Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD: Powerful and Compact 6 GB/S SSD

Capable of providing storage ranging from 1 TB up to 4 TB.

Samsung 860 QV

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  • The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD provides up to 6 Gb/s SATA networking speeds.
  • The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD is a compact yet powerful device providing data transfer speeds up to 550 MB/s and up to 4 TB of storage in just 2.5 inches form factor.
  • The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD is helped with Samsung’s latest software and support drivers to increase the performance of the device considerably.


The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD is a high speed storage device which enables the users to manage their data very quickly. The SSD comes a tier above the normal HDDs to provide fast upgrades and booting up of the OS on their devices. SSD stands for Solid State Drives and allows the users to use their computers quickly as it increases the rate of data transfer in the device allowing the programs and software to load in almost no time as compared to the classic HDDs. The SSDs have become a top priority with their launch. People tend to buy SSD for their PC as a primary drive and later go for HDD as a secondary storage drive if they have the extra budget. Moreover, Samsung is currently one of the best Companies in providing fast and stable SSDs. The build quality is high and the size is quite small so that it can easily be fitted into a case of almost any size without having to sacrifice any other component.

Problem Solving By The Product


With the computers becoming more and more advanced and faster in performance and processing, they need faster storage as well. Because, no matter how quickly your processor can process a program, if it needs to read it from a traditional hard drive, it will take a certain amount of time. With the introduction of the SSD technology, this problem and many of its kind have been solved. The SSD allows the CPU to quickly read data from it to make the processes faster and less time consuming. Even a Windows Startup time which normally took 30-40 seconds in an average hard drive, could be completed in barely 4-5 seconds using a SATA SSD. The SSD also allows itself to be used by newer processors as Cache units to store the frequently used processes in them freeing up RAM for further operation by the Processor.

Detailed Specifications


The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD is just 2.5 inches in size. This small SSD device is capable of providing storage ranging from 1 TB up to 4 TB. The SSD is capable of data transfer up to 550 MB/s read speed and 520 MB/s for writing speed. With this SSD Samsung introduces its new and latest MLC NAND technology which enables them to provide fast and stable connection and data transfer between drives and the host CPU. The device is comparably very fast compared to other devices and provides a lot of new features alongside maintaining the quality of the device.

The fast speed of the SSD is achieved by the Samsung’s redefined ECC algorithm and the new MJX controller. The design and the size of the SSD enable it to be easily fitted on the motherboard easily and SATA support also allows the compatibility to low end and older motherboards. With only 2.5 inches in diagonal length, and only 6.8 mm in thickness, the 860 QVO SSD is very capable of providing power in a sleek and compact design.

The Low end design of the 860 QVO provides 1 TB of storage in the same size and design. As the users move to higher end, the device can expand up to 4 TB of storage with no change in design or size allowing easy and compatible upgrades in storage for the future. This allows the users to easily store all their applications, games and the Operating System itself comfortably on the fast card rather than the slow HDDs.

Along with advanced hardware in the drive, Samsung 860 QVO also provides improved drivers and software for the drive. The new and advanced Drive Management system from the device has been made more simple and efficient for the ease of the users. The Samsung Magician software allows the user to control their drive easily and conveniently along with a set of user friendly features and tools to update the drivers and software on the drive, monitor its health and performance preventing overloads and power hikes and even configure the best settings to boost the performance and speed of the drive.

The Samsung 860 QVO SATA SSD provides up to 6 Gb/s networking being capable to work with SATA 3 (3 Gb/s) and SATA (of 1.5 Gb/s). The dimensions of the device are 100 x 69.85 x 6.8 mm and the device weighs only 62 grams. The speeds of the drive mentioned above have been configured according to a specific system configuration measured by the Intelligent TurboWrite technology being activated. The device also provides Samsung 4 GB Low Power DDR4 SDRAM. When being used, the SSD can need up to 3.1 Watts of power in normal conditions and up to 5.4 Watts of power in Burst mode. During Idle conditions the device uses merely 30 mW of power.

Plan For Launch

Samsung announced the 860 QVO SATA SSD back in November 2018. The device was available to be purchased starting from December 16th 2018. The SSD was one of the few and most advanced SATA SSDs to provide up to 6 Gb/s networking speed. The device was available to be bought from all around the world on almost all the Electronic and PC Component selling websites including the likes of Amazon, Walmart and many more.

Company Details

The 860 QVO SATA SSD is manufactured and provided by Samsung. Samsung is a Global Giant Brand which provides the best in class electronics and many more. The vastness of Samsung’s product compatibility includes Mobile Phones, Monitors and Televisions, Screens, Camera Lenses, PC Components, Home Appliances and many more. Samsung also has its own very successful construction company and plumbing equipment. The Company is based in South Korea and contributes to a ton off the income of the whole country. The Company was founded back in 1938 and has become one of the largest brands in the world.

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