Sculptor: Auto-Rotating 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Sculptor: Auto-Rotating 4K Touchscreen Monitor-1
  • The Sculptor is a 4K touchscreen monitor which senses the orientation by itself to provide the user with seamless operations.
  • The Sculptor allows the users to connect it with a wide range of available devices with the help of numerous ports it provides.
  • The Sculptor’s weight and the dimensions allow it to be easily portable.

The Sculptor brings a new auto-rotating 4K touchscreen Monitor which can be used with your mobile phone, gaming console, PC, or laptop easily to provide the best quality of image along with high performance. The sculptor is a highly capable monitor which is full of advanced features and technologies. Along with the 4K picture quality and the touchscreen feature, the Sculptor also has the feature to automatically rotate when you change the orientation of your device from portrait to landscape or vice versa. With this much range of features, the sculptor is currently one of the best touchscreen monitors in the industry and is available to the users at a comparable affordable price range according to the features it provides.

Problem Solving By The Product


Many of the professional users who need a monitor, prefer to be able to change the orientation of their device according to their needs. They like to use the landscape mode while gaming or viewing video, but generally for coding or typing, the portrait orientation is better. Not many monitors out there provide the convertible hinges in them and even if they do, it is always manual. The Sculptor solves all of the problems of the users with providing a capable 4K touchscreen monitor which has a feature of rotating automatically according to the orientation of the operating system of the device so that you don’t have to do the extra effort and can enjoy seamless computing.

Detailed Specifications


The Sculptor monitor provide you a clear and crisp Ultra HD display which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 p. This 4K display provides you with almost double the screen clarity as compared to a FHD display. The company provides two variants of the monitor. One being a FHD monitor and the second being a 4K. Both of the monitors provide you with the best in class design and features and clarity you deserve.

The monitor has a wide range of applications. It can be connected to gaming consoles so that the user can enjoy uninterrupted and seamless gaming anytime through the Xbox, Nintendo, or Play Station. You can connect it to your IPad or Mobile Phone to have a bigger screen experience. It can work as a viewing device for your camera to quickly analyse the photos or videos you have clicked or recorded. You can also easily live stream using the camera without any added efforts. Or simply, you can use it as a second screen to your laptop and maximise your workspace to have better compatibility with the work at hand.

The auto rotating feature of the monitor is also very handy. You no longer need to rotate the device in order to rotate the monitor. The monitor senses you hand movement and rotates accordingly. It also has an inbuilt gravity sensor to provide better functionality.

Sculptor: Auto-Rotating 4K Touchscreen Monitor-2

The Sculptor has a zero latency touchscreen support which gives you seamless and convenient touch response when you use it. It also has an inbuilt touchscreen menu which provides you with compatibility and functionality needed to use the wide range of features of the monitor. The monitor also provides high end gaming support. It can run games at up to 60 frames per second at a high resolution. The Sculptor also has its own patented 90 degree kickstand which keeps this portable monitor stable and enables you to use it anywhere with ease. Just take it out, use the kickstand and connect to the monitor with you device, you’re good to go.

The picture frame of the monitor is an ultra slim panel with the thickness of only 4 mm. The connectivity and control panel of the monitor along with the kickstand has a thickness of 10 mm. The connectivity hub of the monitor has many input adaptors including 2 all-purpose USB-C adaptors, a micro USB adaptor, a mini HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm jack. The Hub itself works as a kickstand for the monitor. The monitor’s On/Off switch is also located on the hub.


The monitor can easily be powered up using the USB-C port and the power adaptor provided with the product packaging along with the necessary cable. The Sculptor supports all the major smartphones and consoles along with various other devices. The HDMI port of the monitor allows fast data transfer. The monitor has a response time of 8 ms. The brightness of the monitor is 300 cd/m2. The monitor allows easy controls over brightness and contrast along with various other features in its touchscreen menu within the display.

The monitor provides a full basic 15.6 inches of display with the panel being 355.16 mm in width and 223.89 mm in height. The monitor weighs only 0.91 kg and the carry bag provided by the company allows you to easily take the monitor wherever you want and use it anytime you need it.

Plans For Launch


The company had launched this capable monitor in March 2020. The company started fundraising campaign through Indiegogo, Backerit and various other sources. The fundraiser quickly achieved its goal and surpassed the expectations of the company. The company had started shipping the product in April 2020, and had already shipped over 160 pieces of the monitor to the users all over the globe. The monitor was quickly featured in many other websites because of its high end performance and features, the main focus being the auto rotating feature enable by the gravity sensor inside the monitor.

Company Details

The Sculptor is a Company based in Shenzhen, China which had been in the business of monitor manufacturing for quite some time. They had delivered over 120,000 monitors to people all over the globe for various well-known brands. Finally with the help of fundraising campaign, the company had begun the production of the best quality monitors by itself to provide the people with the best specifications in the least possible and affordable price range. The company has a long process of quality inspections to ensure each and every product meets the best standards and provides its users with the best experience overall.