too with two LED lights provided on its panel. The device has a speed of scanning one page each second. That means you can scan an almost 300-page book in just a matter of minutes.


Shine Ultra has a foot pedal, which can be pressed when you want the scanner to scan. This feature allows to have hands-free operation and fast scanning. One of the many qualities of this product is that it ensures that you get no blurry scanned images. It has auto-focus and auto page-turning detection, allowing high quality scanned images to swoop right into your laptop. The scanner also removes any kind of fingerprints that are found while scanning a book.

The device can scan not only books but QR codes, bar codes, cards such as ID or visiting, passports, stamps and receipts. It can also scan any size of a book or a sheet via adjustable height. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Shine Ultra automatically crops the unwanted parts of a scan leaving a proper end product.


The main motive behind Shine Ultra is to replace the current scanners which are huge and cannot be carried around all the time. It provides portability and with portability, the overall efficiency of the product increases. The device also supports video recording, enabling one to display something on a big screen rather than just showing it on a small scale. This feature can be helpful in meeting, classrooms and conferences.

It has a huge advantage of minimized size over its previous version, Aura Scanner. The design is sleek and minimalist. The body is made with poly-carbonate plastic which promises strength alongside with durability. Shine Ultra also plays the role of a table lamp with 2 bright LEDs contributing in it. The brightness of the lamp can also be adjusted by turning it up or down as per requirements.


Features Shine Ultra

Shine Ultra has 13 full-sized megapixels and 340 DPI camera, which enables it to capture videos and snapshots simultaneously while scanning. It comes with a patented Curve Flattening Technology i.e. one doesn’t need to worry about curvy scans. The device will itself flatten the scanned image. Shine Ultra comprises of AI optimization, providing you with dynamic and rich colours on the scanned image. The weight of the product is just a kilogram, making it easier to carry it around. Shine Ultra is also adjustable.

The height of the main panel can be stretched up to 74 mm. It is fed with more than 180 languages. The images can be scanned, edited and be converted into multiple file formats such as PDF, Word document, searchable PDF and many more. Shine Ultra is extremely small and compact. It can be folded when not in use and this contributes to its easy portability. It bears two ports: one for connection to your laptop and another for the foot pedal. Four rubber feet it has so that it doesn’t slip off the surface you are keeping it at. The device works with an app which can be easily installed on any PC (iOS, Windows, Linux). The software is very smooth in terms of User Interface.



The CZUR Shine Ultra – Next Gen Portable and Powerful Scanner was put up on Indiegogo for funding in early December, 2019. The concept was presented in May 2017 and initiated in November 2018. Prototypes were built and distributed in 5 months or less. The goal set by CZUR was $10,000 (Hong Kong Dollar) but based on the company’s previous successful projects, the funding has moved way far from the goal. So far, the project has approximately 6500 backers with a massive amount of 6.1 million dollars (HKD). The trial production already started in October. The product is on sale on Indiegogo. The initial price was 99 USD and has now moved up to 129 USD. It can be bought in the sets of two, ten and thirty. The company also offers a splash-proof bag pack (PortaPack) worth 49 USD which can easily accommodate Shine Ultra. The whole package contains the scanner, USB Cable, a foot pedal, a black work-mat, instruction manual and a CD.


  • HEIGHT – 334.9 mm
  • WIDTH – 157.9 mm
  • DEPTH – 116.9mm
  • WEIGHT – 1KG
  • RESOLUTION – 4160×3120
  • IMAGE COLOR – 24 Bits
  • PRE SCAN – 0 Sec
  • OUTPUT – MP4, JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel.
  • USB – USB 2.0
  • OS – WINDOWS 7/10 and MAC OSX
    • Page Turning Detection and Auto Scan
    • Smart Tilt Adjustment
    • Auto Cropping
    • Combining multiple sides
    • Bar Code and QR identification
    • Business Card Identification
    • Finishing Damaged Pages
    • Generate PDF in Batch
    • Add Watermark
    • OCR with 180+ languages


CZUR is a China-based tech company which has the motto to produce such technologies that kill the inefficiencies at the workplace. The products that CZUR focus are mainly built to replace the overlooked part in offices. The company already flaunts its three products namely Aura Scanner, Shine Ultra scanner and M3000 Pro. CZUR has two workplaces. The R&D centre is established in Dalian city and the marketing and sales centre is in Shenzhen city. Innovation runs through the company and that has been proven with the design and efficiency of its products. Shine Ultra has won awards for its design by Red Dot (2018) and iF (2019).


So, in order to revolutionize and innovate your workplace, start with small things. Perhaps changing an appliance as small as a scanner will lead to an increase in productivity. Head out to Indiegogo and try Shine Ultra. Just a little investment towards minimalist future can bring a lot to one’s world.