Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler
  • Rollova does fit in your pockets made easier with digital OLED screen rather than using the old traditional ruler.
  • It can be used for measuring anything starting from the very flat surface to curved surfaces.
  • Compact in size and made with stainless steel, Designed for best precision in scaling.

In the today’s technology world, which is changing in every moment. The need for measure will be always be there from the straight line to curves, compound surfaces and everything in between, this is where the Rollova fills the gaps the world’s first compact digital rolling ruler.

A new way to measuring things by removing the complexities of the traditional ruler. The Rollova is compact and simple to use just by pressing the button and making it roll across the surface it creates and saves accurate measurements that you can count on in the unit of your choice.

Whether you are designer or a tech lover, this is for everyone, it is designed fit seamlessly into your lifestyle comes with the leather case that fits onto any key-chain in a second with this combination of high-quality material precision machine stainless steel frame with the stunning minimalistic design.

It provides measuring capabilities in a range of units using a revolutionary interface.

Problem solving by this product


You can easily measure any surface without worries to how to measure it, whether it might be curved or flattened surface or might be the difficult one to be measured with the old traditional ruler.

It can even measure corners of the surface.

It solves the problem of measuring precisely in digital way and give you the results accurately with three different units cm, inches (Decimal) and inches in Fraction.

The old rulers are very bulky in size and hard to carry, while this is very elegant & compact with its minimalistic design to be carried anywhere just like your key-chain.

The markings on traditional rulers may be worn off after many uses but this one uses the OLED screen to display the measurements and made with stainless steel body that is hard to break.

Detailed specification


It takes over the hard times that we need to measure the surface materials and objects, with just one simple roll at any time, it will provide you the best and accurate results.

People are habituated for the pocket friendly devices, so it is made to fit in a pocket by replacing the old ruler, with this measuring become as simple as one take hand out of his pocket and roll it with fun.

The OLED screen used in this Rollova is 10000:1 high-contrast ratio for sharp display with brighter and for outstanding energy efficient.

This is very small and compact that perfectly fits in most of the hands to measure, it can even count the corner while measuring it will add 2 inches to the readings for your measurement and produce very accurate results with great precision.

Not only the device is compact with its diameter of about 2 inches but this thing can compatible for the major units of length such as cm, inches and also showing them in the rational form along with the decimal points.

The complete body of the gadget is made up of stainless steel to resist it from wear and tear usage. To take grip over any surfaces and to prevent sliding they have used the replaceable rubber tire around it, there are dual replaceable button batteries for longer standby and convenience.

They have perforated stainless steel on the surface with the array screen cover that provides strength to the Rollova, The LED indicators embedded into the rear and front pointers.

Their measuring devices comes along with the leather case that fits perfectly in it and can be used as the key chain that you carry along with you in the pocket.

The Rollova is priced at $39(Rs 2,886 ) on the super early bird sale which is only for first 48 hours. Then it is priced up to $49(Rs 3,626 ) for early bird. The dual pack is priced at $79(Rs 5,846 ), If you need 10 Rollova they are priced at $379(Rs 28,046 ) along with you get an extra anti-glare and rubber tire with 2 more extra batteries.

You can also choose the color of the leather case, currently they are offering three colors Charcoal, Chestnut and Grizzly. Yet there are six more colors to be available for users Cobalt, Coral, Oyster, Grotto, Saddle and Suede.

Dimensions 2x2x0.5 inches (5.08cmx5.08cmx1.254cm)
Battery 2x CR1632 Button Battery (Require to install at least one battery)
Display 1.2 inches OLED display (Bright Blue)
Accuracy Maximum Tolerance +-0.4%
Compatible Units Inch(Decimal)|Inch (Fraction)|Centimeter(Decimal)
Measuring Range 10 Meters in metric mode | 83 Feet in inches mode
Material 304 Stainless steel, Polycarbonate plastic, Silicon Rubber
Standby 18000 hours (Two years) with 2x Panasonic CR1632 Battery

Plan for launch


The concept was brought into existence in 2017 and the sketching as well as the design development along with the CAD modeling, circuit for the ruler is developed in October 2017. The prototype was tested and some design adjustments were made in the November while the trademark for the ruler is done in the 1st quarter of 2018.

The prototypes are received from the manufacturer in February and the accuracy testing and software updates with commercial filming and project pre-launch in front of the press happened in April 2018.

Kickstarter campaign is happened in May 2018 and later with CE/FCC certificates with the quality control and pre-production, Batch production with packing and the product are shipped on August 2018.

Company details

This rolling ruler concept was introduced & developed by the company named HOZO Design. Being launched the first digital product, Rollova in the year 2018, which started the journey to explore pioneer extraordinary technology. Today this brings the aesthetic of technology to the global users with the variety of smart devices.

They have markets over 20 countries and regions with two R&D centers in both Asia and as well as in North America.

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