SelfieSpin360 A Uniqueness For Selfie

An Ultimate GoPro Accessory.

SelfieSpin360 A Uniqueness for Selfie

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  • SelfieSpin360 is an accessory which is compatible with both Smartphone & GoPro and any other action camera’s which allows you to capture 3600 selfies.
  • SelfieSpin360 has 3 point screws that holds your phone or Camera perfectly and allows you to record smooth 120fps slow-motion videos.
  • SelfieSpin360 has a sleek design, lightweight & perfect for travelers while the videos captured on it are easy to edit.


Everyone using GoPro but they are not able to find the perfect accessory for GoPro and most of the videos that others do have bumps in the video without smoothness in the video.

SelfieSpin360 is GoPro accessory which is necessary while traveling, this SelfieSpin360 allows you to take the 3600 selfie video which is very hard to take with a regular camera.

This SelfieSpin360 is lightweight and will be your gearhead to shoot 360-degree video when you take adventures.

Problem Solved By This Product



Cool Selfies are not that traditional ones anymore, 3600 Selfie has been the trend, where SelfieSpin360 allows you to record mesmerizing slow-motion video to capture your entire adventure.

SelfieSpin360 is not just a selfie, it’s your moment that you love the most and want to get the same when you watching the clip anytime.

This SelfieSpin360 will give you uniqueness rather than a still photo frame selfie, when you want to see & travel more and will be helpful when you want to share Milestones, family, fun.

This SelfieSpin360 not only works with GoPro but also with the Smartphones and other action camera as well, while there are 3 point of contacts on the phone assuring safety for your phone during flight without any damages and for GoPro you can use the thumb screw as well.

SelfieSpin360 is very lightweight & easy to carry and use when you need and the video which are captured with the GoPro, they are easy to edit.

Detailed Specification


Slow-motion will look great when you are moving at high speed and want to record the video or even to capture the moving objects.

When things are moving with great speed suppose a ball did a spin in faster or a balloon is a burst which are instant action and you want to see the action in a more detailed & clear way, you have to choose the slow-motion video which gives cool effects.

Wearing amount and capturing the events in a POV manner will give next level of experience to your photography.

Slow Motion videos are emotionally get connected to the viewers, like when you throw a baseball with 100 miles an hour and want to see that on anytime you want make that a wow movement.

Slow-motion videos will attract the viewers and gives you the professional videos with smooth animation effect without any bumps or shaking movement while you are shooting.

Using 120fps for the slow motion videos will blow the users mind with smooth transition & beautiful effects with high details combined with the SelfieSpin360.

There are many GoPro, which are capable of recording slow mo videos and compatible with SelfieSpin360 and you can easily edit the bunch of video that you captured in the GoPro with SelfieSpin360.

All that you need to do is connect the SD card to your computer and there you go and edit your video for the stunning effects & visuals by just pulling the videos into the software, while the frame rate you choose will determine how slow you will go.

Dimensions 12 x 4 x 0.5 inches
Weight 10.4 ounces
Material Plastic body with Sterling

This SelfieSpin360 accessory for the GoPro is available in two different colors they are black & pink. While this SelfieSpin360 is priced at $19.99.

Plan For Launch

This SelfieSpin360 is launched in the year 2019 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2019, after completion of the manufacturing process. When they have enough stocks, then they will ship to the customer’s home.

Company Details

This 3600 Selfie video accessory is developed by a company called SelfieSpin360 which is located in San Diego, United States which is a limited liability company.

They started this as a project and launched in online campaigns and make this happen, while they strive to bring innovative & high-quality products to the users.

After many months of research and changes in the design & prototyping, they have confirmed the model to be comfortable for the users and work relentlessly, while you are using.

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