Sensate Life-Changing Stress And Anxiety Reliever

World’s first wearable device that can track and reduces stress and anxiety.


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  • Sensate is the world’s first wearable device that track and reduce stress with the pebble shaped ergonomic design with the multi-frequency rich sounds that synchronize mind and body keep you calm and relaxed.
  • Sensate is easy to use with the app and plug in headphones which will activate the vagus nerve in the body and helps in improving blood pressure and heart rate with benefit of years of meditation without any experience.
  • Sensate need just 10 minutes a day to be placed on your chest that helps you to bypass the busy life and makes you feel relieved from anxiety and stress to keep your body balanced.


Everyone are victims to stress and with their tedious job moving all around and not getting even one hour for deep relaxation and meditation can feel impossible in today nonstop world and getting obsessed eventually braking their life of joy.

Sensate is the whole body experience combining game changing info sound resonance synchronized with engineered soundscapes which harmonizes the brainwaves to orchestrate your nervous system to be healthy and resilient mentally and physically.

Sensate is very simple to you, you just simply place Sensate on your chest bone pop on headphone over your ears and tap play on the app, then your mind-body connection will start to harmonize and synchronize from inside out to relieve from anxiety.

Sensate will activate your vagus nerve and levels up your body natural stress resiliency achieving the benefits normally associated with years in just 10 minutes of day. Sensate is clinically validated with the 98% response rate which is backed by acres of hard science meditation with a twist.

Problem solving by this product


Sensate is the first wearable device which can actually track stress and helps you to get rid of anxiety while keeping your body relaxed to keep you healthier.

Sensate is simple to use which is designed with improved pebble shape ergonomic design that sits on your chest and the headphone will play rich quality frequency sounds that switch off your mind and control the blood pressure and improves heart rate and stress which improves immunity.

Sensate is featured with the new cutting edge technology that keeps your mind calm for 10 minutes ad brings your body to balanced state by activating the vagus nerve which passed from the brain to gut in your body for full body soothing experience.

Sensate gives medical grade results within minutes of usage and help you to ease out fight, flight and freeze modes into recovery focused mode and gives you the benefits of years of meditation without any experience in just 10 minutes.

Detailed specification

Sensate is the world’s first wearable device that can track and reduces stress and anxiety by creating a shortcut for deep relaxation and keep you calmer and stay healthier.

Sensate helps you to switch off your anxiety by sitting on your chest and let the stress go easily by harnessing the vagus nerves. It is found in the researched that over more than 45% of adults in the USA are suffering from stress and anxiety whereas 35% in UK after the pandemic situation outbreak.

Problems like high blood pressure and inflammatory diseases and poor sleep, skin breakout and impeded muscle recovery are related to stress when your lower your stress that will boost your immunity.

Sensate helps you to bypass a busy mind with the cutting edge technology that reduces the stress in moments which brings your life back, Sensate can make you relax in just 10 minutes a day that perfectly suits your life and simple to use, just open the application and power on the Sensate and place on your chest and then put on headphones and close your eyes.

Sensate app plays rich sounds that synchronize to your mind creating a full body soothing experience which improves the blood pressure and instant relax with better stress management, reduced anxiety with better sleep which gives the medical grade results just after minutes of usage.

Sensate secret is activating the vagus nerves which goes from brain to your gut and controls how we deal stress using the multi-frequency infra sound which regulates the nervous system connect to brain and calm your fight, flight, freeze emergency response conditions when you are over stressed and brings your body to balance conditions.

Sensate work on the vagus nerve therapy will improve your heart rate which is the key factor for your health and also helps in long term meditation which takes years of practice or require specialist to achieve. Sensate resonant frequencies target the vagus nerves and synchronize hemispheric sounds which helps you to relax and helps you to achieve deep meditation state without experience and their app is compatible with both iOS & Android.

This Sensate early riser is priced at $225 and Sensate Relax is priced at $299 while the Sensate pair is available at $395.

Plan for launch

This Sensate that calm your nerves and anxiety concept idea which is started by the CEO of the company and made available in the market in May 2020 after the first batch production, changes in the design and prototyping, the product will be shipped to the customers after manufacturing in the later quarters of the year August 2020.

Company details

This device that calm your nerves and relives anxiety is developed by the company called getsensate. Stefan Chmelik is the CEO & founder of the company who is the leading UK holistic physician, Cameron Ward is the global leading electronic industry production manager of digital world.

The CEO came up with the idea of Sensate which is the world first wearable device that can relieve the stress in real time using the novel technology as a solution for the people who spend busy schedule in their life and not getting enough time to concentrate on their health.

Nicholas Gill is the finance direction of the company and Grant Allen who is the Chairman of the company having experience as the google technology program manager.

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