Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Smart Speaker

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  • The Galaxy Home Mini would be a smaller and cheaper version of the Galaxy Home with slightly fewer features.
  • The Galaxy Home Mini looks simplistic and could be an elegant addition to your living room.
  • The Galaxy Home Mini could turn out to be the product that transforms your home into a smart home.

Over the years, speakers have witnessed some dramatically changes. From the days of fully wired speakers to our modern smart speakers, they have gone through a lot. Initially came the wired portable speakers that still needed an aux cable. Then came the Bluetooth speakers, which became an industry in itself. Multiple brands were competing with each other to be the market leader in a particular segment.

Now we have smart speakers. These speakers do much more than just playing music. Smart speakers come with a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. The fundamental technology is from the 1960s, but widespread usage took off in 2010s.

Big tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon began investing heavily in smart speaker technology. As of now, there are numerous smart speakers available in the market, each with its own set of unique features.

Still, the market for smart speakers is raw, and there is room for other players to enter. This is where Samsung comes in. They are about to release their range of smart speakers to compete directly with the American tech giants in this sector.

Samsung is working on a few smart speakers simultaneously. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Smart Speaker. The company also plans to release the original Galaxy Home, but official confirmation hasn’t been made for either of these speakers.

In this article, we’ll explore the possible features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Smart Speaker. Keep reading to know more about this product.


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Samsung Galaxy Home Mini is a smart speaker that is rumoured to be released in early 2020. Experts are speculating about the features and other details about the product. Samsung announced that the original Galaxy home would be released in partnership with Bixby. So it can be presumed that the Galaxy Home Mini will also have Bixby as the virtual assistant. The speaker has already missed 2 release dates, but the company is hopeful of releasing it this year.

The Galaxy Home Mini would be a smaller and cheaper version of the Galaxy Home with slightly fewer features. The Mini will use the AKG sound technology, which is a very reliable name when it comes to sound quality. It is small, and compact speaker has a rounded shape and is covered in a blue mesh. The Mini looks simplistic and could be an elegant addition to your living room. There could be a lot of other features which we’ll be talking about shortly.

Problem Solving By The Product


If you are a fan of smart speakers, then you must be knowing how convenient they can be. Forget about the hassles of connecting by Bluetooth or by aux cable. Play any song or get information from the web, by simply telling the speaker what to do.

Just like any other smart speaker, the Mini will have a virtual assistant, Bixby in this case. Samsung has been emphasizing on smart homes lately, and the Galaxy Home Mini could be built along those lines as well. Experts are speculating that there is a high probability that Samsung smart speakers could have the ability to control home automation devices.

Imagine giving voice commands to your speaker to turn off the lights, or switch on the TV and much more. The Galaxy Home Mini could turn out to be the product that transforms your home into a smart home.

Detailed Specifications


There is no official word on the exact specifications as of now. However, this has not stopped tech enthusiasts from speculating on what the specs could be. Let’s check out the rumoured specifications. Please keep in mind that these are only speculations; the original product might have different specifications.

• Series – Galaxy Home
• Type – Smart Speaker
• Virtual Assistant – Bixby
• Sound – mid-range and high-range speakers tuned by AKG, subwoofer, far-field microphone
• Shape – Round
• Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Battery – Lithium-Ion
• Inputs – Touchscreen, Voice commands

Plan for Launch

The company has hinted that both the Galaxy Home and the Galaxy Home Mini could be launched in the early months of 2020. But they have already missed 2 deadlines and people are not so sure what to expect. The smart speaker market is slowly expanding, and Big Tech companies have already begun to set a foothold. Amazon, Google and Apple, all have launched their products for more than 2 years ago. If Samsung fails to launch the Galaxy Home this year, then it could be too late for them. They have created a genuine buzz around their products and people could lose interest if they had to wait another year. Even the loyal Samsung customers who want to buy a smart speaker but are waiting for The Mini to release could end up switching loyalties. So, it is crucial that Samsung can stick to its plans and releases both their speakers this year.

Company Details

Samsung Electronics is the flagship subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate Samsung. They are headquartered in Suwon and account for more than 70% of the revenues generated by Samsung. Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semiconductors by revenue. They manufacture everything including chips, image sensors, lithium-ion batteries, camera modules and flash memory devices. They cater to some of the most high-profile clients in the world, including Nokia, Apple, HTC and Sony. Founded in 1969, Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest companies in the world with more than 300,000 employees. They are a significant player in almost every one of the electronic product categories, and now they are looking to enter the infant smart speaker market.


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