SENNHEISER GSP-670 Gaming Headset

  • Sennheiser GSP-670 used the low latency technology which ensures your experience a smooth and uninterrupted nearly zero delay connection.
  • Sennheiser headset standby time is amazing its 30 days and it will automatically goes to sleep when it is not getting any audio.
  • Sennheiser will help you to hear each & every detail and react even faster than ever.

Gamers always needs a good tech to help them while gaming to win what they want, they don’t want to disrupted due to sounds, the Sennheiser GSP670 is the best gaming wireless headset so you don’t have any problems to stick with screens, when coming to the wireless headset point, Gamers always bother about the Latency of the headsets, but the Sennheiser comes with low latency technology so the gamers won’t miss the single moment they wanted to be, it also comes with the great battery backup it cannot stops you until you play the games whole day, fully wireless flexibility.

Detailed Features


1. This device is compatible for the Personal computers as well as Play station 4.
2. Sennheiser used the low latency technology which ensures your experience a smooth and uninterrupted nearly zero delay connection that you can always rely on what you play.
3. Its uses the fully wireless technology by using the USB port connected to your device, an additional Bluetooth connectivity this headset can be paired simultaneously to a compatible device such as smart-phones or tablets.
4. You can pick up calls at the touch of button and get seamlessly switched back to the low latency connection and continue your game.
5. Targeting the people who are audiophiles the speakers of the GSP670 combines over 70 years of audio, while fulfilling the needs of a modern gaming headset. Providing the warm deep bass without compromising the mid-range high frequencies.
6. This will help you to hear each & every detail and react even faster than ever, you can also customize the sound to your liking using the Sennheiser gaming suite software in your PC.

7. By turning on 7.1 surround Sound for the Ultimate Experience, just drown in the sounds.
8. This is also packed with the Beast battery backup with over 20 hours run time using Bluetooth and 16 hours using the low latency connection, this will be the longest battery backup for even longest game sessions.
9. On keeping the gamers in mind they have designed it like you can charge the headset and play the games parallel.

10. The USB quick charge charges the device in a quick like you can use it for 2 hours with 7 minutes of charging.
11. In general the mic quality in the headset are not maintained as good, But GSP670 features the best in class microphone.
12. This Noise-cancelling microphone minimizes the background noise using the advanced development, this is a flexible one can be adjusted to any head it wear’s.
13. Having an optimal pick up, maintaining the broadcast quality of transmission, with a minimalistic design.
14. While gaming if you want to mute just, simply lift the boom arm it will be muted for all giving you the privacy, while some other have to do it on the system settings.
15. They also taken care about the Bluetooth range, it is very far in this one with a 10m range of connection.

16. The ear-cups offer you the separate controls, volume and power on the right one, while the wireless connectivity and an automatic are on the left.
17. They are proving the 1.5 meters cable for charging the headset.
18. The headset is made up of great quality never compromising for gamers as the materials used like silver of the metal frame that keeps the headset both flexible and strong enough to be durable.
19. The Microphone offers silicon anti-vibrations features along with the rise to mute feature.
20. GSP670 uses the gaming suite which is configurable and monitoring the battery life of the headset, the main screen above offering the ability to move between 2.0 and 7.1 when you are using the GSA70 dongle to connect your headset.
21. There are titanium hinges all around the ear cups with discrete mat black colour which look pretty descent, while the gaming headsets are like raw with RGB colours and coatings.
22. The side plates are removable for the customization you can 3D print them or colour them yourself.

23. The another interesting feature is that slide switch with multi- functionality like checking battery status, it will speak to you telling the battery status with a single slide and when you long press it will enter into the pairing mode between 2.4 GHZ and Bluetooth mode.
24. This headset standby time is amazing its 30 days and it will automatically goes to sleep when it is not getting any audio.


  • Connector : USB cable
  • Frequency response(Microphone)  : 10-7300 HZ
  • Frequency Response(Headphones) : 10-23000 HZ
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) : 112 Decibels
  • Ear Coupling : Over-ear
  • Cable Length : 1.5m USB Cable
  • Weight  : 398 grams
  • Wireless Range : 10 meters wireless
  • Microphone Sensitivity : -47 dBV/PA
  • Bluetooth Version : 5.0 SBC
  • Supported Operating System : Windows 10
  • Battery Time : 16-20 hours
  • Warranty : 2 years international


When coming to the pricing of the GSP670 is quite high, $349(RS 25,000), it is not recommended for the outside, only for the office purpose and indoor purpose.

Plan of launch

This product was launched and made first available in July 15 2019 to the market.

Indies Box

Out of the box in the GSP670, three things will be included one is the GSP670 headset, the other is GSA 70 dongle and the other is the USB cable to charge it and the manual & guide to handle it.


The pairing is possible only when the main dongle is not sending the audio, when we start playing anything using the dongle the Bluetooth get disconnected because of priority, as per the hardware it is the beast coming to the software it has be improved, the vocals, clarity and the depth are not more natural they are compressed on the wireless thing. There is software to control its settings but for the PS4 it’s just a stereo headset only. The fitting is ridiculous might not fit for everyone face those got larger faces, not having a physical toggle between 2.4 GHZ and Bluetooth. Beyond 4 meters with a direct line of sight with dongle the headset cuts out with a nasty distortion and completely losses audio.

About Company

This product is developed with the Sennheiser, they aim to shape the future of audio by creating unique sounds and experience for their customers in each & every product they bring, they create the new dimensions of listening, give you Goosebumps on each detailed sound you hear through their impressive sound experience, they have been the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

The key figure behind the sounds was there were two divisions in the company with 21 subsidiaries and around 2800 employees to create great experience to the customers; they have 75 years of start-up experience by the year 2020.