RollerMouse Red Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

RollerMouse Red Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse-2
  • RollerMouse has a design that rests your body in a more natural and aligned way
  • RollerMouse has buttons that can do a lot more than any conventional mouses
  • RollerMouse can choose among different configurations depending on the work you do

Are you the one who looks for refreshing ways to do work? Then maybe the RollerMouse Red Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse can give you something refreshing and a change that you perhaps needed. Head out to the official website and give it a thought. Computers and laptops have become daily drivers for us. Even if we don’t have our phones with us, having a PC is necessary because of everything that has been coming up. Our phones might have a limited functionality but our PCs are beasts when it comes to working. Having a computer increases one’s functionality but if one has a laptop, then there comes mobility and with that the efficiency of working increases even more. And the thing about computers and laptops is that you can choose what goes inside of them.

One can choose among different configurations depending on the work you do. There can be gaming configuration, a personal configuration, a working configuration and a lot more. Although both laptops and PCs are important, the devices that come along them are even more important. Devices such as printers, speakers, keyboards, mouses, etc. Primary devices which are responsible for interacting with the Operating Software in your device (Windows/Linux/iOS) are keyboards and mouses. These devices vary a lot. Different approaches are made towards these.


There are wired and non-wired keyboards and mouses. They are categorized even further as there are mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards, and gaming keyboards. As for mouses, there are gaming mouses, mouses with a different number of buttons, etc.
But all of the above, there is one very unusual approach to a mouse and that approach is presented by RollerMouse.

The Red Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse has a design that can changes the game of mouses. Unlike the usual design of mouses, the Ergonomic Mouse is just one single piece plank-like structure that sits on the bottom of your keyboard, allowing you to work more conveniently and efficiently. The device’s looks are very catchy and its unusual design is for sure going to be a topic for a talk or two.

Problem Solving by the Product


The main problem with the normal mouses is that they sit very far from the user’s body. This way, the mouse makes the body go in an abnormal posture which can be harmful when looking at long term effects. This includes putting more pressure on your main forearm and shoulder. Hence, the Red Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse has a design that rests your body in a more natural and aligned way so that one can sit in a posture that helps. Another thing that comes with this mouse is increased functionality. The buttons that are provided on it can do a lot more than any conventional mouses. The mouse can give you a new and refreshing way of working.



The build of the mouse is something to talk about. Starting with the design, as you know by now is out of the box than unusual. Sitting on the bottom of the keyboard the mouse consists of buttons, an armrest, and a roller. The roller can be moved from right to left and as the name suggests, can be rolled. The roller acts as what a scroll roller would do in a normal mouse. The roller gives a more satisfying feeling when rolled.

Just beneath the roller, there comes a wide range of buttons with different functions. Also called as the function keys, can do normal stuff like clicking but can also execute some direct operations without you having to go through any trouble to do it. The buttons are surrounded by the palm rest which helps a great intent in making the mouse work easily. The speed of the mouse can also be varied with the help of the function keys on it. The speed varies from 600 DPI with an increase of 200 DPI up to 2800DPI


As for where this mouse goes and how much space it occupies, the mouse will fit right in beneath one’s keyboard and acquires almost 5 inches of space. The Red Ergonomic Mouse is a great alternative to a traditional mouse. The mouse not only provides a fresh and new approach, but it also helps in wrist resting and shoulder relief. The life of the mouse is quite long and can vary depending on how you use it. The customer service that is provided by RollerMouse is very good as they are proactive in lending solutions to the problems of their customers.


A new concept in the market always suffers doubts that whether the product will survive or not or whether the product will suit me or not. And to answer to these questions is that the RollerMouse Red Ergonomic Mouse is a highly rated product in many e-commerce websites such as with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. The reviews are positive and some of them mention, ‘The company stands behind their product and provide good service for it’, ‘This device is better than a mouse and is less traumatic than that’, ‘It takes a little bit time to get used to but it is very effective if you know your way around it’.


The lowest price on which the mouse is available for buying is $270 on Amazon. The official site gives you more insight into what all is included with the mouse. It is available in both wired and non-wired designs. There are two sizes; plus, and standard which can be chosen according to your needs. The price varies with different options chosen. The base price for the Red Ergonomic Mouse is $265 on the official website.

Company Details

Contour Design Inc. was formed in 1995 by Steve Wang and started with its international selling in 1996. The company is focused on making Ergonomic products and achieving the highest level and usability from them. The firm released its first Ergonomic Mouse in 1997 by the name Perfit Mouse and since then, many mouses such as the RollerMouse, RollerMouse Pro, RollerMouse Free and the latest, RollerMouse Red have enhanced the level of Ergonomics and its use among people. The main aim of Contour Design Inc. is to make mouses of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of people, in a way that their posture doesn’t get hurt.