Rocketbook Orbit Smart Notepad from Future with Cloud Connected

rocketbook orbit
  • Rocketbook Orbit is new generation of Notebook.
  • Rocketbook is a technology to write and scan which is written on the page.
  • Orbit Rocketbook can be wiped with normal cloths like old days.

The normal notepad uses the paper to write and note it down and when it’s done there will be thrown away which eventually leads to the cutting down the tress and the eating up the natural resources we have.

It is even difficult to figure it out what page we want in the notepad when we have a bunch of them. So there comes the Rocketbook which is designed to be more sustainable.
To make it reusable after a long term also by saving countless trees, they took the simplicity in the notebook to not destroy the user experience.

The orbit uses the Rocketbook technology to write and scan things which are written in the page and you can simply reuse by rubbing it with wet cloth, it pretty simple, you can also flip, flop and can swap the pages.

You can use any pen you want to write on the pilot friction line, the ink attaches to the page and can be cleaned easily so that you can use the pages over again for long term.

Detailed Specifications

1. The original legal pad design hasn’t been revisited since 18Th century, but now as we are in the 21st century and the most widely-used writing surface.
2. Legal pad user are everywhere while the orbit replaces it by endlessly reusable and customizable with cloud connected which could be used as a regular notepad with pen and paper.
3. The orbit with its magnets and modularity makes it a magic that utilizes customized page pack that can be removed from the pad.
4. Their new technology uses a magnetic base and stainless steel rings attached to every pack of Rocketbook pages that can be lifted off the orbit.
5. They can be flipped 360 degrees and changed out for a brand new work that you would like to start. They equip with a page pack so you can write and sketch at the speed of light, then flip the page for your next objective.
6. A standard lined or the dot-grid combo page pack is included, but what about other page templates to fulfil all your handwritten needs, like planning the future, conquering your task or writing a fierce space.

7. There are combinations like Dot-Grid & Lined combo, To-Do List & Lined Combo, Weekly Planner & Lined Combo, Lined, Dot-Grid, Graph, Cornell Notes and Music Staff these will be used in the different Scenarios according to the needs.
8. All page packs have 20 sheets which are 40 pages with front and back so that you can flip that and write what you want to write or do.
9. They used the space age materials that will last longer. The Orbit uses patented Rocketbook reusable pen and paper technology and is forged with a hard plastic composite with a texture synthetic outer layer so the vessel that protects your notes will last for light-years.
10. There are magnetic bar on the top of the notepad that attaches with the page pack rings which are made up of pure stainless steel.
11. The orbit base core is a rigid plastic material composite which is hard to break and the cover material is a texture synthetic one, they will provide a pen dock on the bottom to place the pen on that so that you never miss a moment to take note and miss the point in search of pen.
12. By using the magnetic bar to the notepad which make things to be easier while doing, when your work is done you can stick the orbit into a metal surface and come back when you want so no need of time wasting in searching the notepad.
13. Rocket book’s patented technology means the Orbit is designed for endless reusability. First use any Pilot FriXion product on your Rocketbook orbit pages for a traditional handwriting experience, then simply use a damp cloth to wipe your pages clean again and again.
14. They are also including a Rocketbook microfiber towel for truly advanced erasing capabilities. By reducing the consumption of tress over the life time and saving the planet.
15. When you are done make your pages stored safe, just download the free Rocketbook app and when you scan your pages with the app the space age mission will see your handwriting and quickly capture your notes from any angle.
16. The free Rocketbook app will instantly adjust and visually enhances your notepad scans to ensure the digital version is light years ahead of the real thing.
17. In the app you can also assign 7 shortcut symbols to destination in the cloud. These destinations can be a folder inside Dropbox, Evernote Google Docs, an Email address and many other popular services.
18. The app can even transcribe your handwriting with optical character Recognition technology. Transcription allows you to send a digital text version of your notes without ever having a type a single word.



  • Dimensions 6×0.5×8.8 inches
  • Letter Dimensions 9.33×13.07 inches
  • Executive Dimensions 6.75×10.7 inches
  • Material Type Synthetic Blend paper
  • Paper finish Specially Coated
  • Weight 99.7 grams

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the Rocketbook smart reusable orbit notepad along with the 1 pilot Frixion pen and 1 microfiber to clean it with, and a quick starter guide to use it.



The price of this orbit is 25$ (Rs.1,820) Which is excellent for this product since you don’t need to use notepad after in life. But the price varies for the size of the notepad whether you are using it for letter or as Executive or whatever you used for. It is also available in eight colours red, blue, orange, grey and dark blue and scarlet and light blue and green.

The major con is that the magnet bar in the notepad will get demagnetized over time and it will be replaced then, you need to buy the package pages and other notepad for other usage.

Plan for Launch

This product is available to users in the year 2020 August and the prototyping and development is done in the earlier years.

About Company

This orbit is developed by the company named Rocketbook, they imagine an infinite future that links cognitive and digital worlds. By creating solutions that evolve the way we capture and share ideas, we help change the universe at the speed of light. We believe fearless customer-driven innovation will always launch our greatest adventure, they create tools that help customers explore discover the ideas of tomorrow, They took 9 months to develop the orbit though they have previous notepads. They believe big ideas don’t have to be single use and in the limitless digital age their thoughts can now be organized and shared with the power of the cloud. . Promise to keep making awesome products and app that customers love and things smarter.


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