If you own any Samsung Smartphone like Galaxy series you may have used Samsung Voice Assistant or S-Voice likely. Samsung is going to replace this voice assistant from coming June 1, 2020.

S Voice was first introduced in market in 2012 alongside the Galaxy SIII. It has incorporated natural language processing to answer user’s questions, set reminders, make appointments, navigation, etc. You could do posting into social media, send mails etc using complete hands free mode.


S Voice was not the first stance of the voice assistant market from Samsung. This S Voice was successor of Vlingo Voice Assistant. They have already launched the another virtual assistant based on the Voice command named Bixby in the application market.


As per current understanding the Bixby Virtual Assistant is going to be in market for a while in the Samsung phones. But while the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are dominating in the market Bixby is also having tough time in the market adoption. They have added a dedicated button even for Bixby in Samsung Phones.