Roku Brilliant Streaming Stick Plus

Powerful streaming device which can replace your half of the entertainment setup.

Roku Brilliant Streaming Stick Plus

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  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus is powerful streaming device which allows you to watch the content in brilliant 4K HDR picture quality with Dolby Vision support for cinematic experience.
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus has 4 times longer range connectivity and compact device for endless streaming entertainment with fast and minimalistic interface.
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus remote has all the essential keys along with power off & volume controls, even you can voice search for streaming and has private listening feature.


Roku Streaming Plus is an excellent powerful streaming device which can replace your half of the entertainment setup and highly recommended whether you have smart TV, gaming console which can stream though Netflix, Vudu or Hulu.

Roku Streaming Plus has the minimalistic interface with ton of streaming features, while the Roku remote looks similar with essential button and also has the volume controls on the side of the remote with the power key on the top of the remote.

Roku Streaming plus setup is very simple with the antenna band USB port connect to the wall adapter and to the TV, there you go simply sign-in into the Roku account if you have.

Roku Streaming Plus stick allow you to watch the content on 4K HDR with the and even Dolby Vision if the TV supports it with the brilliant picture quality and portable to most of the place with the extending cable for endless entertainment all over the place where you go.

Problem solving by this product


Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the powerful and portable streaming stick which gives the premium streaming experience without any interruption in 4K HDR with Dolby vision support for richer sounds.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus has endless streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu or Vudu for endless entertainment on the go and reduces the cable mess on the TV spot and simple to setup with the HDMI port and has the 4 times larger connection range so you can stream from anywhere of the house.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus has the fastest app streaming experience with the power brick connected to the Roku Stick and has the minimalistic grid interface for all the apps to stream, while their remote has all the essential buttons along with the power button and volume controls so you don’t need to switch between the remote while you stream.

Roku app has the private listening feature which allows you to listen your content via headphones connected to your phone, while offering the voice search which will save your time in searching by typing the words.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus has the brilliant picture quality with 4K UHD and also compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant.

Detailed specification


Roku Streaming Stick Plus will deliver the best streaming experience and helps in reducing the cable mess around the TV with the powerful and minimalistic Roku Stick Plus.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus has the portability so that you can take the Streaming Stick where ever you want and entertain with the endless channels with brilliant picture quality and they have improved the connectivity for longer range with smooth streaming experience.

With Roku Streaming Stick Plus you can enjoy the streaming channels in 4K for the cinematic premium experience and also supports the Dolby Vision and you can even stream the content in HDR.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus is powerful and portable with the long-range wireless receiver to stream the content smoothly wherever you are in the room with the best in class minimalistic interface for Netflix, Hulu or Vudu.

With the Roku Streaming Stick Plus remote which is packed with all the essential buttons and even has the volume controls so that you can even control the volume of the TV and they also added the power button to the remote to make sure that you enjoy the whole experience with one remote without switching in between.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus is small & portable streamer that allows you to take the streaming stick along with you wherever you go, while the setup of the Roku Streaming Stick Plus is very simple, just connect the antenna to the Roku and you can either plug that to USB port available to your TV or connect directly to the wall mount charger, while the Roku sits on HDMI ports on your TV.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus is also compatible with Amazon Alex and google assistant so that you can stream the content over voice commands to watch live news, sports and the remote used two AAA batteries.

Roku app also offers you a virtual remote so that you can enjoy the entertainment with hassle free experience and even you can use the voice search feature to directly stream the content for convenience and also there will be private listening feature in which you can enjoy the rich sounds over your headphones and the video from TV, even you can stream the pictures and videos from your phone.

Networking 802.11 ac MIMO dual-band wireless
TV Compatibility HD TVs
Up to 1080P (1920 x 1080) 4K UHD TVs
Up to 2160P at 60fps (3480 x 2160) with up-scaling from 720P and 1080P with HDMI input & HDCP 2.2 support
Ports HDMI 2.0a, mini USB port for long range wireless connection
Audio features Digital Stereo Over HDMI
DTS Digital Surround pass through over HDMI
Dolby Audio and Dolby ATMOS
Remote control Voice remote with TV power, volume and mute buttons
Power consumption <3W when streaming 4K UHD video
Power Input 5V – 1A
Dimensions 3.7 x 0.8 x 0.47 inches
Weight 0.9 ounces

This Roku Streaming Stick Plus is priced at $63.8.

Plan for launch

The Roku Streaming Plus Stick is made available to the market ion the year 2017 after the additional feature for their previous generation Roku Stick and changes in the device & prototyping. Roku Streaming Stick Plus will be shipped to the customer in the later quarter of the year after the manufacturing process.

Company details

This Roku Express is developed by the company called Roku which is a pioneered streaming platform company in the world by delivering the best in class user experience in the year 2017 their users are increased drastically than before with the Roku Operating system they always believed that all TV will be streamed.

The company enabled the Roku OS so that the developers can create the stream of content worldwide for enjoyment and they launched the first player to stream Netflix in 2008 and streaming media stick in 2012, they have grown 13% market share in US by 2016 by providing the access to application developer ecosystem.

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