Rotrics – Powerful Robotic Arm To Bring Your Ideas to Reality Fast

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  • Rotrics is All in One modular Robotic Desktop Arm.
  • Rotrics can do 3D Printing, Laser Engraving and Mechanical Drawing also.
  • Rotrics can have multiple modular connector to make it universal Robotic Arm.
  • Rotrics comes with easy to use software to handle all functionalities.


odular All in one Robotic Desktop Arm is a product developed by Rotrics. The company initially operated under the name of HexBot, but they have changed their name since. The product is one of a kind and loaded with lots of amazing features. Rotrics has launched this robotic arm intending to help people who want to bring their ideas to life. Apart from performing multiple functions, the robotic arm is precise and incredibly fast. It has a speed of 500mm/s (max) and a precision of 0.1 mm. The maximum payload capacity is 500 grams, and it comes with interchangeable modules.

Moreover, the arm has a large working area that allows you to produce a bigger object or multiple small objects. The company has also released free software that is very interactive and easy to use. All of these make the Rotrics robotic arm a very convenient device that has massive potential.

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Do you own a small business? Are you looking for an affordable 3D printer that could print objects that you’d sell? Or are you looking for a laser engraving machine? If you answered yes to any or all of them, we have the solution that you are looking for. We are introducing a device that can perform multiple functions. This device has the capability to 3D print and also perform laser engraving. It might sound a bit futuristic and farfetched, but it’s not. This device has already been developed, and you can buy it very soon.

The device we are talking about is the Rotrics Modular All in one Robotic Desktop Arm. This robotic arm can transform your small business and make your operations more straightforward. If you are short on budget and want a gadget that can do multiple tasks, including 3D printing, laser engraving, drawing and writing. The robotic arm can connect to your desktop and turn it into a workshop where you can produce different types of products. This product has much potential in the manufacturing sector due to its multiple uses. Keep reading if you want to know more.




Rotrics has crafted this tool, particularly for the designers, to bring their ideas to life. The Modular All in one Robotic Desktop Arm solves multiple problems at once. From 3D printing to laser engraving, it has the ability to perform multiple functions. Those who are looking for an affordable 3D printer can directly benefit from this. When it comes to laser engraving, it supports many materials like wood, paper, fabric and acrylic. It can also draw or write on paper, glass and whiteboard.

The robotic arm can be expanded with linear rails to increase the working area even further. It can also be used to pick and place. One of the best features of the robotic arm is its noiseless design. This product can enable you to set up your personalized mini manufacturing plant at your home, without the noise and hassle. Even if you are new to all this, the easy to use software can be very helpful for you when it comes to operating the device.

The company also offers loads of accessories that will further enhance your experience with the product. Overall, if you are on a tight budget, then you should consider this product as it can solve multiple problems with one stroke.




    • Axis – Up to 4
    • Precision – 0.1mm
    • Repeatability – 0.05mm
    • Payload – 500g(max)
    • Speed – 500mm/s(max)
    • Angle – 220°
    • Supported OS – Windows, Mac OS, Linux
    • Ports – USB-C x 2, External Motor Ports
    • Power – 12V/7A
    • Dimension – 6.8’x5’x12.4′ 175x128x315 mm
    • Weight – 5.29lb / 2.4 kg
    • Working Area – R380mm x 220°
    • Laser Power – 2500mW
    • Wavelength – 405nm
    • Supported Materials – wood, bamboo, leather, fabric, paper, non-transparent acrylic, Anodized Aluminum
    • Non-supported Materials – steel, copper, glass, gem, transparent material, reflective materials
    • Supported File Types – SVG, JPEG, PNG
    • Build Volume – 8.6’x8.6’x14.9′ 220x220x250mm
    • Layer Resolution – 0.1mm
    • Supported Materials – PLA, ABS, Wood, Carbon Fiber
    • Nozzle Diameter – 0.4mm
    • Nozzle Travel Speed – Up to 150mm/s
    • Supported File Types – STL. OBJ
    • Supported Slicing Software – Rotrics Studio, Cura, S3r


The product is currently in the production stage and has yet to be released into the market. Mass production is almost finished, and the company will be shipping the product worldwide in the coming months. The Rotrics Arm is available for pre order on their official website. They offer free shipping to orders above $1000, or $35 will apply to orders less than that. Rotrics is also offering a 180-day guarantee on the arm and modules. They will even provide you with manuals and video tutorials on how to operate the product.

In the box, you will receive a bunch of items. These include the arm, 3 types of modules, 3 suction cups, 1 touchscreen, 1 laser safety goggles, 1 printing plate, among many other things. As of now, the market for robotic arms in ripe for the taking. There are not many alternatives available, and the ones that are for available are costly compared to the Rotrics arm. This robotic arm is a cheaper and superior product to what the competitors are offering. The company can benefit if they can balance the supply with demand.


Rotrics is a tech company based in Philadelphia, USA. They operated under the name of Hexbot, but they changed it for some reason. They developed this product a couple of years ago with a vision to combine the abilities of a 3D printer and a laser engraving machine. They succeeded and are now in the production stage. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in January 2019 and has raised over a $1 million since then. They are a team of young individuals who are looking to transform the way we design and manufacture things.


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