S1: The Security Lock With 8 Access Methods

Ask your Alexa or Google assistant to unlock your front door.

S1 The Security Lock With 8 Access Methods - 3
  • S1 is the world’s most advanced smart locking system that can be accessed with eight different methods digitally and physically as well using fingerprint, passwords, badges or remotely and using the physical key.
  • S1 smart locking system is compatible with any home door and can be controlled with the smart assistants to unlock the door using voice commands.
  • S1 smart locking system which is tamper-proof and made with the tough and durable material to be water and dust proof runs for 12 months with batteries.

S1 Smart Locking system which is the world’s first most advanced locking system having various methods. Which is safe and convenient so that you can unlock the lock easily with the light touch, your smartphone will be your key if you don’t have don’t worry. S1 Smart locking system allows you in by entering the password using the captive touch mode then you can safely lock and unlock the door, S1 Smart lock system connect to the Alexa or Google assistant when someone’s in you can ask your Alexa or Google assistant to unlock your front door.

S1 has a feature of locking the door automatically when you leave which is like your personal doorman, also has a temporary electronic key with a time window to access when you want to let someone while you are away from your home.

S1 The Security Lock With 8 Access Methods - 2

The S1 app also push you the notifications when the door opens and you can see the door opened records at any time, also you can create a secure dynamic key for your friends or for neighbor. The Screen of the S1 will be disabled when someone entering the wrong password by guessing which also get reminded through the app as well.

There is also a physical key for the lock in case you need, S1 uses wireless installation which is simple and fast, S1 is available in three different variants for different lock types or different door windows.

Problem Solving By This Product

S1 The Security Lock With 8 Access Methods - 2

S1 Smart locking system uses the fingerprint and stores 50 persons fingerprint to access the home which is fast and accurate opening the door in less than half second, while the permanent password which can be used for all family members to access.

S1 Smart lock system has the dynamic password which is valid only for 5 minutes useful for the visitors and the virtual password capability in adding another layer of security for the existing password.

The S1 Smart locking system has temporary password with specific time of allowing visitors even on specific dates, S1 can be controlled remotely using the Bluetooth and the included NFC badges will also allow you in. Inside the cylindrical shell there is a key hole to use physical key as backup.

S1 locking system is compatible with Google and Alexa assistants to unlock the door with voice commands for convenience, their YEEUU app will log each door access and provide you history who visited your home for security.

The S1 locking system is made with the most durable B-Class aluminum alloy shell which makes the lock as hack proof and tamper-proof with the separated motor which is electromagnetic, also the auto-locking system will keep your home safe by locking the door automatically after specific time. The advanced auto deactivation and alarm system will deactivate the password screen after wrong attempts and send you notification.

S1 locking system is universal compatible and designed to fit any door and has IP55 waterproof and dust proof resistant to withstand various environments.

Detailed Specification


S1 Smart lock system is the world’s most advanced secure door locking system with 8 different access methods and available in three different configurations to fit any home door. S1 is very versatile and convenient to use and provide industry level professional security will all tamper proof and all in one structure.

S1 Smart Locking system has the most advanced cutting edge fast and accurate fingerprint scanner which is capable of storing 50 different fingerprints at a time along with the different accessing methods.

S1 Smart Locking system offers permanent password which is like admin password which longs forever for your family members and a dynamic password to be shared across friend or neighbors and only valid for 5 minutes, the virtual password which adds another layer of security by combining any digit to the right password.

There is a temporary password feature in the S1 Smart locking system which is highly customizable like valid for particular time to time in particular day to day which really works fine for the maids or delivery boys who visits your home.

S1 Smart Locking system is an internet enabled locking system which you can remotely access the door controls using your mobile phone anywhere in two ways. Remotely you can unlock the door using the Bluetooth and the app has robust permission management which instantly grant or revoke the permissions remotely, S1 will log each access and push a notification to your phone which makes the life convenient to see who visited your home.

S1 Locking system uses the physical entry method as well which is NFC compatible with devices include smartphones or watches which can act as an electronic key, S1 is included with the 2 NFC badges which are used as entry keys. S1 Smart Lock is fully compatible with the Google and Alexa assistant which helps you to open the door using voice commands for convenience.

Apart from all the digital securities S1 also accepts mechanical key as a backup when you want to enter into home under the cylindrical design, you can simply remove the shell and insert the key, with the YEEUU App which gives you powerful access to manages the persons entering your room with complete log entries, you can change the protocol for each individual like changing passwords or adjusting the time limits grant or revoke the permissions.


S1 Smart Locking system is designed and built with solid security material with the B-class cylinder and aluminum alloy shell which is tamper proof while the data of fingerprint will stay safe with the AES 128-bit security. S1 Smart locking system which has the automatic lock feature allowing the person to enter into room before locking again in 5 seconds while with the fingerprint for 8 seconds.

S1 locking system prevents manipulation of the lock by disabling the touch after wrong attempt and send you notifications immediately, you can also enable or disable the lock from inside with the knob, S1 advanced locking system is water and dust proof and runs for 12 months with the AAA batteries and compatible for any door.

Price and Models

The Basic Version of the S1 Smart lock without fingerprint access is priced at $99 for super early bird sale and $119 for early bird sale, while the Deluxe version of the S1 Smart lock with fingerprint access is priced at $129 for super early bird sale and $149 for early bird sale.


  • Lock Dimensions 60×80 mm
  • Battery Type 3x AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Voltage 4.5 V
  • Battery Life 12 Months
  • Shell Material Die-Cast Aluminum Alloys
  • Storage 50 Fingerprints
  • Operating System Android & IOS
  • Waterproof Performance IP55
  • Wireless Protocol BLE4.2 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Voltage DC 5 V
  • Current 1 A
  • Operating System -100C ~ 550C
  • Operating Humidity 10%~90%RH

Plan For Launch

This S1 Smart Door Locking system idea is coming into existence in the year 2019 January while the first prototype is built in April of the same year and the second prototype in June along with the product validation and design validation testing in September. The S1 Smart Door Security system got the design award in March 2020 with the entry in the crowd funding platforms after mass production and shipped to the customer homes.

Company Details

This S1 Smart locking system is developed by the company called YEEUU which is smart home focusing brand bringing security to the home and making you connected to the home, their product S1 which is unique from both inside and outside which is simple and practical to enjoy keeping the home secure with improved lifestyle.