Roku Premiere: On The Go 4K Streaming Station

Roku Premiere allows you to enjoy live TV across hundreds of different channels.

Roku Premiere: On The Go 4K Streaming Station

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  • The Roku Premiere provides the users with high quality 4K Streaming along with HDR and Dolby Digital Support on the go.
  • The Roku Premiere has a rich library for the users to choose, from various streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, The CW, PBS, etc.
  • The Roku Premiere allows easy controls of the device from your mobile phone application for the Live TV, Online Streaming or the On Demand Services.


The Roku Premiere is a streaming support device which when connected to your normal smart TV can provide the support for various online streaming from various platforms and channels including many free and paid channels. These channels provide over half a million of movies and episodes from your some of the best online contents. The device can be controlled through the remote controller provided as well as through connecting your mobile phone. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows from anywhere with the help of Roku Premiere. The device supports connection through headphones for you to individually or privately watch a show or a movie without disturbing anyone else. With numerous features packed in it, the Roku Premiere is the go to when you need entertainment on the go with you. Connect the device and turn any boring TV into your personal entertainment station.

Problem Solving By The Product


In the past decade, the means of entertainment worldwide have changed very much. Since the near about extinction of DVDs and CDs, the people have been moving more and more towards Online Streaming Services. Although many of the modern televisions come with these services, many lack them too. The Roku Premiere allows the users to connect to these services on a normal smart TV to watch any show or movie they want on their Television. The device supports various free as well as on demand and live platforms which provide the users with the best content in the best quality available. The Roku Premiere can stream videos up to 4K still supporting HDR technology for the better vision of the videos. It provides streaming of over half a million of movies and TV episodes through thousands of channels.

Detailed Specifications


The Roku Premiere allows you to enjoy live TV across hundreds of different channels as well as stream your favorite movies and shows directly on your TV. The dongle can easily be connected to the TV making it capable of all the tasks you need to chill and enjoy good quality streaming. The device is compatible with streaming up to 4K. It provides you with HDR technology to enhance the picture quality in videos even at 4K. Combination of these two technologies allows the device to deliver the best quality experience to its users. The device also provides Dolby Digital audio encoding to provide high quality audio experience alongside the spectacular quality video. The device has a different channel or section committed to 4K viewing called the 4K Spotlight Channel. The 4K Spotlight channel offers you different TV Shows and Movies which are available for streaming in the best quality available.

The Roku Premiere device is very easy to install. You simply have to connect it to your television through the high speed HDMI cable provided in the box with the device and connect the device to a proper Internet connection. This enables you to instantly start streaming. All your channels and contents can easily be managed through the remote provided with the device. The remote also provides the users with shortcuts for various famous services so that they can be accessed directly by the user. The device’s software also gets regular and automatic updates to keep updating the library support and add new and advanced features to create the overall experience of the users even better. Controlling the device also gets easier with the help of the Roku Premiere mobile app. The app can increase/decrease the volume, change channels and many more things.

The Roku Premiere streaming experience is also enhanced with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice command support. You can connect the TV with the respective smart speakers to control it through nothing but your voice. The vast library of the device provides you with over 500,000 TV Shows and Movies to enjoy from streaming services like Disney+, The CW, PBS, etc. Alongside the streaming, the users can also enjoy 24 hour Free TV from Roku and several other Live TV or On Demand services, many of which are available in 4K.

The Roku Premiere device comes with many in box additions. These include, Two AAA batteries, The Roku Premiere Streaming Player, Remote Controller, Premium High Speed HDMI Cable, Power Adapter and a USB Power Cable along with an adhesive strip if the users want to mount the device on the wall along with the Television and save some space on their desk. The device dimensions are 4.9 x x 4.9 x 0.9 inches and weight is 7.76 oz.

Plans For Launch

The Roku Premiere was launched in late 2018. It was available to be bought through various platforms including Walmart, Amazon, etc. The device was first listed on Amazon on 9th November 2018. It is available to be shipped worldwide. The device has had many OS upgrades since launch to make the User Experience even better while they are using the device to stream their favorite TV Shows and Movies. The device was also named to be America’s best streaming device in November 2019 by Kantar. Currently the device provides 3 months of free Philo and the newly added support in the Operating System to support Disney+.

Company Details

Roku Premiere is a product developed by the Roku Inc. The Roku Inc. is a digital media player providing Company established in 2002 by Anthony Wood. Anthony Wood had previously worked for some time with Netflix and wanted to establish a way to allow everyone to have access to the Over-The-Top media services. The first model of the Roku streaming service was developed in 2008 with the collaboration with Netflix. Although the move was not very successful, the Company decided to release their set top boxes and improve them further. With the launch of Roku Premiere, the company stepped in the market of Online TV streaming and has not looked back ever since.

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