Samsung SmartThings Camera – Security For Your Smart Home

SmartThings Cam
  • Samsung SmartThings Cam is very easy to setup and manage.
  • Samsung SmartThings Cam just gets connected to your existing WiFi.
  • Samsung SmartThings Cam comes with very useful smartphone app to control.


hen we are away from home we afraid of happening things in our home we have an idea of having the security camera to detect things but rather this Samsung smart thing will do the work smartly by notifying you when there is any kind of motion detected in the placed of selected and you will be able to communicate through the microphone to control your pets, You need not to be monitoring the camera to track the change with smart things it will be notified smartly, You will be able to monitor 24X7 for a month provided no running out of storage according to the plan you can have the no of cameras.


  • You can monitor even a person or motion with a customizable detecting location.
  • This one has another handy feature that you can mount it to wall or you can place this wherever you want it for. It not like the old fixed cameras for detecting.
  • You even have a microphone to have a control over pets which makes them to feel your presence in the home.
  • Monitoring from multiple devices rather than from the connected ones with a clear sight.

Samsung SmartCams


  1. The Samsung’s smart things camera will offer you a Full HD 1080P with two-way audio and night vision to work relentlessly even in the night with a clear sight, having a two-way audio will help to communicate with the others.
  2. It has an advanced object detection which intelligently works to identify the object and person you can even have a specific zone to be monitored.
  3. When it detects the motion will be notified immediately to identify the things happening you don’t need to monitor to find it.
  4. 24 hours data accessing and viewing what all the day that’s been happening in your home with a free cloud storage which don’t make to be bothered about the storage for it. You can access it remotely anywhere in any device.
  5. They have designed a Time-line which is probably easily to view the multiple scenes and you will have alters labelled down there.
  6. Device card image view will help you to keep an eye that what’s going on in your home by capturing the latest events on the hours.
  7. This smartthings app have a compatibility over android as well as IOS so there won’t be any issues in the features or as well in the compatibility. You can sync with your phone or tablet and you will start receiving the clips.
  8. Multi View is the main feature to be offered by this device generally while using the multi cams we have monitor to look over all the camera clips at once by this will offer you to have the same thing at once in your hands.
  9. You can monitor even from multiple devices by not only sticking to one device.
  10. It’s pretty easy to be installed with a simple setup all you need is to scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera to pair it up or else you can connect it through you home Wi-Fi, It doesn’t need a hub.
  11. You can have many of the cameras connected with your device to be covered up your house to be feel safe and secure just place the camera and connect to it easily.
  12. This smartthings cam has an clear sight and sound in which you will be having a clear view in full HD and it will have an two way audio which is feasible to record the sounds and as well as the voice which we are used to communicate through the microphone of your device to your cam.
  13. The hardware is elegant, with the camera body is attached to a small arm that sticks up from a plastic base. The side hinge allows you to move the camera Up and down.
  14. A speaker is built in the back of the camera.
  15. The bottom of the cameras has a hole to be mounted on the wall.
  16. You can activate the Smart Things Home Monitor to make the most if the system, this will use the camera as an ad hoc security device with two modes “Stay” and “away” you can also pair the other smart things-Compatible sensors like door/Window, Smoke sensors etc.
  17. When any of the sensor is triggered, then according to the location of the camera in your home it will look after which makes the sensor is triggered.
  18. When in the away mode the camera will record the video when motion is detected and you can have the live video on demand in stay mode, but you need to activate this mode in your app.
  19.  In the box you will have the smart things cam and accessories you just need to unbox it and plug the adapter wire to the smart things camera and connect it.   

Samsung SmartThings Camera


This product is priced at $90 (6,450 approx.) which will be a big deal for a camera which has the advanced motion detection and integration with other SmartThings and with smart alerts directly to your hands. This product was launched in the month of June in 2019 to leap forward to future to protect you from the actions in your home/place.


  • Resolution :1080 Full HD 30 fps
  • Audio :Dual way audio
  • Storage :Cloud Storage
  • Dimension :2.7×2.7×1.5 inches
  • Arm size : 2 inches
  • Base Size : 3 inches
  • Wi-Fi : 2.4 & 5 GHZ
  • Field of View : 1450 degrees

SmartThings Cam 4


This product is brought to you by Samsung Company which is well known for its hardware manufacturing like phones, smart watches, TV’s and all other stuff with innovation and become a successful company by implementing the core elements of management and business practises in the real world. Leads first in the global world. It is the popular brand for the camera and its sensors which will capture the frames with high resolution with crispy details.

Samsung City


Samsung’s latest innovation in Home Automation security camera is easy to setup and comprised with many useful features. The pricing is just right to make this your home security gadget but you may need subscription based plan to enhance storage etc.

  • Intelligent Design with excellent Hardware
  • Impressive Video Quality
  • Quite good features in the Smartphone App
  • Easy to integrate with your existing network or IoT System in Home or Office.
  • Documentation can be improved.
  • No clear instruction of switching different management modes.
  • Only stores 10 seconds of clip and you may need high price subscription plan to make it data analytics in real use.


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