Roland GO LIVECAST Smartphone Production Studio

Roland GO LIVECAST Smartphone Production Studio
  • Roland GO LIVECAST has a user-friendly interface and easy to operate by everyone, no matter their skill set.
  • Roland GO LIVECAST can do all your streaming work on the go.
  • GO: LIVECAST Smartphone Production Studio is specially designed for the Vloggers and streamers.

We are back with yet another ground-breaking product that will transform your life. This product is for the Vlogger community and will make their life much more comfortable. This product is the Go Livecast from Roland. It is a mini portable studio that you can take anywhere and work.

The Go Livecast has a user-friendly interface and easy to operate by everyone, no matter their skill set. According to Roland, it has a “plug and play” setup — connect a smartphone and headphones for sound monitoring, and you’re ready to stream.

Forget about the days when you had to carry your bulky equipment all around the place. Now with the Go Livecast you can do all your streaming work on the go.

It comes with a Livecast app which logs you into your accounts on streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. A scrolling window in the app also displays viewer comments.

The product is one of a kind, and there are no other substitutes for it in the market currently. It is loaded with numerous other features which we’ll be talking about shortly. Keep reading.



Roland has come out with a terrific device that allows you to stream videos on the go. It is mini-studio which you can carry anywhere easily due to its small size. The design is minimalistic. For outputs and inputs, there are ports. In one port you can plug in headphones to monitor sound, and on the other side, an XLR 1/4 combo input is present. The XLR combo input allows using other sound sources like a microphone or electronic instrument. There is also a Micro-USB port present at the back.

The Go: Livecast uses 5V USB Micro-B Power Adapter for power supply. The interface is brilliant and simple. There are clearly labelled buttons that allow you to control every aspect of your stream. You can do everything, including the likes of showing titles and triggering various media files such as photos, videos, music, and sound effects in an instant.

Problem Solving by the Product


The Roland GO: LIVECAST Smartphone Production Studio is specially designed for the Vloggers and streamers. The streaming community is growing at an exponential pace as there are now multiple platforms where you can stream your content.

Many want to get into streaming but eventually back out due to budget constraints. Now they can have a sigh of relief, as the Livecast provides an all in one solution to your streaming problems at a fraction of the cost of a full fledged studio.

Installation is a piece of cake, simply connect your phone/tablet and a pair of headphones. You don’t even need an external microphone as the LIVECAST has a built-in mic, which also features a reverb effect. It is indeed a plug and play device.

The company has also come out with an app which you can use to manage your device. The app automatically detects portrait and landscape mode based on the smartphone’s position. It can also handle multiple angles and split-screen.

You can also set up a second smartphone camera through Wi-Fi for more sophisticated video production techniques. You have the option of either switching between the cameras or using them both in split-screen mode.

If you are into streaming and want to buy a studio for your work, then you should consider the Go: Livecast first. It can do all the work of a standard studio at a low price.

Detailed Specifications


Here are the detailed specifications for you. Have a look.

• Product Type – A/V Mixer
• Video Inputs – 1 USB Micro-B (iOS/Android smartphone)
• Audio Inputs – 1 XLR-1/4″ combo (mic), 1 x ⅛ inch (line-in), 1 x Internal Mic
• Headphones – 1 x ⅛ inch TRRS (headphone/headset mic)
• Effects – Beauty Filter, Reverb, Applause, Laughter, Drum roll, and additional sound effects
• Software – GO: LiveCast App (iOS 12 or later, Android 9 or later)
• Power Source – 5V USB Micro-B Power Adapter (cable included, adapter sold separately)
• Host Connection – 1 x Micro-USB Type-B
• Phantom Power – 48 VDC, 6 mA Maximum
• Power Requirements – 5 VDC
• Current Draw – 330 mA
• Height – 2 inch
• Width – 4.2 inch
• Length – 5.4 inch
• Weight – 178 g
• Manufacturer Part Number – GO LIVECAST

Plan for Launch

Roland GO LIVECAST Smartphone Production Studio has been launched since January 2020. The product is available for $249.99, which if you ask me, is decent if you consider the benefits of the product. The company announced the GO: Livecast in the build-up to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. Roland is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing musical electronics. Also, there is no product like this in the market right now. So, by launching the product has provided the company with a massive first-mover advantage.

Company details

Roland Corporation is one of the most reputable electronic musical equipment manufacturers. It is a Japanese firm with its headquarters in Shizuoka. Musicians all over the world trust Roland products even with their eyes closed. Roland has become synonymous with quality with time.

The company operates under various brand names among whom Roland is the most popular. They use the Roland Brand for products like synthesizers, electronic drum systems, digital pianos, electronically-enhanced accordions, dance/DJ gear, guitar synthesizers, amplifiers, and recording products.
They aspire to deliver the best quality products to their customers which in turn boosts creativity in them.

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