Roku Express Powerful HD Streaming Device

A small and compact HD Streaming device which offers your premium streaming experience.


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  • Roku Express is a simple and compact easy to use HD streaming device which gives you access to over hundreds of streaming channels including live news, music, Movies, Episodes including YouTube and Netflix.
  • Roku Express Remote is simple with essential buttons and simple to setup with just two cables for endless entertainment and voice search with their app.
  • Roku Express App can features private listening and can cast your photos & videos from your phone to TV with the simple Roku Express screen to add your favorite channels to access them all the time.


There are many streaming devices available out there. Roku Express is a compact video streaming device which connects to your TV Via included HDMI cable then you will be able to watch any number of streaming channels including YouTube, Netflix and all others.

Roku Express is small and compact than the other streaming devices and five times more powerful than their previous generations. Setting up the Roku Express is very simple just plug it into the AC power and then connect to HDMI cable into back of your TV and login into the Roku account by connecting Wi-Fi network.

Roku Express remote control is small and comes with two AAA batteries which is featured with most crucial buttons and with their app you can also control the functions on the TV using the phone and there is also voice search, while the app allows you quick access button to your most watched TV channels allowing you to access photos, videos and more.

The Menu of the Roku Express Screen is simple and easy to navigate so that you can add or delete the channels from the menu and the changes will also show up on the app and vice-versa. Showing videos from your phone casting music or photos is easy with Roku Express with the photos field in the app allows you to access the phone content.

There is also private listening feature with the Roku Express which allows you to listen through headphone connected to your phone.

Problem solving by this product


Roku Express is small and compact HD Streaming device which offers your premium streaming experience without any interruptions and high resolution content from over Movies, TV Channels including Netflix and YouTube.

Roku Express is simple to setup rather than any other complex Streaming device which makes the TV shelf mess with plenty of cables while the Roku Express will only use two cables one for power and another one is HDMI cable that connect to your TV.

Roku Express Remote has only few essential button which is simple to use rather than clumsy in other remotes and there are no monthly charge or any other contracts they offer endless entertainment for affordable price.

There is also private listening feature on the app which allows you to listen the sound from the mobile and content on TV you can even cast your photos and videos directly onto your TV from the photo tab on your app by accessing the internal storage.

Roku app also allows you to control the function of your TV and you can add your favorite channels from the Roku Express Screen or from the app. There is voice search feature which is really helpful to find the content rather than struggling to type the name.

Roku Express consumes less power and also supports Stereo Dolby ATMOS sounds via HDMI port.

Detailed specification


Roku Express is the simple way to stream with smooth HD Streaming experience on your TV with the High Speed HDMI cable connection which allows you to access free channels including YouTube and Netflix.

Roku Express is a compact and powerful device so that you can stream your favorite channels with ease from movies to series to enjoy the most of your TV.

Setting up the Roku Express is very simple after connecting the AC power and connect the HDMI cable to the back of your TV and then login into your Roku Account and they have the Roku Express Remote which is featured only with essential buttons which makes this remote incredibly easy to use.

With the Roku app you can also control the functions of your TV with your favorite channels and the most fascinating feature about the Roku Express is that app supports voice search which comes handy when you are tired to search with names.

Roku Express Screen is simple and elegant with their OS which gives the fluid user experience while streaming channels and offers endless entertainment with over Live news, TV Episodes and all other paid channels while you can put your favorite channels on the home screen which will be reflected in your app.

You can also cast your photos and videos into your TV from your phone with the Roku app which allows you to access the phone storage and there is a private listening features on the mobile which will play the content on the screen with audio in the phone so you can carefully listen to the audio programs and even you can enjoy the Dolby ATMOS via HDMI cable.

Roku Express is compact device which has two port one port for power and the other HDMI cable for connection.

Networking 802.11bgn Single-band wireless
TV compatibility HD TV Up to 1080P
Ports Micro USB for power
HDMI 1.4b
Audio Feature Digital Stereo over HDMI
DTS Digital Surround pass through over HDMI

Power consumption Less than 2.2W while streaming
Power input 5V – 1A
Size 1.5 x 0.75 x 3.0 inches
Weight 1.1 ounce
This Roku Express is priced at $37.79.

Plan for launch

This Roku Express is made available to the market in the year 2016 after the changes in the design and prototypes and some improvements over the previous generation, the product will be shipped in later quarters of the year after the manufacturing process.

Company details

This Roku Express is developed by the company called Roku which is a pioneered streaming platform company in the world by delivering the best in class user experience in the year 2017 their users are increased drastically than before with the Roku Operating system they always believed that all TV will be streamed.
The company enabled the Roku OS so that the developers can create the stream of content worldwide for enjoyment and they launched the first player to stream Netflix in 2008 and streaming media stick in 2012, they have grown 13% market share in US by 2016 by providing the access to application developer ecosystem.

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