Scanmarker Air – Pen Shaped Gadget Scans 30 times faster than typing

scanmaker - Portable Pen shaped Scanner works 30 times faster than tying
  • Scanmarker scans 30 times faster than manual typing.
  • Scanmarker supports any applications like MS office, Gmail etc to operate.
  • Scanmarker Air works with wireless mode over Bluetooth.
  • Scanmarker looks like a pen and very portable.


canmarker hits again with the New Super Multi-function scanner approach. It is the smallest and most efficient optical highlighter on the market, integrating recording, t2s, and translation. Scanmarker is a digital highlighter in the form of a pen. Slide it over any printed text and pass the text to any program on a computer instantly. Scanmarker features a durable and lightweight ergonomic architecture that is easy to scan and fast to use. The advanced technology makes it possible to recognize multiple languages easily and incredibly reliable and quickly renders editable text as if you typed it manually. It works with Windows and Mac OS X systems and attaches via Bluetooth to the computer or laptop.


Scanmarker enters text digitally to a computer/laptop/tablet that is 30 times faster than manual typing. The text appears immediately in the application of choice, with no additional steps. It is an amazing time-saving and optimization tool that helps to bypass the process of summary and typing. It works very fast with a high rate of copying and minimal effort of use.

The ability to read aloud allows the text to listen as it is scanned. The built-in text-to-speech feature helps to read the text aloud while it is being downloaded into the computer. It is an excellent memorizing tool that enhances memory as well as encodes scanned content. Scanmarker has also shown to be helpful for the blind as well as for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Scanmarker can be operated with any computer application. Whether using Word, Excel, Gmail, Facebook or any other application, words will be copied from these applications straight to the user’s intended device making it easy to post without re-coding. Scanmarker works immediately, where the keyboard is required.

The scanner is a unique innovation of the period, which is a very profitable product for students and readers. Now, users don’t need to rewrite the printed text from documents, allowing them to focus on completing their work.

The scanner will transfer data to a computer in many ways such as Data Entry, Multiple Language Translation, Text-To-Speech, Dictionary, and Business card readers. It can scan a picture in the device very easily.

The scanner has no buttons, rollers, gears, or moving parts, as well as no recalibration when the light of ambiance changes. It is streamlined to achieve maximum efficiency with zero errors. It is simple to use and looks like magic. It is a simple highlighter that runs over lines of a book and words will be instantly transferred to a computer. Due to its highly portable architecture, it can be carried anywhere.

Scanmarker can do what smartphones and laptops can’t do. It compiles crucial sentences to summarize important notes so that the user can do more work in less time. It has a smart technology such as the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that reduces the workload of the people.


Scanmarker Air has an ultra-portable design, which offers to scan over wireless via a Bluetooth connection to computers, smartphones, laptops or tablets. It has state-of-the-art technology to scan directly to any application or any intuitive mobile application. It is compatible with the following operating systems and there requirements:

  1. Windows 7 or higher.
  2. Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.
  3. Android 4.3 or higher.
  4. iOS 7 or higher.
  5. Device requires Bluetooth 4.0 – iPhone 4S/iPad 3 or higher.

Similar products block text views while scanning but the scanner’s transparent tip allows users to see what they are scanning. Also, the patent technology of Scanmarker is both precise and fast. It recognizes characters sized from 6 to 24 pt with a Recognition Speed of 3000 characters per minute. The entire line of words can be scanned in just a second. It has a scan field of 0.4 and optical resolution of 350 dpi.  It has a dual Bluetooth and USB compatibility connection and will work for left- or right-handed readers. Scanmarker Air works with a battery of 200 mAh capacity and it can be recharge via USB.

Whether users need help to translate books or want to learn a foreign language, Scanmarker is there for them. Scanmarker can scan and translate into over 50 different OCR languages.

The size of the device is 3.5 x 14 x 2.5 cm (1.4 x 5.5 x 1.0 in) and the weight is 60 gr featherweights.

The most important thing about Scanmarker Air is the 1-year product warranty against defects from the date of purchase.

The Package of the Scanmarker contents:

  1. Scanmarker Pen
  2. CD Rom with software
  3. Quick Reference Guide
  4. Registration Number

Scanmarker Air can read CMC7 and BVR barcodes accurately. It cannot recognize handwritten words, math formulas, or symbols on a computer as an editable text. Alternatively, these will be saved as pictures and can be used in documents. Users can enable this feature in software in the “image collector” mode, or they can scan the “image” mode directly into Microsoft Word.

By simply changing the configuration, Scanmarker will support both right-handed and left-handed users. The initial configuration phase will ask users whether they will operate the scanner with their left or right hand. Users can go to the “Personalize” function in the “Advanced Settings” section to change the setting later.


  • Recognition Speed: 3000 characters per minute. Full line of text within one second.
  • Scanned Field of View: 1cm (0.4 Inch)
  • Character Size: 6 – 24pt
  • Battery: 200 mAh, rechargeable via USB.
  • Bluetooth Version : BLE4.0
  • OS Support
    • Windows 7 or higher
    • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
    • Android 4.3 or higher
    • iOS 7 or higher
    • iPhone 4S/iPad 3 or higher


Scanmarker is a leading brand in an optical scanner highlighter. It was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. It is a privately held company and registered as Consumer Electronics Industry. The company initially had staff strength of 11, as it is now expanding so Scanner currently has about 50 employees. Scanmarker presents data entry tools with its highly efficient highlighter that are both quality boosters and economical. It saves a lot of time, facilitates better understanding and executes printed text in various applications, encoding and text-to-speech capabilities. Scanmarker offers two variants of the pen, one is wireless (Bluetooth) and the other is a USB connected pen. Both work perfectly, accurately and efficiently with minimal errors.

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