Segway Dirt eBike Eco-Friendly Lightweight Good For Off-Road Terrains

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  • Segway Dirt eBike is an Eco-friendly powered dirt bike
  • Segway Dirt eBike is compact and lightweight affordable and easy to maintain and learn
  • Segway Dirt eBike is made for all off-road terrains.

The bike lovers always wanted a big one to take them off especially the off road bikers who loves their bike and want to do stunts and enjoy them, Now the Off roading is now becomes more electronic rather than the on road, the Segway bring the new dirt eBikes for off road with the best in class features like the Lightweight to lift and swappable battery for limitless Ranges and with a maximum speed of 46.6 Mph maximum with an incredible acceleration and superior shock reduction for the off road ones to make their stunts in a safer way protecting them every way.

Detailed Features

  • Segway Dirt eBike is an Eco-friendly powered dirt bike that has the superior off-road performance, build with the best class features for all users.
  • It is compact and lightweight affordable and easy to maintain and learn the bike to master it. It makes possible for more people than ever to participate in exiting off-road adventures that they could only dream of before.


  • The battery capacity is huge than even before offers you the delivery of 74.6 miles range in one single charge and take only 4 hours of full charge the battery.
  • The eBike is built with a sturdy lightweight aluminium alloy frame with the quality craftsmanship that only weights a little of 55 Kgs which is light for the bikes so that you can handle it with an ease.
  • Speaking about the acceleration and the power of this bike was insane the bike can reach 0 to 31 Mph in only 4.02 seconds which is amazing with its 5Kw motor and the 250 N*m torque produced.


  • This bike got the dual drive system with primary drive system consists of an HTD 8M belt of 22 inches and a Secondary Drive system with a 420 chain with 106 sections.
  • The off-road bike lovers will always try to carry the bikes to the hills, for keeping that in point the designers made it to climb the 450 degrees hill for the x260 model which is insane.
  • This bike is also adjustable according to the height of the person you can adjust the height of the frame, this make this bike to fit for everyone no matter restricted to only particular.
  • This bike has the Bluetooth connectivity that feature controls and firmware upgrade via the Segway-Ninebot app and there is multiple speed setting that chooses form the three modes Novice, Standard and Sport modes to suit your top speed needs.



  • These bikes are compact and lightweight and Eco-friendly powered dirt bike for all, offering the superior off road performance that sits in between the mountain bike and the dirt bikes too.
  • This bike tires has the traction which make you comfortable to ride this one even in the sand and since this bike is electronic they made it as water resistant, the breaking system is light and reflector.
  • This compact cost efficient one, easy to maintain learn and master. This eBike made it possible for more people who like to join the exciting off-road adventures.
  • You can unleash the beast in few seconds, ride the bike to unleash its full capacity with peak torque of 23.6 ft*lb with maximum torque of 5400 rpm that operates up to 3560 F Acceleration goes from 0 to 31 Mph in only 4.02 Seconds.


  • You can confidently explore all off-road terrains when you have field-oriented controls that stabilize and adapt to users riding habit, with the IP67 water proof resistant and build made of aluminium alloy that incorporates heat dissipation, this bike is made for all off-road terrains.
  • It can power to the path unknown the standard 48 rear sprocket teeth feature climbing slope up to 450 and a maximum rear wheel torque of 184.3 ft*lb wheelie with ease and experience smooth drive train output.


This bike is available in four various colors Black, Orange, Blue and White.



  • Dimensions 71.7×29.1×40.2 inches 74.2×30.7×41.3 inches
  • Vehicle weight –  Including battery 88.2/105.8lbs(40/48 Kg) 97.0/121.3lbs(44/55Kg)
  • Power System – High Speed brushless DC motor High speed brushless DC motor
  • Motor Power 3Kw 5Kw
  • Force – Max. Torque for Driving wheel 162.2 ft*lb 184.3 ft*lb
  • Battery Type – Lithium Battery Lithium Battery
  • Charging Type –  3-4h 4-5h
  • Battery Capacity –  20Ah 32Ah
  • Gear type – Aluminium alloy 17*1.4 Aluminium Alloy 19*1.4
  • Tire Type –  70/100-17 off road tire 70/100-19 off road tire
  • Wheel Diameter – 17 inches 19 inches
  • Front Shock Absorber System – Single shoulder inverted front fork Double shoulder inverted front fork
  • Rear Shock Absorber System  – Multi-ink hydraulic spring central type Multi-ink hydraulic spring central type
  • Brake System – Disc brake Disc brake


They mentioned the time and the mileage of the battery that would provide, but they didn’t mention the capacity of the battery. There is not headlight mentioned for the x160 model. Though there would be differences with the x260 model to the x160 model.


The x260 eBike is priced at 4500$ (3, 33,220 Rs) and there is a deposit monthly basis to get this one also, the x160 model is priced at 3000$ (2, 22,100 Rs) and this one also got the monthly deposit to get this bike to your home. However, there are combos available to take multiple bikes of same model at a time for.

Plan for Launch

The idea came in September 2018 and the product is development is done in November and the prototype in January 2019 and after several prototypes and testing the Indiegogo Launch is done in Nov 2019 and the delivery will be done in February 2019.

About Company

This two dirt eBikes x160 & x260 are developed by the company called Segway, which is the worldwide leader in personal electric transportation Founded in 1999 by renowned inventors named Dean Kamen, Segway has always strives to provide high-quality safe and reliable products to its customers, whether you are police officer using the Segway PT Patroller to enhance their policing efforts, their aim is to provide customer with the best product on the market.