Samsung Announces ‘Wind-Free’ Air Conditioner

No more chilling winds directly on your body.

Samsung Wind-Free AC
  • Samsung is back with its second version of ACs with its innovative ‘Wind-Free’ technology.
  • There are three models boasting this bleeding-edge technology with price starting from 57,990 INR.
  • The ACs are outfitted with advanced sensors and arrive with loads of exciting features.

The tech giant Samsung has recently announced a whole new lineup of air conditions. The Korean multinational has launched a whopping 40 models of AC for every price segment and need. What caught the buzz is ‘Wind-Free’ ACs. The term as intriguing as it sounds is indeed a big leap in terms of technology inside the realm of air conditioning. The product is supposed to target the consumers in the premium price range.

The ‘Wind-Free’ ACs 2.0 includes three different models in the series. The base model comes with a tag of 57,990 INR and the high-end model going up to almost 74,000 INR. But the price is justified after seeing what it’s capable of and the technology it packs under the hood. Although it has a hefty tag, it is far more technologically superior than its competition. The company has promised right after the purchase of a unit the consumer will be liable to an express delivery and set up within four hours.

Unlike the traditional ACs, the wind free AC 2.0 does not just employ a flap outlet. Instead, there are 23000 micro holes for the circulation of air along with a flap outlet. The 23000 micro holes ensures that the air spreads evenly throughout. The added benefit of the holes is that no more chilling winds directly on your body.

The AC presents a degree of freedom to the consumers by allowing it to be remotely accessed by smartphones through the Wi-Fi. The app allows the consumers to utilize the features along with scheduling operations beforehand. This feature can prove to be handy at times. The wind-free AC 2.0 employs motion detection technology to make it more efficient and power conserving. If the sensors due not detect human presence for an hour, the AC switches into power-saving mode. It assists in saving the consumption of electricity and create less burden on your pockets. Another great feature offered by the app is that users can observe their power consumption and also limit it.

While the consumers make up their mind to invest in The Wind-free AC, Samsung has assured to give a warranty of 10 years on the compressor. It also stars a built-in inverter, which is digital and energy-efficient enhancing, its durability and service life. Its striking character is that it does not need to shut off and on again for maintaining the temperature, making it efficient.

The wind-free ac 2.0 also takes care of the air the users breathe in. It has easy filters which help in filtering out any microorganisms along with obviously dust. With an aim to minimize the effect on, the environment the AC is provided with R32 refrigerant that is capable of transferring heat more effectively. The refrigerant is also less power consuming.
The energy-saving mode is quite helpful, enabling to save electricity up to almost 77% in comparison to the Fast Cooling mode.

Back in 2019, Samsung launched the first version of the ‘Wind-Free’ AC. It was the very first time we heard of this technology. It spontaneously came into the spotlight. There was the same buzz as of recently when the version 2.0 came. The company told it has a unique algorithm for the circulation of air and other factors. The fundamental difference was the number of micro holes present. The first version had 21000 micro holes. It also boasted an eight-pole digital motor first of its kind. The first version had a triangular form factor as compared to the second version with a rectangular design.

Samsung launched ‘The Wind-Free’ AC in January 2020. But the availability is questionable due to the ongoing crisis in the world affecting the supply chain. The units will be available after the resolution of this catastrophe. Let’s hope for the best.

The Korea based tech multinational is a well-established name all around the globe. It has a diverse collection of products and services offered, ranging from smartphones to air conditioners, washing machines, and whatnot. The vice president of Samsung India stated that Samsung always delivers quality products with years of R&D. He also said that consumers in India, look out for durability, energy efficiency, and most importantly, affordability. Samsung promises all of these, making it their first choice.